Test a website on an iPad

Sep 28, 2010 - 9 Comments

test website on ipad

Do you need to test how your website will look on an iPad, but you don’t have an iPad?

Check out iPadPeek.com, which is a web-based iPad simulator. It’s limited to the web, but you can render a website in a virtual iPad in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

It’s definitely not perfect but it gives a pretty accurate if not rough representation of how the iPad views webpages (though Flash is still loaded), this is definitely worth a bookmark for web developers.

If you’re serious about developing for the iPad, you should just get an actual device and then download the iPad SDK, but until then this simulator might get you through web testing, even if it’s a bit limited.


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Posted by: Manish Patel in Development, iPad


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  1. namhar says:

    you can also use safaris user agent option from the develop menu, there is also an option for iphone user agent and other web browsers.

  2. […] OS X Daily za iPadPeek.com // wykopywarka wersja standardowa (72×65) var wykop_url=location.href; // Link […]

  3. Morten says:

    Alternatively you could download Xcode and the iOS SDK and then you’ll have a real iPad Simulator (called iPhone Simulator, but you can select an iPad in the application).
    There you wouldn’t have flash, and you can scroll the site around.

    I tested my website in it, and it looks nice! :)

  4. Shiner says:

    It embeds a webkit iframe and sends the browser iPad as it’s OS, of course it will render Flash if Flash is on the page. This is a good representation of iPad web browsing, but not a true emulator even though some of the other commenters seem to think it is an iPad on a screen.

  5. Chris says:

    I agree with Bo. You can’t call it an iPod emulator if it’s going to run Flash! What else is it likely to have wrong if it missed that major factor?

  6. Bo says:

    1st of all, iPad there is not FLASH.. I just open a flash website, without any problem .. Why I have to belive, that everything else is like iPad`s .. ? Sorry .. I can make a webpage with a lots of frames like mobiles .., to .. I can not accept that this is “iPad like browsing” …

  7. Langdon says:

    You can’t be serious about developing for one without a real product to test on. Just buy a bloody iPad!

    • fredup says:

      ok explain corporate testing where budget doesnt cover this sort of expense..dont be so bloody minded in future

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