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Jun 29, 2010 - 9 Comments

hulu for ipad iphone

All the speculation about Hulu coming to the iPad and iPhone on a subscription model is proving true. Hulu announced that a subscription service called Hulu Plus will offer HD content on a variety of devices at a rate of $9.99/month.

Compatible devices for watching Hulu on iPad & iPhone

What you’re probably most interested in is what Hulu for iPad and iPhone will run on specifically, and here’s your answer:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS running iOS 4
  • iPad
  • iPod touch 3rd generation running iOS 4

This leaves the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and any pre-3rd gen iPod touches out of the new Hulu players abilities. If you have other electronics you might not be out of luck though, additional devices that will be able to run Hulu Plus include: internet-enabled Vizio, Samsung, and Sony TV’s, computers, select Blu-ray players, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

Hulu Plus for iPad & iPhone preview mode

Currently the Hulu Plus service is in preview mode and only available to use by invitation, but anyone can download the iPhone and iPad apps and get a feel for the service. You can request an invite by going here and entering your email address. Thus far there is no word on how likely it is you’ll actually get an invite code, and whether the preview mode is paid or free.

What about free Hulu on the web?

When I first saw this announcement I couldn’t help but think the days of watching free Hulu via the web are over, especially since Hulu Plus has a Flash client aimed at Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux machines. The big question is whether or not people will pay $9.99 a month for something they can currently watch for free on their computers. We know the demand for Hulu on iPad and iPhone is there, but do people want to shell out additional money to watch TV when they already pay a cable bill?

For those that don’t want to pay, you can always just download the free ABC player and be limited to ABC shows, or try some of the creative workarounds like how to watch Hulu for iPad right now by recording a screencast (this works on the iPhone too).

So that’s it, Hulu is finally announced for iPhone and iPad – you just have to pay for it! Read more at the official home of Hulu Plus.


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  1. Chevy06 says:

    Thanks for the article. Hulu is great on iPhone. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Hulu on your iPhone.

  2. Smucks says:

    PAY!! Kidding me right!! Well then it’s back to buying copy DVD (pirate) and put them on the pad. Sorry but I spent all my money on the iPad and my ISP

  3. Peter says:

    Hulu on the Pc is for free, button the iPad you are expected to pay $120 per year?? That is bs! I will NEVER pay for that as long as the service is free for others!

  4. Ravenwind says:

    Not sure if this is out yest as of this date, but @ Ianguafranca…

    I use hulu all the time @ home for the same reason you do. SPonsors pay for the service by showing 5 or so commercials per show you watch. This is very acceptable in my opinion. However, Why force mobile users to pay for it. How is watchin on the ipad any different then on my macbook to the hulu staff? Why should i have to pay for it on ipad? The only way this would be acceptable on a mobile device is if it is commercial free. Its criminal if they want to charge 10 bucks a month for the convenience.

    • tyff says:

      I have to agree, so I should just take my notebook everywhere so I don’t have to pay? Really? If they plan on charging then I agree I t ink they need to be commercial free.

      • Brian B says:

        You have to pay b/c you own an iPad and Apple knows that if you can afford to spend $500 on a device to surf the internet, then you can afford $10 to have something to watch on it.

  5. languafranca says:

    I would rather have this than Cable TV bill and here’s why: I can choose what to watch and when I want to watch it.

    The only thing missing is live sports coverage, and I am sure they will figure that out too.

  6. Mike Reys says:

    yeah… euhmm… wrong country.

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