The iPhone is a smartphone from Apple that runs the iOS mobile operating system. Between its apps, communication features, the camera, mobile internet access, and other functionalities, the iPhone has quickly become an integral part of many peoples tech lives.

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How to Send Full Quality Images & Video on WhatsApp

Dec 23, 2023 - Leave a Comment
Whatsapp iOS Icon

WhatsApp now offers the ability to send full original quality photos and videos over the messaging service. You may already be familiar with sending HD photos on WhatsApp, but now with a new feature addition and change, you can send full quality photos and videos, meaning there’s no compression at all, over WhatsApp too. Sending … Read More

5 iPhone Tips for the Holidays & Christmas

Dec 22, 2023 - Leave a Comment
iPhone tips for the holidays

The holidays are here, so let’s cover a few iPhone tips that will help you get the best use of technology over Christmas and New Years. From capturing and sharing moments, making sure your device lasts through the festivities, getting festive, to staying connected to those you’re apart from, let’s use your iPhone well this … Read More

iOS 16.7.4 and iPadOS 16.7.4 Released for Older iPhone & iPad Models

Dec 20, 2023 - Leave a Comment
iOS 16.6 update

Apple has released iOS 16.7.4 for older iPhone and iPadOS 16.7.4 for older iPad models that are not updating to iOS 17.2.1 or iPadOS 17.2.1. Specifically, iOS 16.7.4 and iPadOS 16.7.4 are available for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad 5th generation, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1st generation. The software … Read More

iOS 17.2.1 Update Released for iPhone with Bug Fixes

Dec 19, 2023 - 6 Comments
iOS 17.2.1 and iPadOS 17.2.1 updates released

Apple has released iOS 17.2.1 for iPhone. The small point release updates are said to include important but unspecific bug fixes for those devices, and is therefore recommended for all users to install. Separately, Apple also released a similar update for Mac as macOS Sonoma 14.2.1, and for older iPhone and iPad models versioned as … Read More

Why is My iPhone Playing Music Randomly? Here’s a Fix

Dec 18, 2023 - 5 Comments
Stop iPhone randomly playing music when locked

Some iPhone users may discover their iPhone is randomly playing music, sometimes from within a pocket, or a purse, from a lap, or when being held in a hand but otherwise not in use. An iPhone may begin to randomly play music even when the iPhone is locked, making this a frustrating and potentially embarrassing … Read More

iOS 16.7.3 and iPadOS 16.7.3 Released for Older iPhone & iPad Models

Dec 13, 2023 - 5 Comments
iOS 16.6 update

iOS 16.7.3 and iPadOS 16.7.3 for iPhone and iPad have been released for users who are not updating to iOS 17.2 or iPadOS 17.2, either because they have not yet updated, are not able to run iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 on their devices, or because they are not interested in doing so. Specifically, the … Read More

iOS 17.2 Update for iPhone Released with Journal app, PDF Autofill, Messages Catch-up, etc

Dec 11, 2023 - 1 Comment
iOS 17.2 software update

iOS 17.2 update for iPhone, and iPadOS 17.2 for iPad, have been released by Apple. iOS 17.2 includes the Journal app for iPhone, while both iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 include PDF autofill capabilities, some improvements to Messages app like the ability to add stickers from contextual menus in messages and a catch-up arrow, new … Read More

How to Upload High Quality Video & Photos to Instagram for iPhone

Dec 9, 2023 - Leave a Comment
Instagram icon

Instagram is a very popular photo sharing and video sharing social network where users post photos, videos, reels, and stories, but, curiously, by default Instagram does not upload the highest quality photos or videos. Instead, a buried settings option allows you to enable high quality uploads of photos and videos to Instagram. If you feel … Read More

How to Stop iPhone Siri Listening to You

Dec 7, 2023 - 2 Comments
Stop Siri on iPhone Listening to You

Due to the nature of how Hey Siri on iPhone works, Siri is basically always listening to you and your surroundings, if the Hey Siri feature is enabled. This is necessary to hear the “Hey Siri” activation word so that Siri knows to pick up the command you give to it, and the always on … Read More

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac Without iCloud

Dec 6, 2023 - 15 Comments
How to copy photos from iPhone without using iCloud

If you’re accustomed to using iCloud to keep your photos synced between your iPhone, Mac, or even Windows PC, you may not be familiar with the process of transferring pictures off of the iPhone without using iCloud. This tutorial will walk through the steps required to get pictures from your iPhone to your computer, without … Read More

iOS 17.2 RC Released for Testing, Final Coming Soon

Dec 6, 2023 - Leave a Comment
iOS 17.1 beta and iPadOS 17.1 beta

Apple has issued a release candidate (RC) build for iOS 17.2 for iPhone and iPadOS 17.2 for iPad. Release Candidates are typically the last of the beta development cycle, unless some additional significant bug or security issue is found, suggesting that the final version of iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 will be coming in the … Read More

How to Add Widgets to Stacks on iPhone & iPad Home Screen

Dec 4, 2023 - Leave a Comment
Add widgets to stacks on iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad you may already be familiar with adding widgets to the Home Screen of iOS and iPadOS, but a lesser known trick is that you can create a stack of widgets that you can flip through to see different widgets and data.

Messages on iPhone Will Prompt You To Send Pics if Someone Asks for Them

Dec 1, 2023 - 1 Comment
Asking someone to send photos or send pics will prompt them to select photos from their photo library to share with you

This is a cool little convenience feature that is not widely known; the Messages app on iPhone and iPad will prompt you to send photos if someone asks for them. The Messages app has become significantly more intelligent in the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS for iPhone and iPad, and now, alongside the usual … Read More

iOS 17.1.2 & iPadOS 17.1.2 Released for iPhone & iPad with Security Fixes

Nov 30, 2023 - Leave a Comment
iOS 17.1 update and iPadOS 17.1 update

iOS 17.1.2 has been released for iPhone users, along with iPadOS 17.1.2 for iPad. The small software update includes security fixes and is recommended for all users to install onto their eligible devices. It is unclear if any bug fixes are included in the release, as none are mentioned in the release notes, which are … Read More

How to Turn Off SharePlay on iPhone

Nov 28, 2023 - 1 Comment
How to disable SharePlay on iPhone completely to stop these type of annoying popups on the iPhone

The latest versions of iOS for iPhone default to enabling a feature called SharePlay, which allows you to easily share Spotify, Apple Music, Podcasts, and many other media experiences, easily with whoever you’re having a FaceTime audio or FaceTime video call with. While this feature can be convenient for the intended purposes, it can also … Read More

How to Stop Instacart Ads Promo Notifications on iPhone

Nov 26, 2023 - 1 Comment
Disable Instacart Promotional and Marketing Notifications on iPhone

The Instacart app for iPhone is convenient in that it allows you to shop for groceries and other items and have them delivered (if you live in a major city anyway), but like an ever-growing number of iPhone apps, it defaults to pelting you with annoying sales, promotional, and marketing notifications that are completely unrelated … Read More

How to Disable FaceTime Reaction Gestures on Mac, iPhone, & iPad

Nov 20, 2023 - 2 Comments
How to turn off FaceTime Reaction Gestures

Don’t want to have certain gestures trigger FaceTime Reactions? Don’t want an on-screen emoji to appear when you give a thumbs up to the camera, or maybe you don’t want a peace sign made with your hands to trigger a bunch of balloons appearing on your video chat? Then you can turn the FaceTime Reactions … Read More

How to Perform FaceTime Reaction Gestures on iPhone, iPad, & Mac

Nov 16, 2023 - 6 Comments
FaceTime Reaction Effects and Gestures

Apple has introduced all new reaction gestures for FaceTime on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, meaning if you make certain hand gestures, symbols, or movements, you will trigger a digital effect reaction. For example, if you make a thumbs up gesture with your hand, a thumbs up emoji will appear on the screen, or if … Read More

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