AT&T Black Friday 2010 Sales: iPhone 4 starts at $99

Nov 24, 2010 - 19 Comments

att black friday 2010 sale

If you’re in the market for an iPhone this Christmas, Black Friday might be the best time to buy. AT&T’s Black Friday Deals on the iPhone start at just $49 for an iPhone 3GS and $99 for an iPhone 4 16GB model, which is a full 50% off the retail price of a new iPhone 4 (yes, you still need to sign a 2 year contract). These prices are for refurbished units, but refurbs have the same warranty as a new iPhone from both AT&T and Apple, so there isn’t much reason to not buy one instead and save some cash.

AT&T iPhone Black Friday Deals & Sales

These are Black Friday only prices, so to get the discount you have to buy through AT&T on Friday, November 26:
black friday iphone

  • iPhone 4 32G Refurb – Sale: $199 (normally $249)
  • iPhone 4 16G Refurb – Sale: $99 (normally $149)
  • iPhone 3GS 8G Refurb – Sale: $49 (normally $79)

Check out the iPhone 4 Refurb Sale at AT&T – Black Friday only!

Again, these prices are valid on Black Friday only so the link doesn’t actually work until then, so check back on Friday. I’m assuming the deal will be available in AT&T stores as well if you’re brave enough to endure the shopping crowds.

iPhone discounts are a rare thing, and I’m not sure if Apple is going to match these deals or if AT&T is alone here in selling the iPhone 4 for so cheap.

These are all good sales but I think the sweet spot is the $99 iPhone 4 16GB model, of course if you need more space for music and apps jump up to the 32GB. Either way I personally would skip the iPhone 3GS and just get the iPhone 4, it’s a newer phone with much better hardware.

Now if you don’t want an iPhone, AT&T is also offering great deals on other smartphones but it looks like they’re delaying those until Saturday, Sunday, and Cyber Monday.


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  1. hailey says:

    How much would the phones be without the 2 year contract?

  2. sobolrith says:

    i want to detail about the contract so how can i get it?

  3. zatch says:

    I am a current At&t iphone subscriber and i got mine this morning at the discounted rate. Even though i had only used up one year of my 2 year contract. They are allowing people to extend their contracts and get the discounted price on new equipment. You will have to add two more years to your existing contract but if they have any more 16gig iphone 4s it may be worth it. You can double check to see if you are eligible by logging into your at&t account and calling the number they give you. They say they will wave the $18 connection fee but i still saw it on my bill, they will be getting a call from me requesting a credit:) hopefully this helps…

  4. arethusa71 says:

    I am an existing AT&T customer, and I bought an iphone 4 16GB for $99 bucks last night at 1AM ET. Order went through- This morning I dont see the same options available. Sold out maybe? I have an order confirmation in my email. ;-)

  5. Corey says:

    wait what?!?!! so the deal is only for new customers not existing?!?

  6. David says:

    Frickin HATE the ‘new customer only’ deals!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. iynrp says:

    ATT is telling me that existing ATT customers cannot buy the refurbished iphone 4 as an upgrade but won’t quote specifically the policy where it says that, is it accurate?

    • Mynurp says:

      Yep, this deal appears to only be for new subscribers. What a freakin’ rip.

      Way to treat your loyal customer base AT&T. I may just switch to the Verizon iPhone when my contract is up.

    • Alessandra says:

      I am a current subscriber and upgraded at this price yesterday.

  8. […] you’re looking for an iPhone, AT&T is offering a great Black Friday sale for an iPhone 4 for $99 with a 2 year contract, it’s a refurbed iPhone but it carries the same warranty as a new […]

  9. Besart says:

    $99 for one iPhone 4G is really like somebody gives it too you for free!

  10. Chago says:

    I have the iPhone 3G. Does anyone know if you can swap the phones out and still get these great deals?

    • univer says:

      no need to swap the iPhone, you’ll be eligible to get the refurb 4 by signing a new contract and paying the $99 for the new iPhone.

      Then you can use your old iPhone 3G as an iPod touch or Pay-Go phone

  11. Matty says:

    If only I wasn’t under contract elsewhere…

  12. Kira N says:


  13. choppinbroccoli says:

    FINALLY, I am def getting one $99 is insane

  14. Tom Cruiser says:

    I would bet 12:01, that is the standard with Black Friday online retail it seems. PST or EST though, who knows.

  15. zatch says:

    So will this be a 12:01am kind of thing or any word on when the link will be active?

  16. Parakeet says:

    $99 is a killer deal

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