Detect FlashBack Malware in Mac OS X the Easy Way

Apr 9, 2012 - 18 Comments

Easy Flashback virus malware detection

Update: Apple has released an official update that removes Flashback with a Software Update. Download the latest Java updates from the OS X Software Update panel to automatically remove Flashback trojan malware.

A new application has been released which makes checking a Mac for the Flashback malware infection as simple as clicking a button. This is a huge help for assisting less tech savvy people for checking their Macs, though if you follow us you probably already checked for the Flashback trojan using the manual Terminal method. This new app-based detection method is very nontechnical and is just a two step process:

  1. Download FlashbackChekcer from Github
  2. Unzip and run the FlashbackChecker application, and click the giant “Check for Flashback Infection” button

If the “No Signs of infection were found” message appears you are safe, and the chances are extraordinarily good that you will not have the infection. If you see a “Potential Issue found” message, you may have the malware, though this is exceedingly rare and we haven’t heard of a single confirmed case in our sizable readership.

Just because you don’t have the infection doesn’t mean you should become complacent though. Be sure to update to the latest versions of Java for OS X, and don’t miss our post on eight simple tips to protect a Mac from viruses, trojans, and malware, a little prevention goes a long way.

Thanks for the tip Scott


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  1. dfdthf says:

    I use 10.5.6 and Apple no give me chance to lear system ;(

  2. infected says:

    This is real.

    I had to deal with my first one today!

  3. Al Varnell says:

    This tool uses an out-of-date description of the current Flashback malware and will miss a couple of key component files. The “K” variant that has been in all the news is described in this document which was posted over a week ago: .

  4. Kim says:

    This is definitely real. And while 600,000 maybe be a tiny percentage of mac users if you’re one of the 600,000 you’re unhappy about now. Our marketing director’s computer got it and it is a major problem. My question is about whether or not you’re immune if you don’t use Safari?

  5. […] week, Mac users all over the world were alerted to check whether their Mac got infected by the Flashback malware […]

  6. Mr. Hilarious says:

    Ooh, let’s scare some people (to SELL some Anti-Virus software)
    Wheeling and dealing!

  7. mike v says:

    I had already checked with the Terminal commands and was clear. I also downloaded the Sophos AV as you suggested and ran a full scan, (which took about 6 hours!). One threat was found… Mal/CisDLod-A… which interestingly is a Trojan downloader which in a Windows environment would try to download a .exe file. This would install a bot to harvest stuff like banking info. I assume that it is harmless in OSX but interesting that I had it. BTW i’m not sure that there are billions of Macs in the world ;-)

  8. Auss says:

    I’m convinced this virus isn’t even real!

  9. Macbook Owner says:

    Anyone know why whenever I try to open this program it just bounces in the dock. If I try to click it, it closes itself too. Running osx 10.7.3

    • cee202 says:

      ur infected?

      • Macbook Owner says:

        No, ran the terminal commands earlier through all browsers, and block most applets/flash/java from loading in my browser through extensions. The app introduced in this post however won’t work (and this isn’t the first time its happened, it does this with other apps as well occasionally).

    • Manchesterr says:

      After unzipping the file, right click it and select open, and it’ll work.

      Mine did exactly the same as you described it. Tried it a few times, and it just bounced and closed when I clicked on it. But right clicking and selecting open worked a treat, and confirmed that I don’t have it.

  10. abacus rosse says:

    Whole lot of hype here, absolutely nothing to worry about. 600k Macs infected my butt, I don’t believe it in the slightest.

    • konig says:

      its denial, people that believes mac is perfect will not accept the true its too hard for most apple friend’s mac got hit by a virus cos he was too lazy to install before his trip to bahamas and it wiped a lot of files into chinese characters

  11. MacTech says:

    The media is to blame for the panic over this trojan. Yeah, 600,000 Mac computer affected does seam like a big number, but in actuality it’s a very small number compared to the billions of Mac computers out in the world. The likeliness of you being affected by this is very very small. Still it doesn’t hurt to have have a peace of mind by running this little check. Just wish the media would give a percentage rather then a number.

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