Beep Sound When Pressing Mute on iPhone Call? The iPhone Mute Sound Explained

Dec 2, 2021 - 6 Comments

Mute and unmute sound effect on iPhone

Many iPhone users have discovered their iPhone is now making a beeping chime sound effect whenever they press the mute or unmute button while on a call.

What is the beep sound when pressing “mute” during a call? Is there a way to disable the mute and unmute sound on iPhone? The answers to these questions and more may surprise you.

Why does pressing the iPhone mute/unmute button make a beeping sound now?

This beeping mute/unmute sound effect started playing after users updated their iPhone to iOS 15 or later.

This is a feature of iOS 15 and later on iPhone.

While the beeping sound effect on mute and unmute annoys some users, it’s not a bug, it is a feature in iOS 15 for iPhone.

The idea behind the feature may be to notify users with an audible alert if they accidentally mute or unmute a call.

When does the mute/unmute sound effect activate on iPhone?

When on a phone call with iPhone, you may hear the mute and unmute sound effects when you press either button.

If you press the mute button, you hear a beep sound effect on the iPhone.

If you press the unmute button, you also hear a beep sound effect played on iPhone.

Can other people on the call hear the mute and unmute sound effect from your iPhone?

No, generally not, the people on the other end of the call should not be able to hear the mute and unmute sound effect.

Occasionally, if you’re using speaker phone, or a Bluetooth audio speaker system to play the audio output of a phone call, and you’re pressing the mute or unmute buttons often, then you may find the mute and unmute sound can slip through to the other caller as a beep sound. This is rare, but it does happen from time to time, and can be frustrating for everyone involved.

The Zoom app seems particularly prone to picking up the mute and unmute sound effect on iPhone.

The easiest way to prevent that from happening is to use the iPhone up to your ear, to use AirPods, use the white earbuds that used to come with iPhone, or another headset and microphone combination where the earphones are separate from the microphone.

Can you stop or silence the mute/unmute sound effect on iPhone?

Somewhat strangely, if you mute all sound and turn off all audio on the iPhone, the beeping mute/unmute sound still plays every time you press the mute or unmute button on a phone call.

Even if you mute the dial sounds on the iPhone, the mute and unmute sound effect still plays.

The only way to stop the mute and unmute sound from playing on iPhone is by not pressing the mute or unmute buttons.

Can this beeping mute and unmute sound be disabled?

Currently there is no way to turn the feature off.

Some users have discovered that the mute and unmute sound may also play on not only phone calls, but conference group calls, or even Zoom meetings.

If you go digging around in settings for sound, phone, audio, haptics, Zoom, etc, you will find no option to disable this feature.

It is possible that a future version of iOS will allow users to manually disable the mute and unmute chime sound effect, but for now it is a feature that all users must have on their iPhone.

If you are annoyed by this, you are not alone. There are no shortage of frustrations, confusion, and complaints about the beeping sound effect that is played when pressing the mute and unmute buttons on iPhone, and despite troubleshooting sound and call issues on iPhone there is no solution to this problem, leading to numerous threadson the Apple Discussion support forums about the issue.

If you have any particular thoughts on this topic, experiences with it, or have found a way to silence it, let us know in the comments.


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  1. Mike says:

    Apple is a dictatorship

  2. Maree P says:

    absolutely infuriating! l am trying to hear what the person on the call is saying and it drowns them out!

  3. David says:

    This article was extremely well-written. Kudos to author. Every sentence was clear and exact. And left no room for doubt about the details. I wish all explanatory articles/manuals/instructions were done as well as this. (Joe, read again, your answer is there.)

  4. OneOfTheDamons says:

    It should probably have a way of being turned off, don’t get me wrong, but I must admit I’m amused at all these people wanting to mute people but not wanting them to know they’re muting people.

    • Sharon says:

      The mute button mutes yourself, not others. I use it on conference calls like a ‘cough button’ for radio or podcasts. The jingle when the mute button is pressed now is very obnoxious, it could be shorter, and optional.

  5. joe says:

    So this does not work with the physical mute switch.
    Is there a way to enable this?
    Can you change the sound?
    Can you change the volume of the “beep” independently?


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