Command-Click in Finder Window to get Path

Mar 19, 2007 - 3 Comments

One of our favorite sites, Lifehacker, posted a Mac tip today about including the Path button in Finder windows: “One of my main complaints about Mac’s Finder versus Windows Explorer is the inability to move up and down a folder tree easily. However, Finder’s Path button lets you do just that. The Path button isn’t included on the Finder toolbar by default, but you can add it by Ctrl-clicking and choosing “Customize Toolbar.” Then drag and drop the Path button – which kind of looks like a staircase – onto the toolbar. From there, use it to see where you are in the folder tree, and move up to enclosing folders in a click.”

Great tip, except there is an easier way. Just Command-Click on the Finder window’s titlebar to get the same path. This trick also works in some other applications too. Try it out!

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  1. debacle says:

    you’d really think that the people over at LifeHacker would have known this considering its been a part of the Mac OS for as long as I can remember, what a bunch of goofs!

    maybe theyre just new to Mac? Switchers are often smart but don’t know all the secrets the long-time faithfuls know.

  2. In the Finder
    Command + Up = Go Up One Level
    Command + Left Bracket = Go Back
    Command + Right Bracket = Go Forward

  3. deck2 says:

    ha ha, i knew this tip and its very usefull and i think better than win explorer, as i work on both platforms (i have to) i use both of them every single day and finder is much better app than explorer ever be. cmd+click title bar is best way to find where you are plus i can use cmd+3 and see everything clealry. i agree with debacle : they are new to mac :)))

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