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About OSXDaily

Founded in 2006 by a couple of lifelong Mac fans, OSXDaily chronicles important Apple news, detailed tutorials, provide expert guides and tips, helpful information, worthwhile software, tricks for getting the most of your Apple devices and software, reviews, and whatever else may be useful or interesting to Apple users. This site is run exclusively by Apple experts, and we cover the Mac, iPhone, iPad, MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Vision Pro, HomePod, AirTags, software updates, rumors, jailbreaking, relevant news, some fun stuff, retro Apple material, and so much more.

Our mission is to help you learn about and master using Apple products and software, and we cover a broad range of topics for everyone, from beginners to advanced users. We always aim to break complex subjects down into simple terms with easy to follow guides and instructions.

Read on to learn more about our site, our team of writers and alumni, recognitions, what our site runs on, how to reach us, TOS, and more.

The OSXDaily Expert Team of Authors & Writers

Our authors, editors, contributors, and writers are experts on Apple, each having deep knowledge of the subject matter combined with a huge passion for Apple products. While we’re not big on parading egos around here, our writers and alumni are listed below in no particular order:

  • Paul Horowitz – Paul is the managing editor of, setting the editorial direction, writing tutorials, covering important news about Apple, and managing most other tasks related to the websites functionality. An expert on all things Apple and a lifelong Mac user, Paul has over 35 years experience using Apple products, starting with the Apple II! Paul has been writing for OSXDaily since the earliest days in 2006 and his work has received mentions from CNET, Loop Insight, John Gruber of Daringfireball, Techmeme, The Daily Mail, Cult of Mac, Lifehacker, and many more popular publications.
  • Jamie Cuevas – Jamie is a remote-working avid Apple fan and enthusiast who is excited to be covering all sorts of stuff in the Apple ecosystem. They’re also a big fan of using Apple Watch for workouts and tracking health stats. Jamie has been using Apple products since childhood, and is the tech expert of their family and friends. Jamie comes to us with a deep hobbyist background, a passion for Apple products, along with direct IT and support experience.
  • Ali Khan – Ali is a longtime Apple fan with over a decade of direct experience with Apple products. Like many Apple fans, he started with an iPhone and got further into the Apple ecosystem when he got a Mac, further honing his expertise and experience with the platforms, and now creates content and writes on Apple and tech. When he’s not glued to his MacBook Air or iPhone, you might find him relaxing with a book at a coffee shop while sipping a hot cup, or out taking a jog with his Apple Watch.
  • Oliver Haslam – Oliver is a contributing writer and prolific author whose work appears all throughout the tech world, including on popular sites like MacWorld, Lifewire, PC Mag, RedmondPie, How To Geek, iMore, TouchArcade, and more. Oliver brings deep knowledge about Apple and pairs that with an IT background to provide expert knowledge and opinion. You can find more about Oliver here on his personal site, and he’s found on LinkedIn as well as Twitter/X too.
  • Hamlin Rozario – Hamlin began his tech career in 2017 and is a prolific writer and editor who has contributed many detailed tutorials for A tech enthusiast and avid Apple fan, with deep knowledge of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, Hamlin has shared his knowledgeable work with not only us, but other popular tech sites including MakeUseOf, BeeBom, and others. You can find Hamlin on Twitter/X.
  • Matt Chan – Matt is a thoroughbred lifelong self-proclaimed geek who loves tweaking the iPhone and Mac. Matt covered a lot of Apple related news, and appeared on TechMeme for a variety of stories while covering news, which he is pretty stoked about!
  • Keir Thomas – Keir Thomas is the award-winning author of Mac Kung Fu and Ubuntu Kung Fu, and has been uncovering secrets of operating systems and computer hardware for nearly two decades. Formerly a computer magazine journalist and editor, he now focuses primarily on the Mac, iOS, and Ubuntu Linux. Keir Thomas has been published by O’Reilly, MacWorld, PC World, and many other leading publications. You can learn more about Keir and his accomplishments here on his home page.
  • AJ Ryan – AJ is a web developer by trade and all around geek. Also a lifelong Mac user and early Apple adopter with a drawer full of iPhones, and a few too many Macs (is there really such a thing?).
  • Bill Ellis – Bill is a Mac-centric IT professional and software engineer from Seattle, Washington.
  • William Pearson – A longtime Apple geek with immense interest in technology, William studied everything he possibly could for as long as humanly possible. Ok that’s sort of a joke, but Will does love to learn, which is pretty typical for an engineer, right?
  • David Mendez – David has been using Macs since they were first announced. A Mac loving Systems Consultant, we never quite know where he is located since he’s traveling so often. Last we heard, he was in the UK, or maybe it was New York. David was the first to report that Apple was actively axing support for the Intel Atom processor, which sort of put the lid on the whole Hackintosh netbook thing (remember that?), which happened not long before the release of the now very popular MacBook Air – he even got on Techmeme for it, which is a major tech writer bragging right!
  • Manish Patel – Manish is an IT Professional who spreads his time between Anaheim, California and Bangalore, India.
  • Readers Like You! – Tips are often suggested by and submitted to us through email ( from users like you. So if you think we should cover something, or maybe you found a great trick that we haven’t written about yet, let us know! If we think our readers will find it useful, it will probably get posted, so send your tips to us!

Want to write for OSXDaily? Are you an Apple expert with deep knowledge of the company, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and related hardware and software? Can you explain complex technical details in simple terms, that anyone could understand and follow? Do you have writing experience and stellar English proficiency? Well, get in touch! Send us a few examples of your work, and a bit about yourself via email to the group box at – we can’t reply to every single inquiry. Even if we’re not actively looking for writers, we’ll certainly consider all qualified candidates for future positions!

Prominent Recognition & Media Acknowledgements for OSXDaily

We at OSXDaily know our stuff, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Our news coverage, Apple tips, and detailed expert walkthroughs have been acknowledged and featured by many prominent news organizations, media platforms, online properties, and popular websites, including Washington Post, NYTimes, Techmeme, CNET (1, 2), TechCrunch, Gizmodo, LifeHacker (1, 2, 3), MacRumors (1, 2, 3, 4), TUAW (2), BusinessInsider (2), John Gruber’s DaringFireball, Jim Darymple’s The Loop (1, 2), Buzzfeed (2), 3), 3), Cult Of Mac (1, 2, 3, and more), MacStories (1, 2, 3), and many more popular sites.

Articles from OSXDaily are routinely shared within online communities, social media, and with Mac User Groups (MUGS) around the world too!

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Send us your tips, submissions, contributor requests, advertiser proposals, marriage proposals, relevant questions, irrelevant questions, whatever! Want to give us a shout out? We have a group inbox accessible at or – or you can email active authors at their name @ our domain but we prefer the group inbox contact for management purposes and to reduce unwanted mail spam.

So email us! – yes there is a dotcom in the first part, works too…

We get tons of email every day, so we can’t always respond to everyone, but feel free to contact us if you’d like!

What powers

Are you interested in knowing what’s going on behind the scenes here at

  • The website is built on WordPress, and has been since 2006!
  • OSXDaily is hosted by the experts at Presslabs, a world-class WordPress hosting provider for high traffic websites
  • Our team of Apple experts who write thorough detailed articles, and fact-check each of them
  • Coffee for some of us, tea for others

OSXDaily is reader supported by means of advertising and affiliates, and we do not allow either of those things to impact our coverage.

Misc OSXDaily History

Our site logo has evolved over the years since being founded in 2006… here’s a look at the present logo and some of the past versions too. Retina Logo

The Logo



OK now the boring stuff…

Commenting Policy

Comments on articles may or may not be open to readers of the website. We use several automated filtering mechanisms to ward off junk comments, and comments may not appear immediately until they have been moderated. Additionally, we reserve the right to flag, moderate, remove, delete, or edit any user submitted comments containing any inappropriate content as determined inappropriate by the staff of Spammy or junk links will be removed or edited whenever possible.

Don’t be rude. Don’t post garbage. No spam is allowed so don’t even try. Be polite, be helpful, be inquisitive, stay relevant, and stay on topic. If you don’t agree to the comment policy, don’t leave a comment.

Terms of Service

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