The Ultimate Retro iPhone Case Turns Your iPhone Into an 80’s Block Cellphone

Jan 29, 2011 - 17 Comments


This is starting to look like flashback week, first with the flickering retro Terminal app Cathode and now this absolutely ridiculous iPhone case that is made to resemble the giant block cellphones from the 80’s.

Is this thing hilarious or what? It’s not just photoshop either, here it is next to an Android:


Would anyone actually use this on their iPhone?

Unfortunately the case is not available to order yet, and the creators of the product don’t even have a website for it, but according to Gizmodo it will cost $20 when it does arrive sometime in the near future.


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun, iPhone, Retro


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  2. dom says:

    They could have done a better job with it. It looks nothing like the moto brick, I was alive for the brick, I remember it being long, thick, off white, and having a hard rubber antenna on it. If you’re going to make a replica case, why not go all the way? ya know?

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  5. Ian says:

    awesome. i’d love one of these. i don’t know how often i’d actually use it, but it would be just too goofy-cool not to have (that’s my perspective as an oldster who remembers when cellphones actually looked like this). and it does look like it would provide amazing protection against drops and stuff. one small hole in the back (like every other iPhone case already has) would take care of smile’s concern over the camera; what i’d like to see is for this to be a produced as really sharp, top-notch replica of an actual old Motorola – maybe even using original cases, if there are enough still around.

    heck, if thumbs up really wants to go all-out, they could sell it complete with a coiled cord tethering it to a ten-pound external battery pack/case! :D

    that would kinda rock, actually.

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  7. Mia says:

    When can I buy one? and where? please you gotta let me know!!! I saw one celebrity in Taiwan is using it now!

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  9. dr650x says:

    If that case also doubles as an external power source I want it. Looks like you could fit like 16 AA batteries in there.

  10. smile says:

    cool… but not a bright idea if you’re on to frequent use of the main camera.

  11. Matthew says:

    Hahahaha! This is hilarious, indeed! Who came up with that idea. For sure it is an effective, crash-proof case.

  12. Trench says:

    That’s cool. I want one.

  13. qka says:

    A case like this would be an improvement for an Android pghone! ;)

  14. Burzoom says:

    iPhone with Russian nano-Glonass chip

  15. Peter says:

    hipsters are going to love this

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