Click and hold a Dock icon for App-specific Expose

Feb 4, 2011 - 7 Comments

hold dock icon for app expose

If you click and hold on any open applications Dock icon, you will launch Expose for just that app and it’s corresponding windows.

You can also access this app-specific Expose with the F10 key (Function+F10 on newer Mac models and keyboards), I’ve used this trick for a long time to quickly switch between windows in a given app and once you get in the habit of doing so it’s hard to go back.

Expose is a great feature of Mac OS X, although I tend to use the Command+Tab application switcher for switching between apps.


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Posted by: William Pearson in Mac OS, Tips & Tricks


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  1. Me says:

    I use the expose feature quite a bit. I just wish there was a way to have mini application icons on the windows when they tile out. With a lot of windows, Safari, Firefox and even Preview windows look way to similar. Or even a QuickLook zoom when moused over. Hmmm… greater functionality

  2. clasqm says:

    @Alberto: This is a Snow Leopard feature. Are you still on Leopard?

  3. Alberto says:

    Don’t work for me :(

  4. qka says:


    I have long used the Active Screen Corners, aka “move mouse to a corner” feature for Expose. In System Preferences for Expose, at the top of the window, is where you can set them. I use upper left for Application Windows, upper right for All Windows, and lower left for Desktop. You may prefer a different setup.

    I use a two button mouse with scroll wheel. I have clicking the scroll wheel (called “Mouse Button 3” by Apple) to show all windows. Very handy. Don’t even need to move the mouse pointer to a corner or to the Dock to see all windows. Or you could set it to show Application Windows.

    Expose is great stuff and one of the things about OS X that blows Windows out of the water!

  5. Starbuck says:

    F11 works too

  6. ugh says:

    “It’s” (with an apostrophe) = “it is”. The word you’re looking for here is “its” (without an apostrophe). Come on geeks! Learn how to spell. Where’s your editor?

  7. I use this feature a lot at work (I haven’t upgraded my personal Macbook Pro), but did you also know that you can use Tab+~ to switch between windows of the same application? I know it’s not as “sexy” as using what you’ve got here, but if you only have 2 windows open for a given app, it’s much quicker than using your mouse to hover, click and hold down, then select the window you want.

    What Apple engineers should do in its next iteration of this feature is make it so that hovering over the thumbs magnifies it the way dock icons can be.

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