Loyalty: 77% of iPhone owners will buy another iPhone – only 20% of Android owners would buy another Android

Jul 24, 2010 - 5 Comments


CNN Money posted the results of a consumer survey that has some really interesting facts about the iPhone and AT&T. The most amazing claim is the percentage of people who are committed and loyal to the iPhone versus those who own Androids. Here are the important figures:

  • 77% of iPhone owners say they’ll buy another iPhone
  • Only 20% of Android customers say they’ll buy another Android phone
  • 73% of iPhone users are very satisfied with AT&T’s service
  • 69% of overall smartphone users say they are satisfied with their mobile provider
  • Phone owners pay $12/mo more for service than the average smartphone user
  • iPhone is worth $1.8 billion in sales to AT&T this year, and will generate $9 billion in revenue for the provider over the next five years

Obviously the iPhone is a cash cow for AT&T, even if it is also heavier maintenance due to it’s users increased data consumption. AT&T gets a lot of vocal complaints about their service, but the survey shows that despite the woes of the vocal minority more iPhone users are satisfied than smartphone users are overall with any mobile provider.

How’s this working out for the other providers? According to the article “Verizon has been regretting turning away Apple for the last three years” which isn’t surprising considering the huge amount of revenue and loyalty the device inspires. Now whether or not Verizon will get iPhone remains to be seen, but you can bet everyone is fighting for the chance and AT&T is fighting to renew exclusivity.

I would undoubtedly buy another iPhone and recommend them to anyone, I’ve used several Android devices and I’d even consider them the ‘next best’ smartphone, but given the choice between the two devices I will always choose an iPhone – the user experience is just so much better and the iPhone is just, well, cooler.

You can read more at CNN Money.


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  2. Ryan says:

    Forgot this part:

    Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that 20% of Android customers say they’ll buy another Android phone. The survey actually revealed that 20% of all smartphone customers say they’ll buy an Android phone.

  3. DistortedLoop says:

    I wonder what the supposed 80% of Android owners who the poll says wouldn’t buy another Android phone said/would-say they’ll buy instead? An iPhone? BlackBerry? What?

    There are dozens, if not over a hundred different Android phones out there now; could the respondents have meant they wouldn’t buy the SAME MODEL again? That’s a no-brainer response in the Android world. By the time you’re ready to buy a new phone, the one you have is old news and there’s a new model that’s exponentially cooler than what you had.

    I own 5 iPhones, including the new iPhone 4. I also have a Nexus One, a Sprint EVO, and a Samsung Galaxy S i9000. All of those models blow away the iPhone 4 in most regards. I disagree with the blog post’s opinion about Androids (at least the ones released in the last 9-10 months. The iPhone is still a “good” smartphone, and a fine choice for many, but the “best” smartphones right now are the latest batch of Android devices with Android 2.1 or 2.2. The OS is faster than iOS, works more like a computer, and is much more customizable; it even multitasks for real. The screens are better, too, despite slightly lower resolutions.

    • Lord B says:

      I ended up buying a BB after my Android phone. I would buy an iPhone if only I did not travel too much internationally (roaming fees around the world can be a super pain in ass).

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