The release of iOS and what it means for the future of Mac

Jun 9, 2010 - 4 Comments

iOS So WWDC charged full steam ahead this year with news about iOS 4 with a noticeable absence of things related to Mac and Mac OS X.

This is pretty much what many developers had feared when WWDC 2010 was first announced as being App Store centric.

So what gives?

We at iOS Daily suggest it’s about the inevitable splitting of computer uses:

…the future of computing is already branching into two groups of computer users: the average person, and the creators…

Basically, the average person doesn’t need a Mac, they can get by fine with an iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, creators and developers will still need a Mac so that they can create content for the average person. Interesting theory, and I think there is a lot of truth to it.

You can read more at our new sister publication “iOS Daily: Does iOS signal the death of the Mac?”.

Slightly off topic, It’s worth mentioning that iOS Daily is brand new, so don’t be surprised if some things aren’t working 100% quite yet.


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  1. utahnix says:

    No, Macs won’t die… at least not as long as Jobs is at the helm. After that, it’s anyone’s bet. But maybe by then… just maybe… we’ll be lucky enough to see Linux/KDE charge full force into the mainstream desktop market.

  2. harald says:

    when the mac is dead … how are all those ipad/ipod/iphone developed in future? i think the mac dies, when it can be 100% replaced by an ipad — and why shouldn’t it die than?

  3. bodega says:

    gonna be pretty had to be a creative professional (ie., music producer or graphic artist) on an ipad or iphone. the mac will never die.

  4. kevin says:

    Didn’t people say the Mac was dead when the iPod came out too? It’s just a route to the Mac platform.

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