Convert a Nero Image File to ISO

Sep 25, 2009 - 8 Comments

Terminal in OS X Someone recently sent me a Nero Image File and I had no idea what to do with it, but after some looking around I discovered you can easily convert a Nero image File to ISO format.

Apparently the only difference between a Nero Image File and a typical ISO is that Nero adds a 300k header to the normal ISO file. Using the command line tool dd we can trim this header and convert the the Nero image file to ISO format.

All of this will be done via the Mac OS X command line so launch Terminal and enter the command as seen below.

How to Convert a Nero Image File to ISO format

The conversion command is as follows, be sure to replace the path to the appropriate nero image file and the appropriate output path:

dd bs=1k if=image.nrg of=image.iso skip=300

Essentially what this command is saying is that using 1k block sizes, from the input file of image.nrg (our Nero image that needs converting), create an output of image.iso (the desired ISO image file), after skipping the first 300k of the input file (aka the Nero 300k header).

terminal-icon-512x5122 Works like a charm! Now you can burn, mount, or image the ISO any way you want, cool huh?

If you know of another way to convert nero disk images to iso or other formats, do let us know in the comments. This is pretty efficient though and requires no usage of outside tools, so it’s pretty nice.


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  1. Vaibhav says:

    It did worked and converted but virtual box gave error with the format of disk. So the conversion was not successful.

  2. Lisardgy says:

    Just change the extension from.nrg to .iso.

    Then it will run.

  3. Pir says:

    Be careful!

    “Contrary to popular belief, .nrg files are not ISO images with .nrg extension and a header attached.”

    Source: wikipedia

  4. zak says:

    Did convert it, but mac os X says unrecognized ISO, so it does not convert correctly.

  5. Frank Serrao says:

    I keep trying to understand how to use Terminal and I have a better idea now however, when i try to convert using the Terminal Tip above: I receive an error message that says:”No such file or directory”
    So my new question is, where does the file i want to convert need to be located and how do i tell the Terminal where that is ?

    • Jey Tee says:

      to use this, you need to navigate to the directory where the file is located. When you start terminal, it will open at your user directory. From there you need to navigate to the folder where the .nrg file is

      ex.: cd Desktop/files/

      this takes you to a folder named “files” on your desktop. If you have the NRG file in this folder on your desktop, you can then continue with the original command:
      dd bs=1k if=image.nrg of=image.iso skip=300

      (if your file is in Downloads, then the command to get to your downloads folder would be: cd Downloads/ )

      change the name “image.nrg” into the actual name of your file and change “image.iso” into the name.iso which you would like for your new file.

  6. Frank Serrao says:

    Not familiar enough to understand how to run TERMINAL. Do I replace “if=image.nrg” with the actual file name i want converted and similarly replace “of=image.iso” with the name of the final iso file?
    Sorry and thanks for any help

  7. Dan Ellis says:

    This didn’t work for me, but nrg4iso did:

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