Enable Video Mirroring on iPad 1 and iPhone 4 with a Simple Hack

Apr 5, 2011 - 26 Comments

You can enable video mirroring on the first gen iPad and iPhone 4 by using a pretty simple hack. You’ll need a few things and some patience before you get started, but it’s really not that hard to get this setup and working.

Here are the requirements:

Assuming you are now jailbroken, you must SSH into your iPad or iPhone (using the SFTP client) and locate the following directory:


Within this directory, look for the following files: “K48AP.plist” for iPad, or “N90AP.plist” for iPhone 4

Open the appropriate file in a plist editor (requires Xcode) and add the following key, type, and value as seen in the screenshot below: display-mirroring boolean YES

Save the plist file and upload back to the iPhone or iPad, then restart the device.

Now just plug in the AV cable and start mirroring!

This might even work with the iPhone 3GS and iPod touches but I can’t verify either.

This hack and pictures come from NatureEyeStudios via MacGasm, what a great find!


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  1. Andres Correa says:

    Does this work with iPhone 4 with ISO 7.1.1?

  2. Joey Z says:

    Very cool! If there is anyway to stream video (gps speedometer data) to a nano 6g, I’d be in heaven!

    I’ve thought about incorporating a gps in the nike foot sensor to get it a bit more accurate. Or stream the data straight from a iphone device.

    Thanks again!

  3. Arnoldwb says:

    Thanks for the hack. I just did it on my ipad 1 with ios5.1. Didn’t think it worked until I rebooted. Its terrific.

  4. ron k says:

    Thanks Matt. I tried this with iOS 4.3.3 & worked like a dream.i thought i had spent all that money on the VGA cable for nothing.I dint lose anything-neither the sources or anything else from Cydia.
    I had a presentation tomorrow & was saved by this.

  5. sonu says:

    display mirroring not shown ios 5????

  6. mac_hoo says:

    i tried this thru iFile and edited the code… its works… but just wonder how to show it display to full screen on my LCD tv….?

  7. […] Enable Video Mirroring on iPad 1 and iPhone 4 with a Simple Hack Enable Video Mirroring on iPad 1 and iPhone 4 with a Simple Hack… Source: osxdaily.com […]

  8. Fiery says:

    Pm me for pics on how I got it to work k…

  9. Fiery says:

    Btw I got a combi unit I use on my JB ip4(4.3.1) & ipad2 n it mirrors to my hdmi/VGA/svid/ n use cydia’s tuner out app , displays n sounds work perfectly

  10. Fiery says:

    Hi guys, still got problem wif av-VGA converter, any help ,thnx

  11. Mehrdad says:

    I have iPod 3GS

  12. Mehrdad says:

    I have downloaded it but it didn’t work for me,it play just my app’s sounds so what should I do?

  13. Brian says:

    Display Out app is a Big Boss app available through Cydia.

  14. RickRoller says:

    FYI – because I couldn’t get it to work, I ended up finding an app called ‘Display Out’ that works great!

  15. RickRoller says:

    Can anyone confirm that this works on iOS 4.3.3 (iPhone 4)? I’ve tried it, but can’t get it to mirror…


  16. Chino says:

    Can I Do this with iOS 4.3.2?? iphone 4

  17. kwans says:

    This tweak is great BUT!!!
    after did it, my cydia sources are gone, even all packages.
    does anyone have same problem?

  18. Valashtar says:

    You can mirror it to your MacBook if you’re jailbroken with Veency on the iPad and something like Jolly’sFastVNC on the Mac.

    It primarily serves the purpose of presentations, yes, but it also works great for gaming on an iPad & a TV, for example.

  19. Li Wei says:

    A good reason to upgrade to iOS4.3.1, but can I mirror it to my Macbook?

  20. James says:

    I don’t own an iPad, so I’m not entirely sure what purpose this would serve. I guess for giving presentations? But iPad doesn’t have PowerPoint… though it probably has something similar.

    Just curious.

  21. Valashtar says:

    So they can sell more iPad2s… until iOS5 has the feature enabled for everyone.

  22. Woz from Oz says:

    Very easy. I have to wonder why isn’t this just turned on in iOS 4.3.1 for everyone? Apple would sell more video cables if it was.

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