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How to Type Upside-Down Exclamation Point on Mac ¡!

May 6, 2022 - 1 Comment
Type the upside-down Exclamation Point on Mac

“¡I need to type an inverted exclamation point!” the Mac user said… Indeed, the upside-down exclamation point ¡ is frequently used in Spanish and some other languages and thus it makes sense why you’d need to type the character, but if you’re using an English keyboard you may be wondering how you can type the … Read More

How to Disable Live Text on iPhone & iPad

May 5, 2022 - 1 Comment
How to disable Live Text on iPhone or iPad

Live Text is useful and interesting feature that allows users to select any text, words, or numbers found within an image, and then copy, define, lookup, or search for that selected text. For iPhone and iPad users, this can be convenient for many obvious use cases, but for some users it can also be frustrating … Read More

How to Control-F Search on iPad Keyboard in Safari, Chrome, PDF, Notes, Files, etc

May 4, 2022 - Leave a Comment
Command F mimics Control F for searching Chrome on iPad

All iPad models have the ability to search within apps for matched text. This includes searching within PDF files, notes, Safari, Chrome, and more. Since many iPad users come from a Windows background, they associate Control-F or CTRL-F with find and search, and thus are looking for a similar keyboard shortcut on their iPad to … Read More

How to Disable Live Text on Mac

May 3, 2022 - Leave a Comment
Disable Live Text on Mac

The Live Text feature available in modern MacOS releases allows Mac users to select text from within images and photos, but some users may find this feature to be more annoying than helpful, and thus may want to turn Live Text off on their Mac. This may be particularly true for some designers and image … Read More

Easily Bulk Download & Install Mac Apps with

May 2, 2022 - 3 Comments
Download and install a bunch of Mac apps at once via the command line

Ready to automate Mac app downloads and installs? If you’re setting up a new Mac, you probably know how tedious it is to manually navigate to a bunch of different developer websites, and to individually download and install all the Mac apps you may want. This is a necessary but time consuming procedure for setting … Read More

iPad Magic Keyboard Backlight Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

May 1, 2022 - Leave a Comment
iPad Magic Keyboard backlighting

The backlit keyboard on iPad Magic Keyboard typically lights up the moment you attach the Magic Keyboard to the iPad Pro or iPad Air. But sometimes that doesn’t happen, and sometimes the iPad Magic Keyboard backlighting does not work. Usually this is an easy fix however, so don’t freak out if you find the backlit … Read More

How to Turn Off or On Headphone Notifications on iPhone

Apr 30, 2022 - Leave a Comment
How to Enable Headphone Notifications on iPhone

The iPhone has a nice optional health feature called Headphone Notifications, that aims to protect your hearing from loud music and sounds. What exactly does Headphone Notifications do, you ask? In layman’s terms, the feature notifies you if you’ve been listening to loud audio via headphones. How does your iPhone know if your music is … Read More

How to Type the Inverted Question Mark on iPhone & iPad ¿

Apr 29, 2022 - 1 Comment
How to Type the inverted question mark on iPhone or iPad

¿ Need to type the inverted question mark from your iPhone or iPad? Whether you’re learning a foreign language, speak another language fluently, or simply need access to the ¿ punctuation character for any other reason, typing the inverted question mark symbol is very easy from iPhone or iPad. We’ll show you two ways to … Read More

How to Create Local Backups of Notes on Mac

Apr 28, 2022 - 6 Comments
How to backup Notes locally on a Mac

The Notes app is popular for keeping bits of data, jotting down information, maintaining lists, storing text, photos, and so much more. It’s completely reasonable to want to create a local backup of notes from the Notes app, but you may be unsure of how to accomplish that. We’ll discuss a few ways to backup … Read More

Fix iCloud Errors & “Can’t Establish Secure Connection with” on MacOS Sierra & High Sierra

Apr 27, 2022 - Leave a Comment
Fix Safari Can't Establish Secure Connection errors, Apple ID errors, iCloud errors, in MacOS High Sierra

Some Mac users running MacOS Sierra and MacOS High Sierra have found they’re unable to login to an Apple ID or iCloud through System Preferences, or access in Safari. Additionally, Apple websites requiring usage of an Apple ID from Safari fail with a ‘Safari Can’t Open Page’ error “because Safari can’t establish a secure … Read More

How to Type the Upside Down Question Mark on Mac ¿

Apr 27, 2022 - 2 Comments
How to type upside-down question mark on Mac

Many Mac users who are either bilingual or learning another language may need to type the upside-down question mark. The inverted question mark punctuation is found in Spanish as well as some other languages, and so if you’re either typing in another language or just need access to that punctuation, you certainly aren’t alone in … Read More

How to Adjust Backlit Key Brightness on iPad Magic Keyboard

Apr 26, 2022 - Leave a Comment
How to change iPad magic keyboard backlight brightness

If you have an iPad with Magic Keyboard, you probably noticed it has a nice and fancy backlit keyboard. Keyboard backlighting is particular useful for working in lower light situations, but let’s face it, it also just looks cool. Some iPad Magic Keyboard users may wish to have their key backlighting be brighter or dimmer, … Read More

How to Control+F Search on iPhone & iPad in Safari

Apr 25, 2022 - 6 Comments
Control F equivalent on iPhone and iPad Safari

Many computer users associate Control+F with searching for text on a web page, and if you’re coming to the iPhone or iPad from the Windows world, you may be wondering how you can use the equivalent to the Control+F search in the Safari browser on iPhone and iPad. The Safari web browser on iPhone and … Read More

Set Telegram Account to Automatically Self Destruct and Delete Itself

Apr 24, 2022 - 1 Comment
Set Telegram to delete account automatically

Did you know you can set your Telegram account to self destruct, automatically deleting itself after a set amount of time if you don’t login to it? If you’re a privacy and security buff and you’re looking to gain a unique additional layer of privacy with Telegram, you can set your Telegram account to delete … Read More

How to Remove Extensions from Chrome on Mac & PC

Apr 22, 2022 - Leave a Comment
How to Remove Extensions from Chrome

Want to clean up your Chrome extensions a bit? Perhaps you have an unneeded extension or two installed in Chrome and you want to remove them. Deleting and removing extensions from Chrome browser on a Mac or PC is really easy, as you’ll soon see.

How to Use the Gender Neutral Siri Voice

Apr 21, 2022 - 8 Comments
Use the Gender neutral Siri voice on Mac with Voice 5

Siri now has a non-binary gender neutral voice option available to users who prefer to not have a stereotypically male or female Siri voice. While Apple somewhat recently removed all gender identifying information from Siri voices, simply referring to them as ‘Voice 1’ and so on, the introduction of the gender neutral non-binary Siri voice … Read More

Tap to Click Not Working on Mac? Here’s How to Fix It

Apr 20, 2022 - 3 Comments
Fix Tap to Click on Mac trackpads

Tap to Click is a popular feature for Mac trackpads that allow users to tap on the trackpad to perform a click, rather than exert physical pressure to physically click down on the trackpad. Many Mac users like to use Tap to Click, so if you find it’s suddenly not working, or not working as … Read More

How to Use Fast User Switching on Mac

Apr 20, 2022 - 2 Comments
How to Use Fast User Switching on Mac

Do you have multiple user accounts on your Mac? Perhaps you have separate accounts for personal and for professional use, or a Guest account for others to use? In that case, you may be interested in taking advantage of a nifty hidden feature called Fast User Switching.

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