New MacBook Pro Design Leaked by Intel?

Feb 16, 2011 - 23 Comments


Could this be the new MacBook Pro? This mysterious Mac-like thin and dark laptop appeared in a recent Intel ad for their new processors. Fueling the speculative fire is that Intel has previously leaked MacBook Pro releases through their advertising efforts. That’s not all though, there’s a few other hints in the advertisement that suggest we just might be looking at a redesigned MacBook Pro, so let’s review them:

  • Black Anodized Metal Enclosure – The laptop is all black, what’s that have to do with a Mac? Nothing for sure, but recently revamped their website with darker menu bars, maybe this is a hint that we’ll see darker hardware enclosures in the future?


  • Next-gen Intel Core Processors – The ad is for Intels new processors, and nearly every rumor about the next MacBook Pro line suggests they will use Intels latest Sandy Bridge Core processors.
  • Noticeably Thinner Appearance – All signs point to the next MacBook Pro’s having a thinner enclosure, and the machine pictured certainly does.
  • Surfer Imagery – Apple has been using surfing imagery in their marketing for decades, the Intel ad has it. Below is a screenshot from Apple’s existing MacBook Pro website for comparison purposes:


  • Aqua Interface Elements – Again referring to the Intel ad and the picture from Apple’s website, the interface elements are very Mac OS X like, with Aqua inspired buttons and sliding bars. There’s even the red/yellow/green traffic lights on the window bars.
  • It Looks Like a Mac – If all else failed, the hardware just looks like a Mac, doesn’t it?

This is obviously 100% speculation here, but at the very least, Intel’s advertisement has some Apple inspired elements to it. This ad/image was discovered by 9to5Mac, who also points out that Intel has spilled the Mac beans in the past.

Most rumors peg a new MacBook Pro to be released sometime in the next two months, maybe even alongside a MacBook Air 3G, and most of those rumors suggest the next MacBook Pro will take some design cues from the MacBook Air to become thinner and lighter. But a black case? That would be very different from anything in Apple’s existing lineup.

Could Intel manage such a massive leak? Whatever’s going on here, the laptop in the ad looks pretty fancy, but whether or not it’s a future Mac remains to be seen.


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  1. […] Chasis Redesign: despite the intel ad and various mockups, the chasis remains the same unibody aluminum enclosure as existing models. […]

  2. Michael says:

    @Kaitong Johnson: thats a pretty handsome macbook there :)
    But, i dont think we shall get our hopes up here.
    if you look at this picture:
    Which i believe is from the same campagn. The picture shows another black computer with the same things on the screen, but this on is definitly not mac’ish.

  3. hanate says:

    Every MacBook Pro should have their displays to fit exactly the 16:9 aspect ratio, which makes it great for watching widescreen TV shows or doing widescreen projects without even seeing the smallest blank letterboxes, as well as HDMI outputs, which makes it easier to project your MacBook Pro to the big screen without altering the display’s resolution if it’s exactly 1920-by-1080. They should also have embedded 3G/4G options, with flexible data plans from mobile broadband Internet services (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Clear, Time Warner, etc). Should Apple get rid of the optical drives, they would cost less not to have one, comparing to those who have, which adds more cost to it. Otherwise, a Blu-ray option, perhaps.

    Most importantly, every MacBook Pro should have Core i processors, and only Core i processors. Not the Core 2 for the 13-inch, but perhaps a Core i3 for starters.

    Sure, it’s nice to have a unibody platform and a FaceTime/iSight camera, but they’re hard to catch up against HP, Dell, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, etc…

  4. […] from several EU resellers that their existing MacBook Pro inventory had dried up, and then an Intel ad appeared that sparked a slew of speculation and mockups suggesting the next MacBook Pro would have a […]

  5. Kaitong Johnson says:

    yup I’m metting my life on it that it will be the new Apple line for MacBook Pros. I will buy when it comes out.

  6. Tom says:

    I think it’s unlikely, although happy to be proved wrong, probably just a photoshop job, creating a cool looking generic laptop, using gfx on screen that look like apple because most manufacturers are following the “all the rage” apple look

  7. […] Just note, None of this is confirmed! Its just some info i found while surfing! Take a look at the original article! […]

  8. […] this what a liquid metal MacBook Pro might look like? This mockup is based on the recent MacBook Pro-ish Intel ad that sparked a wave of speculation that Intel may have accidentally leaked the nextgen MacBook Pro […]

  9. Anas says:

    It’s a Mac. Look at volume bar down, it’s a Mac bar. The same thing for the streaming bar.

  10. Thonas says:

    It’s clearly a mac as the two pop up windows have the icons for closing/shrinking/resizing on the left. PC’s have theirs on the right

  11. Dgtronic says:

    How about the little blown picture on the right of the laptop showing a video editing program that looks like final cut? How is that for a clue or hint ?

  12. Camm says:

    Could be an envy? I’ve seen that sort of UI in a few video players kicking about for windows and nix.

    But probably a mac :p

  13. rowan says:

    Really? Never? Would you never buy a computer with a floppy drive?

  14. icebreaker says:

    I like the design but I do want a dvd player. I will never buy a laptop that does not have a disc player. I rather have it a few millimeter thicker and then with a dvd player.

  15. Andre T says:

    I’m buying if it is as good as it look. The size of it means most likely SSD disk and no DVD/CD. It better have Intel Light Peak with it to play Blue-Ray disk and they better come with External player soon too.

  16. Ross says:

    The picture to the right kind of looks like iMovie.

  17. Nihar says:

    It really looks awesome! Apple would freak, unless they wanted to generate a buzz themselves. Or, this might be another “left in a bar, found by someone” type of situations.

  18. Sho says:

    Apple would freak out if Intel leaked a product, this is FUD

  19. Marc says:

    The front-right corner appears to have the same infrared receiver as the current MBP design.

    • Parakeet says:

      IR receiver plus the sleep light. Look at the lines on the machine too, looks so much like a MBP would. I think this could be it.

  20. Jonathan says:

    Intel screwed the pooch again! Fingers crossed, it looks great!

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