Reuters: iPhone 5 has Bigger Screen, iPhone 4S is 8GB, Late September Launch

Aug 23, 2011 - 7 Comments

Reuters is chiming in today with an exclusive that seems to confirm some of the existing next-gen iPhone rumors, most significant is that Apple is indeed planning on releasing two distinct iPhone models in the near future, an iPhone 5 and a lower priced iPhone 4(s?).

iPhone 4S: 8GB memory for $200 unsubsidized
First up is that Apple is going to produce a lower-end iPhone 4 with 8GB of onboard memory, the device will be sold around for $200 and is presumably aimed at emerging and pre-paid markets. The Reuters piece later discusses Apple’s explosive growth in Asia-Pacific and China, which suggests that could be the primary market for the cheaper iPhone.

iPhone 5: bigger screen, 8mp camera, better reception
As for iPhone 5, Reuters says that it “will have a bigger touch screen, better antenna and an 8-megapixel camera”, but they also suggest that the iPhone 5 looks much the same as the iPhone 4. This appears to be an ongoing statement, but new leaked cases and various mockups suggest it will have rounded curves instead of the existing iPhone 4 designs sharp lines.

Late September launch date for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S
Reuters also confirms the rumors of a late September launch, but it remains unclear if that September date is for a full on product release or just when you can pre-order the next-gen iPhones. For what it’s worth, the WSJ/AllThingsD continues to believe that iPhone 5 will launch in October, but their date could also just be the actual shipping timeline of the device.

Dual Mode CDMA & GSM iPhone 5 in the Wild?
Finally, TechCrunch claims that an unnamed iOS developer has shown them proof of an iPhone 5 with dual-mode CDMA & GSM connectivity, matching the so called ‘world phone’ rumor. If that is indeed true, this would be a good move for Apple and consumers alike, since it would be cheaper for Apple to produce, and it would also allow iPhone 5 owners to bring their phone to other networks without incident.


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  1. Bill T James says:

    could be worse in New Zealand they have 2 networks okay 3 if you count a newer one hat will be history in around 6 months (2degrees), in NZ a call costs just under 1 dollar minute – that’s subsidised.

  2. PippoX0 says:

    if the next iPhone5 will look like this mockup , i will buy it soon as it will be released to market …


  3. Jared says:

    My contract is up and the iPhone 4 is fully capable, I would be very tempted to buy an iPhone 4S if it was cheap and offered on a pre pay basis just so I can avoid the shackles of these corporate monopolies with subpar service. Let’s get real, you have two choices which are the same crap pie with slightly different flavors: AT&T and Verizon. Both price fix so you won’t get a deal on either carrier, and you overpay for everything from highly constrained data usage to outrageous SMS fees. The lack of competition in the US cellular market has created these two bloated monstrosities, I thought USA was land of the free market? Shouldn’t more competition exist? Shouldn’t this competition be driving prices down and not up? Instead our cell bills have ticked up every year as our plans degrade, this is a total sham. Bring me an iPhone world phone that is not tied to a contract, and maybe Virgin or another carrier will offer reasonable plans to go with it, the others can shove it.

  4. TRRosen says:

    my bet is that the 4s will have the curved back and the 5 will look just like the present 4.

    • NOooo says:

      Isn’t that backwards of what everyone expects? Or do you think iPhone 4S will be in the iPhone 3GS body? That would be such a boring update if true.

    • Matt says:

      End of September maybe the release date for most of the world but even if it is the UK will not get it until early next year. We are always several months behind. Lets hope the Iphone 5 has a better battery, without phones turning off mid-phone call.

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