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Change the Browser User Agent in Chrome, Safari, & Firefox

A web browsers user agent is how a website knows what type of computer, operating system, and browsing app you are using. Some sites serve different themes, CSS, content, or even different sites to different browsers and OS’s, and many developers often need to change their own user agent to be able to test these … Read More

How to Run Firefox OS Simulator

Mozilla, the makers of Firefox (yes, the web browser), are working on a mobile operating system called Firefox OS. It’s based entirely on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and is currently at very early stages of development, with an appearance that’s kind of like iOS meets Android with a side of Ubuntu. Whether or not Firefox … Read More

How to Disable Java in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and System-Wide

If you are tired of keeping up with all the Java security updates and potential vulnerabilities, you can avoid a potential problem completely just by disabling Java. For the average user, we’ve recommended keeping Java disabled as one of the primary means of protecting a Mac against potential malware, viruses, and trojans. In fact, the … Read More

Get FireFox on the iPad (Sort Of) with Foxbrowser

Foxbrowser is a new web browser for iPad that’s basically Firefox for iOS – though not officially – thanks to an open source fork broken off from Mozillas abandoned FireFox Home app. It’s surprisingly fast and best of all has full support for the convenient Firefox Sync feature, keeping your tabs, bookmarks, and history the … Read More

Enable Smooth Scrolling in Firefox to Dramatically Improve Web Browsing

Firefox is a great web browser but it has a few quirks that make it a less than ideal browser for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion users. A major issue is scrolling performance, which can stutter or appear slow and clunky, it’s noticeable enough that certainly anyone who has used Firefox in Mac OS … Read More

Set Gmail as Default Email Client for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Clicking an email link in a web browser defaults to launching, which is great if you use Mail but not so great if you use webmail services like Gmail. This is fairly easy to resolve, though you’ll have to configure it separately on a per-browser basis, with different methods for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and … Read More

Firefox 10 Released to Download

Firefox 10 has been released and is available to download for Mac, Windows, and Linux users. The new version isn’t too different from version 9, but includes bug fixes, better extension management, an auto-hiding forward button, improvements to CSS3 capabilities, and antialiasing support for WebGL, as well as some other additions that the average user … Read More

Firefox 9 Released: Adds Back & Forward Swipe Gestures for Mac OS X Lion

Firefox 9 has just been released for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The latest version brings some significant boosts to javascript performance, some theme fixes, and a variety of other under-the-hood enhancements. Probably the most noticeable addition will be for OS X Lion users though, with the addition of two-fingered swipe gesture navigation. Download … Read More

Firefox 8 Released [Download Links]

In the never-ending quest to make version numbers irrelevant, Firefox 8 has been released. Technically it’s not supposed to be out until tomorrow, but as with past Firefox releases, the download was pushed early to the Mozilla public FTP servers and is widely available for anyone to pick up for each supported platform (Mac, Windows, … Read More

Use Firefox? Download Firefox 7, it Reduces Memory Use & Increases Speed

Firefox 7 is now available to download for all supported platforms, the new release has an emphasis on improved memory management and speed, and it does provide a noticeable difference in snappiness when loading pages or browsing the web. The benefits are best seen if you keep Firefox open for a long time (who ever … Read More

Firefox 6 is Available Now (Direct Download Links)

Firefox 6 has been officially released and is available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows users to download. The update is supposedly 20% faster and supports new HTML5 and CSS3 elements, in addition to having a variety of changes aimed at web developers. Somewhat disappointingly, version 6 for Mac OS X oddly doesn’t yet … Read More

Firefox 5 Released and Ready to Download

Firefox 5 is hot off the digital presses for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and Android. The new version is said to include over 1000 improvements and performance enhancements, with better HTML5, support for CSS animations, better tab handling, bug fixes, and more, but there’s nothing visibly different from 4.0 when you first launch the … Read More