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How to Change Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot Password on iPhone or iPad

Aug 23, 2017 - 2 Comments
Changing the personal wifi hotspot password on iPhone and iPad

The Personal Hotspot feature of iPhone and iPad cellular equipped models allows you to use the devices mobile connection as a wi-fi hotspot for other devices and hardware to connect to. It’s an incredibly useful feature that gets a lot of use for many users. As you may have noticed when setting up and turning … Read More

View iPhone Cellular Signal & Battery Life from Mac OS X

Feb 6, 2015 - 9 Comments
OS X Instant Hotspot lets you view an iPhone signal and battery life

The Instant iPhone Wi-Fi Hotspot feature in Mac OS X is incredibly useful if your Mac is on the go or you need an alternate internet connection, but even if you’re not aiming to use the cellular internet sharing capability of iPhone there are some other handy uses for the feature, like checking two of … Read More

How to Use Instant Wi-Fi Hotspot in Mac OS X with an iPhone

Nov 24, 2014 - 8 Comments
Instant Hotspot

The iPhone has long had the excellent Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot feature, which effectively turns an iPhone or cellular iPad into a wireless router that Macs and other devices can connect to. That iPhone Hotspot feature gets even better for Mac users running modern versions of Mac OS X, because you can now enable the iPhones … Read More

How to Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel with Wireless Diagnostics in Mac OS X

Dec 11, 2013 - 40 Comments
Scan and find the best Wi-Fi channels to use

Just about every semi-technical person has setup a wireless router at home or in the office, and in that process has wondered which broadcast channel would be the best to use. Sure, some wi-fi routers make it simple and will recommend a channel on their own, but often it’s left up to the user to … Read More

Personal Hotspot Dropping Connections? Try This DHCP Client Fix

Oct 13, 2013 - 9 Comments
Fix Personal Hotspot dropping connections

Personal Hotspot lets you share a devices cellular data connection with other devices or computers by turning a device into a wi-fi router, and it’s easily one of the better features of the iPhone and cellular iPad models (and Android phones for that matter). The iOS Personal Hotspot usually functions without a hitch, but sometimes … Read More

Get Around the 5 Device Connection Limit on Wi-Fi Hotspot for iOS & Android

Jul 30, 2013 - 1 Comment
Wi-Fi Hotspot connections

The Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot feature available with just about every smartphone is incredibly useful, but most cell providers impose a cap on the number of devices that can connect to the wi-fi hotspot. Typically the connection limit provides for a maximum of 3 to 5 device connections, but if you find yourself in a situation … Read More

Monitor Web Bandwidth Usage Easily with Chrome

Jul 5, 2013 - 3 Comments
Track Bandwidth Usage in Chrome web browser

If you’ve ever wanted to watch all data transfer and bandwidth usage while you browse the web you’ll know it’s not necessarily an easy task. Thankfully, a little-known feature contained within the excellent Google Chrome web browser provides a simple solution, and it allows for easy monitoring of how much data is consumed in a … Read More

How to Use Personal Hotspot on iPhone / iPad to Share Its Internet Connection

Jun 28, 2013 - 1 Comment
Enable the iPhone Personal Hotspot

Personal Hotspot allows you to turn an iPhone or cellular equipped iPad into a wireless router, thereby sharing the devices internet connection with other Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android, or any other capable hardware that connects to the hotspot. Often called “internet tethering” or simply Wi-Fi Hotspot, this is an excellent feature for telecommuters and … Read More

Get Around the 50MB Download Limit for Apps on an iPhone

Mar 4, 2013 - 15 Comments
50MB Download Limit on iPhone

If you’ve ever tried to download a large app or iOS update over 3G or LTE, you’ve undoubtedly seen the message “This Item Is Over 50MB” and telling you “You must connect to a Wi-Fi network or use iTunes on your computer to download” whatever app it is you’re trying to get. You can get … Read More

Use IPCC Files with iOS Devices by Enabling Carrier Testing Mode in iTunes

May 13, 2012 - 13 Comments

iTunes carrier testing mode allows you to manually load signed .ipcc carrier files onto an iPhone or cellular iPad, these .ipcc files contain various carrier settings pertaining to voice mail, MMS and SMS, Personal Hotspot, APN settings, and other network-specific preferences. If you’ve used an iPhone on T-Mobile or even as a prepaid phone you … Read More

10 Tips to Reduce iPhone & iPad Personal Hotspot Data Usage

Mar 28, 2012 - 16 Comments
Personal Hotspot

Personal Hotspot is one of the best features of an iPhone and iPad, allowing you to share the devices 3G or 4G LTE internet connection with up to five other connected devices through wi-fi, be them Macs, iPads, iPods, or PC’s. Personal Hotspot may be a mobile users and telecommuters dream, but tethering an internet … Read More

Fix for Personal Hotspot Missing After iOS Update

Mar 16, 2012 - 149 Comments
Personal Hotspot missing

We’ve heard from a few readers in our comments and through emails that after updating to iOS their Personal Hotspot disappeared on the iPhone. The reason for this is unclear, but thankfully the fix is extremely easy: Open Settings and tap on “General” Tap on “Reset Network Settings” Now tap back to Settings and you … Read More

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