Why the iPhone is awesome

May 30, 2010 - 13 Comments

why the iphone is awesome I came across this quote which I think summarizes quite well why the iPhone is such a great device:

“If there’s a single feature that elevates the iPhone from the rest of the pack, it’s the way that it urges and enables me to maximize the amount of time I spend thinking and doing and creating, each and every day. I’ve got ten minutes while I wait for a burger to arrive, three minutes at the post office while as a clerk explains the concept of a “forever stamp” to the unenlightened, six minutes waiting in the subway…it all adds up. I leave the house with my iPhone in my pocket, and I come home with new photos, new drawings, a few tiny things written, many pages of books read, and a better sense of the news of the day.

I accomplished (okay, “accomplished”) all of that in crumbs of time that otherwise would have gone to waste. I don’t get that sort of effect from other phones…”

I couldn’t agree more. What other device can you carry around in your pocket and do so much with so easily? The iPad is too big for a pocket, the iPod Touch isn’t connected enough, and any other cell phone doesn’t even come close. This is why the iPhone is so great.

[ Quote from Ihnatko via Marco ]


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  1. Tristan says:

    anyone else looking at this in 2020???

  2. Fernando says:

    Yes the iPhone is an awesome gadget. The think is that Apple is a very closed and strict company and yes they have made the iPhone a very closed phone. The bluetooth is useless, Sending data to other phones is very hard not impossible but hard, synchronizing music, photos, videos, apps, etc is so hard that looks impossible due if you sync music from a random computer all your music on the iPhone that was synchronized on your computer will be erased same on photos or apps or other data. Anyway Jailbreak helps to make the things mentionated before become possible hard but possible. Instead I heard that Android is more open and allows you to use your smartphone freely with no chains; thats cool i think. But I’m an IOS user not Android and honestly I’m not interested on Android.

    Anyway the interface and the overall of the iPhone is very good. Also, we have to remember that almost every smartphone uses a similar interface to the iPhone, yes, because Apple was the pionner the one who made the first real 100% smartphone. Yes there were other companies like Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, etc. That were making smartphones before the iPhone itself. But, they were petty hard to use, they were just to rough and primitive. The era of the real smartphone started with iPhone. Yes i know iPhone is as i mentionated before a very closed and chained machine but still a nice phone.

  3. […] Welcome them, they can lead to great things and, in the end nothing is perfect. To some, the iPhone is awesome, to others, it has flaws; to some Google+ is doing it right, to others, there’s still work to […]

  4. Bakari says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Though I think the 3G service for the iPhone is still too high, my iPhone is an essential productivity device. In fact, 10-20% of the my use of the device is use for phone communication, while the rest is used for reading, checking email, writing and sending notes, taking photos, listening/viewing podcasts, and of course sending text messages. With the 4.0 release, the iPhone will only get better.

  5. Feanne says:

    I agree! :) In addition, I went through most of college just taking all my class notes on my iPhone. Sure saved on paper, and my notes became searchable.

  6. 1stmac says:

    Agree. But don’t see the need to upgrade to the forthcoming 4G. See here for reasons http://mac1st.blogspot.com/2010/05/mac-mini-ipad-iphone-3g-s-will-do-my.html

  7. Tz^ says:

    i agree. but i like newton more. in iPhone is the same things as in newton, but its just more colourful with wifi and 3g (when there was newton there werent wifi or even 3g). It HAD FAX!

  8. xplode says:

    Well i like iphone for a very difrend reason. I have use most of the iphones on the market with evry OS. Symbian is too limited, Windows Mobile is very good but it needs a lot of resources to run smooth and is slows down a lot when any applications are installed. Android have the same issue with many applications and IMO it is quite unstable OS. WebOS is very similar to Android. iPhone OS is made very very clever, Even with 14 GB applications it still runs smooth and fast. With few third party applications multitasking works good as well. Push notifications are one of the most brilliant thing made so far, they notify you for a event in almost evry application without the need of application to run in background (Microsoft currently implent push notifications in Windows Phone 7 OS – which is IMO ripoff iPhone OS)
    There are many things that i can state in support of iPhone OS but i thing this is enough for now

    • Mark says:

      actually my nexus one can do the same thing. currently it may be limited in apps(50k compared to 200k) but the number is growing at a quick rate. most of the slowness and stability issues associated with android has also been fixed since 2.0. WebOS is actually nice except for the severe lack of apps. apps aside it runs smoothly and multitasking works great. for iphone OS your amount of apps shouldn’t be used in comparison to how quickly your apps run. webos also has push notifications(they appear in the bottom of the screen)

  9. Stefan says:

    Yes but I don’t think that there is any other OS like the iPhone’s that developer write so much apps for. Because no matter what kind of a need you and expectations you have for your iPhone, the App store will meet them :).

  10. Kristoffer says:

    I disagree. The things mentioned can be accomplished on almost every other smart-phone today. Iphone was easy compared to other smart phones when it first came out, but today most of the companies have learned (yes, from Iphone).

    This post could be right when the Iphone came, back in 2007. But absolutely not today!

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