The iPad evolves… into the iBoard and the iMat

Feb 28, 2010 - 23 Comments

How about a little light-hearted Apple fun? Have you ever thought about what would happen if Apple kept up on the trajectory of making device screen sizes bigger and bigger? What if evolution takes over and each additional device has a bigger screen? First came the iPhone. Then came the iPad…. what would be next?

iboard imat ipad

First there was the iPhone, then the iPad… then in some imaginary parallel universe there comes The iBoard… then the iMat! At that growth rate, what would be available in 2017 or 2020 or 2024? The iFloor? The iRoof? The iRoad? iWorld? The USS iSpaceship iEnterprise? The mind boggles at the possibilities of 5000″ inch screen iDevices!

And what happens by 2044? Is there a giant iSpaceship? Let’s hope so!

iStarship iPad

This is obviously just goofy photoshop work, showing Steve Jobs interacting with increasingly large sized iOS devices, and yes it is stupid but it is goofy enough that I had to post it, a little Apple fun and humor for your day!

This silly image was passed around to me through text messages earlier but it appears to originate from the French website BeGeek. Whoever made it obviously had a sense of humor, a bit like the joke prototype of an iPad which is just a bunch of iPhones taped together… in all seriousness I love iPad and iPhone but I also enjoy a good laugh at our favorite technology.

Anyway, if you enjoyed this don’t miss some of the other fun Apple stuff we cover, surely something will float our boat.


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Posted by: Manish Patel in Fun


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  1. Kurt Russel says:

    Hi Reddit

  2. Modern Era says:

    And here we are in 2017, now we have the following Apple devices:

    iPhone 4.7″

    iPhone Plus 5.5″

    iPad Pro 10″

    iPad Pro 12″

    So this is coming true, but a bit slower than the evolutionary expectations. That makes sense however as evolution is a gradual process!

  3. Chris says:

    2012 – iBoard…… 2013 – DroidBoard.
    2014 – iMat…….. 2015 – DroidMat.

  4. Davus Dull says:

    What the heck would anybody do with the imat. i think the iboard is enought. but a good i9dea is to have an entire room with imats. one on the floor, 4 on the walls, and 1 on the roof eventhough nobody would beable to use the one on the roof:)

  5. Kwasi Okyere says:

    The next device should be called iSheet or iBed

  6. Magic says:

    iBed? iGlasses? iRoom?

  7. Chris says:

    You say this is stupid, but you don’t really understand how well the iBoard would work for general contractors, engineers, anyone that needs massive amounts of blueprints with them constantly. The iBoard is big enough, blueprints would be incredibly easy to read, and be readily available. Not to mention the cost efficiency.

  8. smelly socks says:

    this is sickkkkk…. i want one

  9. […] Now let me dream a bit about the future. I was laughing some time ago, when the following set of Steve Jobs pictures was published – iPhone, iPad, iBoard, iMat. […]

  10. Tim says:

    He’s gone now. I dont think the iBoard or iMat will be developed

  11. drake says:

    Is this real? I always want a gigantic iPad :P

  12. olivia says:

    wow this is awesome. first the iPhone, then the i pad then the iboard!!! wats next the iwall!!! the wall would be cool though

  13. lily says:

    wow is the imat and the inboard for real. woah i wanna get one:)

  14. […] at the rumor mill that we all get caught up in, but I had to post it. It kind of reminds me of that dumb iBoard and iMat picture from last […]

  15. jenjen says:

    omg!!!!!! awsome, i want it

  16. Kung Fu Ninja says:

    lol that is soo cool. Next they should make an icube. I giant icube.

  17. A Ninja says:

    fail. its called the iFloor.

  18. Jake says:

    LOL, at first I thought this is for real.

  19. the iMat is brilliant! : )

  20. Austin says:

    i cant wait for the imat….. im gonna play flight control on it!

  21. Testie says:

    the iPhone came 2007 and not 2008 ^

  22. Anthony says:

    I’m waiting for the iWall.

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