iPhone 5 to use 4G

Sep 21, 2010 - 12 Comments

iphone 5 4g The upcoming iPhone 5 will aim to use the latest 4G service in addition to the existing 3G network, according to a report on CNet. The same analyst reports that Qualcomm is expected to be the CMDA chip supplier for the long-rumored Verizon iPhone that may be announced at the same time.

AT&T and Verizon have been busy upgrading their network infrastructure in support of 4G over the last year, and the new iPhone is looking to take advantage of the increased bandwidth. 4G is actually just the marketing name for what is known as LTE, or Long Term Evolution, in the telecommunications world.

Not much is known about iPhone 5 due to Apple’s notorious shroud of secrecy around new products. Earlier reports from DigiTimes suggest the new iPhone will have a metal enclosure and feature an integrated antenna, which aims to resolve the reception problems in addition to the sometimes fragile glass backing of the current iPhone 4. With the news of 4G network compatible iPhone, there is also some speculation that FaceTime calls will be allowed over the cellular network rather than just WiFi.

iPhone 5 Release Date

In the past Apple has announced a new iPhone early in the year (January or February) and then the device is formerly released and shipped later the same year in June. We can only assume this general timetable will hold true for the iPhone 4G/iPhone 5, whatever it be called.


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  1. john-11358 says:

    i like to say…, the new iphone will be called 4G, the reason is because it will be the same look as the iphone 4. there will be an iphone 5 when Apple desides to produce a completely new designed Iphone. It will be a big lost (non profitable) for Apple to get rid of the Iphone 4 design so early. Not only that, it is a big posibility, that Apple will release the Iphone 4GS, with small modifications. Iphone 5 will be out maybe after 2 years or 3, when technology is about to be ready for an 5G network.

  2. […] reports from analysts suggested that the iPhone 5 will use 4G as it’s data network, in addition to being offered on Verizon and AT&T concurrently. The […]

  3. s-MAC YOU IN THA FACE says:

    iphone 5…………whhaaa!!!

    why not just wait for iphone 9. it’s bound to come out sometime next year. jajajaja

  4. […] thanks to Apple’s secretive methods of operation. What is perhaps speculated about, however, is the fact that the iPhone 5 will use 4G technology, and perhaps even feature an all new metal housing with integrated […]

  5. bonesb says:

    Nitpicking here. I read the “report” on Cnet. It’s not a report, rather a regurgitation of the analyst’s predictions.

  6. inket says:

    iPhone 4 -> iPhone 4G -> iPhone 4GS

    • Kyle says:

      This is my thought as well, it will be named iPhone 4G.

      I do not think we will see significant feature enhancement, but a new enclosure and antenna are a must, perhaps using the liquid metal that Apple is dabbling in.

      Beyond a new casing and utilizing a faster 4G network, iPhone 4G will have larger storage options along the iPod touch lineup (64GB) and might have a faster processor. The device already has a better screen than iPod and iPad so you can not expect the screen to change.

      The glass is also a nuisance, mine scratched very easily rubbing against the metallic rivets that jean pockets have, which is why I think they will replace that with liquid metal alloy. Steve Jobs wears jeans, he has probably scratched his phone in the same way. Steve and I have this in common I bet.

      These are just my predictions, and what makes sense.

      Let’s face it, other than the antenna iPhone 4 is the best phone in the world and with a few minor updates 4G will continue to be far into 2011.

      • Laureate says:

        What a poetic narrative Kyle, that is a lovely Chauceresque piece of literature that is sure to make it into the history books.

        You and Stevie J have much in common indeed.

    • 49er says:

      Forget 4G network, I just want to make phone calls with 3G in the bay!

      • john-11358 says:

        we will not make phone calls on 4g, and we are not. 4g network will be and it is used for internet only. if im not wrong, phone call made are based in 2g speed, since is digital. now.., for video calls, definately need 4g speed, thats why we cant now but only via wifi.

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