iPad with 3D Prototype Display Shown Off in Taiwan

Jun 14, 2011 - 2 Comments

Are 3D images the future of tablets? I’m not so sure, but this video claims to show off a 3D capable first gen iPad. Now before anyone gets too excited here, this is a third party modified iPad that includes a 3D capable screen, this is not a true prototype from Apple.

The host of the video seems to suggest Apple is working towards 3D imagery on their screens, but I find it hard to believe that Apple would require a user to wear some goggles to get 3D. Maybe they’d take the approach of the Nintendo 3DS, or maybe they’d lean towards the illusionary effect of that i3D demo app, or maybe they’ll never go 3D at all.

This comes from 9to5mac, who suggests the entire thing could even be a publicity stunt to drum up attention for either the video producer or the product maker.


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Posted by: Matt Chan in Fun, iPad


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  1. Nick says:

    God I’m getting tired of this 3D craze and it’s undeserved ubiquity. Ian is right – it’s purely a gimmick. Don’t think it’s continued adoption by makers of movies, TV, and now came consoles indicate that it’s some kind of superior technology. They only keep using it because people are still stupid enough to fall for the gimmick and dish out more of their money for it. Wearing glasses or dealing with the limited view area of glassesless 3D is just not feasible for any kind of technology going forward, and I really hope people realize it soon for this craze to die out. Apple has always been smart about feasibility with their technology and about predicting future trends, and I’m confident they would never cheapen their products with something like this. Let’s hope not.

  2. ian says:

    3D is way too gimmicky, I haven’t seen an example of it yet that looks nice enough for Apple to adopt the technology. This video doesn’t really show anything other than a concept from a display manufacturer or software developer, it could be either and might have nothing to do with the panel. If you used the right color spectrum you could display 3D images right now on the iPad with some glasses. The reason nobody bothers with this is because it’s pure gimmickry.

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