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Feb 6, 2010 - 5 Comments

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Changing the iPhone root password is a good idea if you have Jailbroken your iPhone, it will prevent unauthorized users and applications from doing things you certainly don’t want them to do since the password is universal on all Jailbroken phones (unless it’s changed by the user). And yes in case it was not abundantly clear, you can not change the root password on an iPhone or iPad that has not been jailbroken as the user is not accessible, neither is the command line like this.

So with that in mind, here’s how to change the root password on your Jailbroken iPhone:

  • First you have to have the app called MobileTerminal, it’s available free at the Cydia app store
  • Launch MobileTerminal and at the prompt type the following: passwd
  • When asked for the old password, type: alpine
  • You’ll then be prompted for a new password, so type your new password, it will ask for a confirmation so type it again
  • That’s it! The root password on your Jailbroken iPhone is changed and you’ll be sent back to the command prompt.

change iphone root password

Change the root user & mobile user password
You will want to change the password for the ‘root’ user as well as the default mobile user, doing this is easy:

  • Login to the root account by typing: login root
  • Enter this as the password: alpine
  • Now type passwd and follow the same instructions as above

Note: this is not necessary for standard iPhone users, only Jailbroken iPhones.


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  1. […] through the Edit menu, or that can be done through the command line using sudo passwd, similar to changing the root password in iOS devices. stLight.options({ publisher:'fe5e0a84-1fac-40de-8014-9f89fc1cbe6a' […]

  2. Valashtar says:

    You don’t even need “login root” or “su root” – “su” will get you to root even faster.

  3. Jasper says:

    Oops! That’ll teach me to skim read – sorry.

  4. Jasper says:

    Surely you’re logged in as mobile there, and would need to su root first, otherwise you’re changing mobile’s password.

  5. Valashtar says:

    Really, this is only a pressing concern if you’ve installed OpenSSH, and leave it on all the time. If you have installed OpenSSH, you can just connect your iPhone to your wireless network and fire up Terminal on your Mac.

    ssh root@
    (assuming that’s something close to your IP address)
    will get you into your iPhone, and you can then just run passwd from there.

    For those of you who don’t want to install another application that you may or may not use on your iPhone.

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