Mac OS X and iOS Shown Running on a 21″ Touch Screen (Videos)

Jun 20, 2011 - 11 Comments

Ever wondered how Mac OS X would work with a large touch screen? Curious how iOS would perform on a bigger screen than the iPad’s 9.7″ display? These videos will show you how both of Apple’s fine OS’s look on a 21″ touch panel. The Mac OS X video is shown above and the iOS video is embedded below.

No, this is not some sneak peak at an upcoming Apple product. It’s a Dell ST2220T multi-touch monitor hooked up to a Mac, and iOS is running in the same iPad simulator that installs with Xcode and the iOS development toolkit. Usability and practicality aside, it does show an interesting proof of concept.

It is vaguely possible something similar to this will appear in Apple’s lineup down the road. Last year Apple was awarded a patent that showed an iMac touch that ran both Mac OS X and iOS, depending on how the screen was orientated, and several other touchscreen Mac patents have been awarded to Apple, ranging from general a Mac-like touch UI to full blown touchscreen MacBooks. Patents don’t necessarily mean any such imminent product, but it does demonstrate that Apple is exploring the idea.

Will we ever see a touchscreen Mac? Probably not in it’s current form, but you just never know.

Videos found via Twitter & 9to5mac.


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  1. […] smooth zoom (without levels) in Safari / Mac OS X?Similar to the effect shown in 1st video here…  Add AnswerBIU     @   Edit Link Text Show answer […]

  2. Daniel says:

    MobileMe is still being sold, at least here in Chile

  3. ryan says:

    How was that smooth zoom-in in Safari achieved? Via the 3rd party driver?

  4. James says:

    The iPad and MacBook Pro are used for very different things, I think. When I’m doing actual “laptop computer” type of work, it hinders my productivity whenever I have to take my hands off the keyboard.

    As cool as a touch screen may sound, I would say it’s not super practical for a MacBook and it’s completely unpractical for a desktop computer.

    We all know Steve is trying to merge iOS and OSX to draw people into the Mac market. I just hope they don’t sacrifice the “power of Mac” to do so.

    • Alberto says:

      Don’t dreamā€¦ Apple don’t care any more about Mac usersā€¦ Apple cares only about Apple (and in some way it is normalā€¦)

  5. GT says:

    Yeah, but “we learned something from the iPad and the iPhone” :D multitouch Macs would be great :D

  6. AJ says:

    The 3rd party multitouch driver for Mac OS X costs almost as much as the monitor itself.

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