Mac Setups: Mac Pro with 6 Monitors

Mar 13, 2010 - 8 Comments

mac pro 6 monitors

One Mac Pro powering six monitors for a total of 9220×1600 pixels. Wow. Oh, and the Mac Pro has 8 cores, 12gb of ram, 8tb of disk space, and 3 video cards. Excessive? Maybe, but what a cool workstation. This guy is very serious about his working setup and has a ton of information about it on his website, it’s fun geek reading.

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Posted by: William Pearson in Mac Setups


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  1. Robb Pope says:

    I have an interesting update to this thread. I’m using a MacPro and OSX 10.11. I haven’t read anything in any other forums about this so I’m assuming it’s an OSX El Capitan bug. When I plug in my 6 Dual-Link DVI adapters using the MacPro’s USB ports for power, my system was hanging. It would hang for 5 seconds, then “unhang” for 5 seconds and repeat. By chance I plugged all of the USB cables from the Dual-Link adapters into one of those 6x USB power supplies and the hang disappeared. As a test I plugged one of the USB cables back into the MacPro and the hang issue reappeared…. It SEEMS to me that if you connect the Dual-Link DVI’s USB plugs to the MacPro you’re running the displays off you will experience this issue.

  2. Joe says:

    Are 6 monitors possible with the Imac 27 inch?

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  5. David says:

    thanks! And Hey I wasn’t calling you a liar just that the image may have been a fake and i said that i didn’t think it was a fake because why would you lie about it. There were pretty clear evidence of photo manipulation and I could see it was panoramic I just couldn’t see the point of doing it that way since its not a landscape and you could with easy make a fake with that method. Sorry if I said it in a way that seemed negative that wasn’t the intent thanks for the original it looks great. I am very envious of that amazing desk where did you get it? I love the headphones. It’s a very nice NOC like setup and the original in my opinion showed the true awesomeness of your setup.THANKS!

  6. Mike says:

    Holy cow, I want that! I have 3 monitors and it has greatly increased my productivity, I think it is an absolute necessity to have multiple screens.

    and David, why do you think it’s fake?? I’ve seen stock trader setups with 12 and 16 monitors, it’s not unusual for professionals to have a lot of screens… why would someone Photo Shop this? The referring website has a lot of links and pictures, it would be the most elaborate hoax ever, and just to fool the internet? I don’t think so.

  7. Mitch Haile says:

    Normally I don’t reply to this stuff, but since you _are_ calling me a liar,

    1. It’s a panoramic photo, dude.

    2. Here’s an “undoctored” original:

  8. David says:

    unfortunately this photo has either been doctored or is a complete fake. hopefully its the former 6 monitors isn’t really that big of a deal and i dont see why the person would lie. I’d rather see the direct original.

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