Reason #918 I’m thankful to be a Mac user: no more stupid Windows Errors

Nov 25, 2010 - 17 Comments

stupid windows error

This is like the Inception of Windows errors; there’s a problem with “Reports and Solutions” so Windows is checking for a solution to that problem. Will it ever end or do we have to go deeper into this infinite Windows failure loop?

I’m just glad I no longer use Windows on any sort of regular basis, although I do have to use Internet Explorer on the Mac from time to time for browser testing… and what fun that is.

Thanks for sending this picture in Greg.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun


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  1. Kustardking says:

    Anyone who thinks Windows is more problem prone than OS X is stuck in the XP or Vista era. Windows 7 is very solid, and far more flexible than OS X, including Lion. OS X has yet to provide a capable file management system (the Finder), and OS X is far more subject to hung processes than Windows 7. How do I know? I use both systems for doing real stuff. In terms of tightness, OS X is a VW, and Windows 7 is a Porsche. In terms of style I wouldn’t completely reverse it, but OS X wins. And, in terms of consumer ecosystem, OS X dominates.

  2. MMS says:

    If you don’t want to experience foolish error messages any more, you’d better try some distribution of GNU/Linux. Ubuntu is a good example.
    P.S. Although Mac doesn’t have many of such problems, it has funnier problems. Why should Apple patent the sort of disc drives used in Mac Books?

  3. Shaun_R says:

    The funniest I’ve seen was while backing up a client’s XP PC prior to reinstalling of Windows was something along the lines of Windows being unable to copy a file because “The file exists”…

    I was left scratching my head and laughing my head off at the same time.

  4. BurningZeppelin says:

    When an error happened and the error handler had an error, did it mean there was no error in the first place???

  5. Terry Smelker says:

    AMEN to that, Brotha- I switched back in 2002 (the original iPod was my undoing), and I’ve never looked back!

  6. Ray says:

    Switched a year ago…….”MAC….it works”

  7. morrissey007 says:

    @rudolph…I absolutely would not ‘put up with it’ ….Macs dont crash, period.

    Take it back and demand they fix it, it’s still under guarantee so if they wont then escalate it to apple and threaten legal action.

    My mac has been on permamanemtly for the last 6 motnhs, not a blip in that time.

  8. icebreaker says:


    ofcourse the will say their is nothing wrong with it. Repairing costs money. That is why I don’t like the Apple brand, to arrogant and not customer friendly. I am typing this on my MacBook so I do like the Apple products ;)

    Oh and don’t buy memory from them, 504 dollar for 8gb in the Apple store, 104 dollar on Amazon. What is up with that Apple? That’s a 400 dollar profit you basterds.

  9. […] dok┼éadnie a na dodatek Reason #918 I’m thankful to be a Mac user: no more stupid Windows Errors Komputer: MacBook Pro 17" C2D 2.93 GHz, 4GB RAM Cytuj   […]

  10. Rico says:

    my mac only freezes up for secs when using ram stealing programs. how ever my mac now freezes when you recharge the battery after it comes out of hibernation.

    • Rudolph says:

      Thank You All for your replies :) I already got my Macbook Pro 7,1 (mid 2010) and they told me that there wasn’t anything wrong with the hardware :S Anyway, i guess i’ll just have to learn to live with it. Happy Thanks Giving and thanks for helping a newbie :)

  11. Chris says:

    LOL I run three hackintoshes… two as final cut machines, and can only count on one hand the number of times they have frozen or kp’d in the past 6 months. If your genuine Mac is having that many issues, you really need to get it checked.

  12. julien says:

    OSX also has some very annoying dialogs … you’ll experience them soon :) GL

  13. Rudolph says:

    I thought that by switching from PC to Mac i wouldn’t see any of those annoying messages…and indeed i haven’t seen anyone yet…on the other hand, my mac freezes up every four hours or so…kinda makes you miss the “friendly pop ups” :P

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