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Jul 1, 2010 - 21 Comments

ios 4 ipad

Update 2: iOS 4.2 download is now available for iPad, get it now!

Update: iOS 4.2 for iPad has been confirmed by Apple to be available in November. This will be the unifying iOS 4 release across i-devices in Apple’s product lineup, and it will bring many new features to the iPad such as multitasking, folders, AirPlay, print support, and more.

If you own an iPad and you want to run the latest version of Apple’s mobile iOS, you’ll have to wait a few more months. A report from AppleInsider looks to confirm the release date of iOS 4 for iPad as November of 2010, this is in line with Apple’s statement during WWDC that OS4 will reach iPad in the Fall.

iPad & iPhone builds of iOS have different features

iPad owners have been left out of the recent release of iOS 4 with it’s new features, as Apple readies an iPad specific OS build for the device. Polls indicate that most iPad users want multitasking and folder support the most out of iOS 4, but due to Apple splitting the builds they’re not missing out on all of the features of the newer OS. The current version of iOS 3.2 supports the use of a bluetooth keyboard with iPad, which is a feature that otherwise is only in iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch. Reports indicate that when iOS 4 reaches the iPad, it will come as iOS 4.1 and it will finally combine the differing iPhone and iPad builds of iOS into a single unified operating system.

Updated iPad coming in Fall?

Could the release of iOS 4 for iPad coincide with the release of an updated iPad? That’s what some in the rumormill are suggesting, and it doesn’t seem too unlikely considering the current iPhone 4 has features that the iPad doesn’t; most notably twice the RAM at 512MB, dual cameras with FaceTime support, and the stunning PPI & screen resolution of the Retina display. With these prominent feature differences, an updated iPad alongside the update iOS would bridge the hardware and feature gaps of the two devices.

Update: Rumors continue to circulate about a new iPad with camera and FaceTime compatibility coming in the Fall.


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  1. […] most excited for the release are iPad owners, who will gain multitasking and folder support when iOS 4 comes to the device. While the rest of the public waits for a release, developers can get your hands on […]

  2. […] newest version of iOS will be released to the public within a week or two, which would match the November release date that Apple scheduled earlier in the […]

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  4. […] nobody looks forward to the update more than iPad owners, since this will be the first version of iOS 4 for iPad that will bring multitasking, folders, and much more to the […]

  5. […] The app has multitasking support so you’ll be able to listen to the audiobooks in the background too (on the iPhone and iPod touch for now, iPad gets iOS 4 in November). […]

  6. Jake says:

    Apple do have to come up with the new ipad, blackberry, samsung and others are coming with new slate that have all is missing in ipad(usb, camera etc…) if they dont they will lose markette share… And this is more dangerous for them than you beeing unhappy..

  7. Horace Patterby says:

    Apple rnt bringing out nu iPad. That would piss off 2many customers including me my iPad is gud but I wish it had multitasking nd multiplayer gaming

  8. Janice Owenby says:

    I think it would be pretty ducky if Apple comes out with a new iPad with all those fantastic upgrades so soon after so many of us just got an iPad! Apple, think how that’s gonna make a lot of your customers feel. Yes, I would love to have all that stuff you are talking about, but I won’t. I’ll just feel screwed!

  9. […] and slower hardware of the 3G. There are some rumors (ie: wishful thinking) swirling that when iOS 4 for iPad is released and the iOS 4 versions are bridged in iOS 4.1 (or whatever the version ends up being), […]

  10. […] News, iPad, iPhone – September 1st, 2010 – No Comments Apple has announced that iOS 4.2 for the iPad will be available in November when it is also released for iPhone and iPod touch. This is in line with previous rumors suggesting iOS 4.2 would unify all the versions of iOS across the i-device product lineup. This also fits into Apple saying that iOS 4 for iPad would be available in the fall. […]

  11. […] Although AI said that iOS 4 for iPad won’t arrive until November, Apple promised it in “Fall” — which officially begins on September 21, […]

  12. gorillandy says:

    I doubt that the ipad will get a retina display next year. A retina display on the ipad would be a higher resolution than most hd tvs out there. Can you imagine running a 1080 version of a movie or video game on a device as thin as the ipad without fans? AND keep it around the same price range? Doesn’t seem very likely…

  13. […] Although AI said that iOS 4 for iPad won’t arrive until November, Apple promised it in “Fall” — which officially begins on September 21, […]

  14. […] Although AI said that iOS 4 for iPad won’t arrive until November, Apple promised it in “Fall” — which officially begins on September 21, […]

  15. […] and kind of believable Verizon iPhone rumors and thoughts, when we are going to get our 4.0 iPad updates, and a bit more […]

  16. Rajadurai says:

    iOS4.1 will be available for ipodtouch…and new ipotouch this september…

    As earlier ipad will have iOS4.2 by november…

    New ipad will be available next april

    my geuss.. (though i may not be Mr.John Gruber)

  17. mr_kitty says:

    I don’t forsee the iPad getting a retina display for at least a year.

    Never mind whether or not these screens are even available at that size in quantity, even Apple isn’t going to ask 3rd party developers to re-release their iPad apps with new artwork @ 4x the current resolution within 6 months of the original release.

    Now, iOS5 for iPad.. yeah, can totally see retina display on it.

    If anything, I imagine Apple will update the upsizing function for iPhone apps to smooth rendered text and take advantage of higher res art in iPhone 4 optimized apps.

  18. Paul Nelson says:

    I don’t think that a new iPad will be released until next year, but the next model will be much like it is now but with updated RAM and possibly storage. I think that the iPad will follow the same development as the iPod Touch, sometimes ahead and sometimes behind the iPhone.

    But I do think that there is very little wrong with the iPad, I don’t want a camera or need a higher resolution screen. It is always the same with Apple kit, everyone always wants more from them, high resolution, more memory or a battery that lasts seven days on continuously.

    • David Rhoades says:

      I don’t care what they add if they don’t add Flash my next similar device will not be an Apple. I don’t understand why this is not part of the discussion. I don’t care what Steve’s lame reasons are…Flash is on the Web, get on the boat!!!! I’m starting to call mine the iLame.

      Bring it on fan boys


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