iTunes “Other” Capacity Taking Up Tons of Space? Here’s a Fix for iPhone & iPad

Oct 18, 2011 - 231 Comments

Back on the topic of iOS disk usage, we have several solutions to that persistently annoying “Other” space you see in iTunes, which sometimes can take up huge amounts of space that are seemingly impossible to recover. We will show you exactly how to get your “Other” space back from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, though the precise cause of that Other size growing so large may differ from miscalculations and misreporting from iTunes, to actual files on the iOS device taking up lots of space.

Recover Huge other space on iPhone from iTunes

Follow each of these simple tips and you’ll get that space back on your device once and for all!

1: Fix iTunes “Other” from Taking Up Large Amounts of Space on iPhone, iPad, iPod

This very helpful tip was sent in by a reader who discovered that mysterious iTunes “Other” space was erroneously reporting a truly massive number, in this case 14GB taken up out of a 16GB capacity device… this is clearly an error and if the problem is that significant it’s usually just a matter of forcing iTunes to recalculate the iOS devices usage:

  • Connect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a computer and launch iTunes
  • Click on the “Summary” tab and scroll down to ‘Options’
  • Click the checkbox next to “Open iTunes when this iPad (iPhone) is connected” so that is is unchecked, then click it again so that it is checked

Clear iTunes Other space issue

Presumably this works because it forces the iOS device to recalculate the “Other” space, which is supposed to be relatively small at about 500MB-2GB, depending on overall device capacity. That Other space holds things like your Contacts, SMS, MMS, and iMessages databases, settings, caches, web history, etc, and it’s very unlikely for it to be anywhere near the huge numbers that are occasionally reported.

iTunes Other Capacity

This tip comes from one of our readers, and several others have chimed in with positive results, here’s a fairly significant example:

After unchecking and then checking “Open iTunes when this iPad is connected”, I went from 37.7GB of “Other” space down to 1.79GB. Neat.

Try it out, let us know if this works for you… but if you do try that and it’s still reporting large numbers or taking up too much space, the next trick will probably solve it instead.

2: Reclaim Enormous “Other” Space on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by Deleting Messages

If the above trick did nothing, it may be because your Messages app is actually taking up tons of space, meaning it’s not just a miscalculation that iTunes is reporting. Yes, seriously, the Messages app can grow to be quite large, because the data contained in Messages can be everything from texts, movies, to pictures, of every single sent and received text messages, MMS, imessages, from the device. This is particularly true if you send and receive a lot of multimedia messages. In this example screen shot, the Messages app was taking up 4GB, which shows up as “Other” in iTunes:

Huge other space in iTunes because of iPhone Messages

The easy solution to this is to simply delete the messages, the more you delete the more space you will recover. In general, you’ll want to focus on removing the largest message threads with lots of pictures, movies, and photos that have been sent back and forth:

  • Open the Messages app and tap “Edit” then tap the red (-) button next to each message, and confirm the delete
  • Repeat until all Messages are gone
  • Reboot the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then reconnect to iTunes to check on the “Other” size

Delete Messages to free up Other space on iPhone

If the resyncing and recalculating issue did not resolve it, then just trashing messages tends to do the trick for most users that use the Messages app, and it works universally on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, though it usually has the biggest impact on the iPhone since that device is what is most commonly used for sending and receiving messages.

This Messages size problem can be exaggerated if you use multiple devices all synced up with iCloud, because iCloud might be syncing the messages that are sent and received to and from other devices, meaning an iPad at home may have a growing “Other” space that is simply the communications your iPhone is having.

“Other” Data Still Huge? Try This to Recalculate the Size

If the above tricks didn’t work, Ken left a helpful tip in the comments which is working for some users. We recommend trying this after you have deleted any gigantic message threads and already tried the syncing method:

  • Launch iTunes and with the iOS device connected, uncheck things you want to sync, excluding apps
  • Apply changes
  • Re-enable the items you want to sync
  • Apply changes again

That should force everything to recalculate as well and recover your Other capacity bringing it back to a normal level.


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  1. John says:

    I was trying to restore a replacement iPad with a backup. But it kept giving me the message (paraphrased) “can’t restore because your iPad is over capacity by xxxx” But there should have been enough room.

    In my case, it was not “other” files but the music files I was trying to sync.

    I tried all the previous suggestions, removing the library, creating a new one and importing the old library information. Different cable. Hard reset of iPad. I can’t remember all the things I tried. And it just wasn’t working and it was consuming a lot of my time.

    I added up the file sizes of the songs I was trying to sync, and it was nowhere near the space that iTunes was reporting.

    But then, I sorted my library by “time” of song. And I found a whole bunch of these selections showing the wrong time, and all exactly the same, 789:57:13!

    My solution was to reveal in the finder, open with Fission (an audio editor from Rogue Amoeba) and save. I suppose you could use another editor, like Audacity. Perhaps using iTunes to convert it again to AAC. I don’t know.

    The tune’s time did not update in the library until I tried to play the file. But it did update correctly and I was able to sync with no more problems.

    This is something else you might try before creating a new library and taking the time to restore all of your play lists, etc.

  2. amy says:

    I tried several of these fixes. With each try “other” grew bigger. I started out 3gb over and ended up with about 37gb over. Finally I tried shutting down and restarting iTunes with the iPhone attached. That did the trick. I know have over 5gb free. Thanks.

  3. fresh freshman senior senior says:

    Trying this out, I’m switching to android as my next phone if doesn’t work.

  4. Eddombo says:

    I have an iPhone 6plus. Most of the above solutions were working and I was getting ready to restore. Then I decided to uncheck “Manually manage music and videos” in the iTunes Options menu, clicked “Apply” even though I knew I didn’t have enough space for a sync. iTunes tried to sync and came back with a diskspace error, which I accepted. However, when I checked “Manually manage music and videos” again, this time I got additional 3.1Gb free – the funny thing is that it reduced the “Documents & Data” disk space, and my “Other” is still 3.4Gb

  5. netblazer says:

    Thanks LNMM
    I have iPhone 6 Plus.. it was just showing “Other” in iTunes and was not syncing music after i removed apple music subscription. I used you method and it worked for me.

  6. LNMM says:

    Neither the article nor the comments helped my situation. However, I managed to solve my problem by doing several things.

    Info: iPod Touch 5/Jailbroken/iOS 7.4
    Problem: Overcapacity (13 GB)
    (My)Solution: Connect iPod, **un-check “sync music”**, click apply and let it do its thing. After it’s done syncing, power off/reboot your iPod while it’s still connected to iTunes. After it’s done rebooting, un-plug it. Close iTunes. Reboot your phone again. Open iTunes. Connect your iPod. Everything should be fine now. Check “sync music” again to have your music back.

    Before I did this, I had 10-12GB of free space, but I have 21GB now. This solution solved my over capacity problem as well as “Other” that was taking up 20GB. Now I have less than 100MB of “Other”.

    You’re welcome

  7. RickK says:

    Tried everything here nothing worked. Removed all content from my iphone 4s to reset the phone. Then I restored it from my last backup. This appeared to work showing the corrected data usage for audio/apps/photos/data and other was down to a respectible level – until itunes started to re-sync as part of the restore process – it now shows no audio data is being used but increased ‘other’ by the amount that was being used by audio. I disconnected the iphone and no audio is on the device yet when I receonnect – the music playlist selected for my phone is correct and shows the music on my phone in itunes. Apple and Itunes is a fooking joke.

  8. Rynhardt says:

    My other is at about 25GB, and none of these tips worked. :/ wtf is going on? Please help.

  9. Kimberly says:

    Literally none of this works for me…

    • HowTo says:

      Kimberly, you need to follow the instructions if you want to recover your “Other” space in iTunes on the iPhone or iPad. The best trick you can do is this:

      – Back up your iPhone to iCloud and iTunes

      – Restore your iPhone from the backup

      That will get rid of all the ‘Other’ space

  10. Dru says:

    Tried a few methods on here but nothing worked then i just unchecked the auto upload apps box at the bottom of ur apps list on itunes and i got 2.5gb back from ‘other’.

  11. StupidLady says:

    I might be totally dumb here but I finally figured out what my 20GB of other was. When I buy tv series off itunes, I didn’t realise that by streaming them (rather than downloading and then watching), it still took up the same amount of space on my phone as if I had downloaded them. But my videos folder in manage storage didn’t show the videos there.

    I went into the videos app and clicked edit and clicked the little cross on each series. When I was done, they stayed in that section for me to watch again by streaming but the space was cleared on my phone! Back down to 941MB of other now!

    Just sharing in case anyone is as dopey as I am!!!

  12. gabriel says:

    My iPhone 5s (32GB) with iOS 8.3 had 13.37 GB of “Other”. None of the above worked for me.
    Then I (re)-checked Settings->General->Usage->(Storage) Manage Storage, and found “Photos & Camera” using 12.1 GB, but for “Photos” in iTunes were only 54 MB (!) shown. So I re-connected my iPhone (so that Photos on my Mac opened. There I selected all photos (with my iPhone selected in the sidebar), checked “Delete items after import” and clicked on import selected.

    Tahhdaaaa….”Other” = 1.21 :D

    It seems to that (at least sometimes) a forgotten/lost/not “linked” Photo-Library is the culprit. And as I don’t sync my photos with the Photo-Library, it was not deleted from my phone. Maybe I sometimes sync at work (on a different Mac)?

    Good luck to those who still haven’t got rid of the “Other”.

  13. adit says:

    i have 128GB iPhone 6 i need to delete 31GB other contents……any help?

  14. Nick Lowe says:

    iPOD classic users should remember that their iPODs can also be used as a normal external hard drive. Don’t go through iTunes, open a normal finder window and look for the iPOD icon or click on the iPOD icon on the desktop. Delete any files there. ALSO you should probably empty the trash afterwards since storage devices often reserve space for unemptied trash.
    I found almost 10Gb of old data which I had brought home to backup from work – suddeny my iPOD was half empty and ready for more music.

  15. L says:

    Hi all,

    Re: “Other” showing an unreasonably high storage figure.

    I had this problem for a couple of weeks and I tried most of the suggestions in these forums. NOTHING worked.

    I read all the tips and hints I could. Then I tried this.
    (I’m not a tech but I am comfortable with technical concepts)

    In my IPAD 2 (I don’t know if this will work for others but it’s safe to try and doesn’t require hard reboots or restores)

    NB: I was NOT worried about any musical artwork when I tried this – I just wanted my space back

    In Itunes / go to Music tab / select all (command A for mac users) (with all music highlighted) right click / choose get info
    … in the bottom right hand corner of the “multiple item information” box, you should see a square box for artwork
    Make sure this is empty then……
    tick the small box next to artwork / select OK
    This should remove all artwork from your music files and clear up “other”

    Mine went from 10GB of “Other” back to a more reasonable 2GB

    Hope this helps someone


  16. The Future says:

    OK, so now imagine you go out in the morning to your iCar and it wont start because the “other” is full and resyncing didn’t resolve it … or better yet, “other” pops up at highway speeds!

  17. bobfrombob says:

    90 (or maybe 99) % of you will find the following crazy but here’s my solution to this problem. I was having a similar problem and it was driving me nuts. Once I did a complete restore and when I went back, the unit was full of “other”. I thought I had tried everything. Finally I went into Windows Explorer and looked at the files in my iPod. As soon as I saw the file name, I realized what had been happening. I have backup software. From time to time, I back up to an external hard drive. So depending on when back ups were supposed to happen, if I synched the iPod at the “wrong” time, the back up service tried to back up my files to the iPod. Voila – iPod full of “other”.

    Hope this helps at least one person.

  18. Chirag says:

    iTunes for windows is always buggy. I had a same issue with iPhone 5S 64gb. My Other is 13.71gb and Music (Audio) was large too.
    On Sync Music tab, I’ve selected second radio button(Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres) and under Playlist I’ve selected all. That reduced Audio part.

  19. Trina says:

    I just plugged in my iPhone 5c to my laptop and the Other data just exploded to 6.99 gb. For no reason. When it was plugged in before that it was only about 1-3 gb. Why does this keep happening? It won’t be like that the first time I plug it in, but if I unplug it and plug it back in, it’ll jump to a ridiculously high amount.

  20. Manish agarwal says:

    I tried all suggestions above with no success. I had 30gb in “others” on my 64gb iPhone 5s. Finally I erased all content and restored from iTunes bkup. This worked and others is down to 1gb.

  21. Ioannos says:

    Here’s something weird,

    I was trying all those solutions and nothing worked. iTunes showed that I had 1.7Gb free space and iPhone showed that I had about 3Gb free space. While having iTunes open and my iPhone connected, I removed to apps that I didn’t need and never used (Word and Excel). After doing that, I noticed that the other space shrunk to half.

  22. Roman Guy says:

    my other is 4.49 went down 1.35

  23. rB) says:

    this happened to me too, after an update to 8.1 i had noticed a few times how big ‘other’ was getting, unfortunately none of it was to do with my messages, my emails were a fraction of the size ‘other’ seemed to be (upwards of 8GB!?)

    so i resorted to restoring the iPhone in iTunes, and after a safety backup was made i opted to go for it. and voila! after the iPhone was newly awake from the restart, reinstalled from my backup, i put a few things like fingerprint ID etc… details like that and ‘other’ is now really really small. i don’t know why it was getting out of control but i suspect it was something since a couple of IOS updates mbe from 7>8, or 8.0,8.1 etc..

  24. Chloe says:

    my iPod touch (i believe 3rd gen) has a massive amount of other! My iPod has an already minuscule amount of data, 8 GB, and there is 4.25 gigs of OTHER! I am very upset, I have only six apps, i deleted all my messages, and since this is a older device, i cannot check off the “open iTunes when iPod is connected”. i don’t have a single song, i have deleted any additional content on apps (like collages on Piccollage and videos on VideoStar) but have not seen a change in the OTHER spot. I am always angry when my Draw Something app says that i can’t lay because i need more data! Everytime i play it seems as if i delete another app! PLEASE HELP!

  25. Jen says:

    When I first connected my ipod 5 touch today I was told that it was using a huge amount of the “other” capacity. (took my available space from 10gb to 2 gb). I was able to get it to reset by checking the use lower aac rate box, as soon as I checked the box the other category reset and sayed reset to the much smaller amount after I unchecked the box. (It even stayed the smaller size after unconnecting and then reconnecting)

  26. Kara says:

    I have an iPad mini 64gb and for the last 2 days its been saying I’m 5gb over capacity. It even says in the capacity that i still had over 6gb left of memory. The ‘other’ part of my capacity has been saying over 13gb of memory which is very strange. Ive deleted my messages. restored my iPad, forced it off, updated iTunes, tried unchecking and checking again and nothing seems to be working. can anyone help?

  27. Keerthana says:

    Another solution: If you are ready to start from scratch, I suggest going to “Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.” After you have set up your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch as a new device, connect to iTunes and sync your music, apps, movies, videos, etc. When iTunes backs up, the “Other” will have significantly decreased, and will stay that way (unless you add mail, Safari history, notes, the usual stuff you would expect to see in the “Other” category)

    If you really don’t want to lose your photos though, I would highly recommend sending them to yourselves by e-mail first, and then reset then device. When done syncing, download them through your e-mails.

    Hope that helps….again :)

  28. Keerthana says:

    Hey guys, I tried resetting my sync history. It reduced my “other” from a 1.47 GB to 714.4 MB. I got this idea after talking with an Apple Specialist. It seemed do the trick for me.

    Note: After resetting history, restore your device (back it up first).

    Hope it helps!

  29. Xav says:

    Unfortunately none of these helps with an ipod classic. Thankfully i have two identical ipods, one for work and one for home. One only reports 0.27 gigs of other while the other one reports 6.5 gigs. I will just have to format the larger one when they get full. I think its the only way to fix it with a classic.

  30. Colleen says:

    I have a fix for iPad running iOS 7, just in case the problem is caused by faulty metadata in Music files. This doesn’t require restoring (which can be a PITA).

    On the iPad, go to Settings. From there, go to General>Usage. A list of apps will load under “Storage”. Find the “Music” app. (It may be close to the top if the Music is causing the problem, since apps are listed from largest to smallest.) Click on it. There will be an option to Edit and Delete the Music data. Do it. The “Other” in iTunes should shrink to normal size if your music data was causing the problem.

    Other culprits could be iMessage, in which case your best bet would be to delete any iMessages that are not necessary to save. They can be especially large if they contain images.

    Hope this helps!

  31. Greg says:

    After reading most of the posts above I think the Other space can be consumed by just about anything. I tried all of the suggestions and nothing helped.

    As a last ditch desperate try, I decided to click the box next to ‘Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC’. My Other category went from 5.3 GB to 2.3 GB.

  32. Mr. Luigi says:

    My “other” was at 8.95 GB on an iPhone 4S. The following reduced it to 0.894 GB. Yes, you read that right. I LOST over 8 GB of “other” by proceeding as follows…

    I followed the directions on the Apple site:

    When they instructed me to backup I did so by “right clicking”, “Control Clicking”, “Two Finger Clicking on my MacBook Pro Trackpad”…whatever method you like to use, after highlighting “Mr. Luigi’s iPhone” on the left column in iTunes under Devices. When you “right click” (whatev) you will get a list of options. One is “backup.” I clicked on backup here.

    Now, after I followed the directions eventually a screen came up in iTunes that asked me if I wanted to restore as a “New iPhone” or if I wanted to restore “From a backup of Mr. Luigi’s iPhone.” I chose “From a backup of Mr. Luigi’s iPhone.” The backup used was the one I just did at the beginning of this whole procedure.

    This is going to take a while. Be patient. But when everything is copied back to your iPhone the result…at least for me…was a loss of over 8 GB of “other”…which we all know is data of various kinds.

    I have read in some places that THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE WORKED! The folks who said that stated that since I was restoring from a backup of my phone I would just put back all that “other” data that was there before. Well, that obviously didn’t happen…again, at least for me. For some reason restoring this way (which involves reinstalling the iPhone’s software and firmware) either removes the “other” (i.e. data) OR! it allows the iPhone to realize there really was no “other” there! What I am trying to say is, it’s possible I didn’t REALLY have 8.95 GB of “other” data. But, for some reason my iPhone thought it did have that much “other.” And as we all know…perception is reality. If this was what was happening it was enough for my iPhone to think it was full (that 8.95 GB of “other” left me with no space to add any more apps, etc.)

    That link to Apple’s site is important to follow carefully as there are two places on the iTunes screen where “restore” appears. One on the bottom right. One on the top right. You need to use the TOP RIGHT restore.

    Anyway, I understand how idiosyncratic this technology can be. But this worked for me. I have actually now tried it on two separate iDevices and it has worked on both.

    The nice thing about restoring from a previous backup is I didn’t have to do anything but wait for all this to take place. Once the process was finished, all my apps and folders were in place, contacts were in place, everything was as it was before restoring except I lost 8 GB of “other” Jank.

    Hopefully this might help someone else. Good luck!

    Mr. Luigi

    • rB) says:

      yes this is basically a good reply, as even restoring FROM a backup that contained the ‘bad’ ‘other’ size, the restoration seems to fix the misread ‘other’ size. and the space is all free’d up once more.

      • Kimberly says:

        I’ve tried literally everything suggested on here and nothing works. I have 30gb of other which is more than everything else combined on my phone… It would be nice to try the restore option… BUT it won’t let me since I “don’t have enough storage on my phone” because of all the OTHER. This is driving me insane and I’ve been trying to fix it for hours now……

  33. Tyler Wickord says:

    Have a 32 GB Gen. 4 iPod Touch, have 3,000 songs, which takes up about 15-20 GB, but the ‘Other’ portion (after unclicking then re clicking the box) is still at 17 GB OVER storage…any help?

  34. Michael says:

    Hi, I followed with great interest and more and more disgust (about Apple) the contributions (none of them actually was working). That means, if you are LUCKY it works… Shame on Apple, because you do NOT find any info about this scandalous issue. My decision: never Apple again.

  35. Edward says:

    My 16gb iPad had 1.4 gb of “other” After doing some things on here and from other websites, it went down to 980 mb. That’s normal right?

  36. Rhonda says:

    My iPad has 5.40 GB of other space. It is taking up too much space from my iPad since it has 16GB and I have a bunch of other stuff on it. Neither of them worked. What should I do? P.S. The second one, not everything went away, photos stayed on for some reason……

  37. Biebs says:

    I’ve tried everything – nothing works. I gained a whole .01GB on my ipad. Getting really frustrated. I have about 1 GB each for photos, music and apps and over 9 GB being used for other!

  38. Tom says:

    My wife’s phone is having this same problem .unfortunately your option choice is not available on the new iTunes. Do you know where this option can now be found.

  39. Matt says:

    folks this thing is a joke because it does not work! I have done this on my ipod touch 4g before and it wipes out all your music! “OTHERS” are all music that you have is on your iTunes and ipods, simple as that. IF you keep adding more songs, the “others” will still keep coming up and you can’t do nothing about it. Which is why “others” are in the “iTunes_Control” folder duh! When you go to iTunes_Control folder and then Music folder, that is where all those F0 to F11 folders are all music ARE IN those folders and if you delete them all, then you have no music on your ipod and which is why it will NOT play! End of the story! So, you are going to have to deal with this “others” on your iTunes and forget about it. There is only 1 ipod that does not have “others” is iPod Classic… So, people should go back to old ipod and stick to that one!

  40. Olivia says:

    Ken’s tip worked perfectly for me. 9.50gb down to .87gb. YES. YES YES YES. Thanks to both Ken and Paul!

  41. Reilly Donovan says:

    ugggghhhhh. my itunes shows the “other” data being at 2.34 GBs. I have a 16 GB iphone 4S. I have 10.17 GBs of music on my phone already. only 1 picture. no videos. no apps. i have tried EVERYTHING and the “other” data wont go down!!!! what should i do? i would upgrade to iphone 5 but i cant until january 2014…would the apple store be able to help get “other” down to 0??? im getting sick of this iphone right about now, cause i cant hold all my music!!!!!!!

  42. aaron lightstone says:

    I got 10.8 gb of other after updating to ios 6 which erased all music

    I use bluefire recorder and have 60 voice memos in 16 bit wav files, big files, could that be it.

    How do I find where those are living and explore them?

  43. Neo says:

    Save your contents on your iphone using ifunbox etc.
    Get another iphone.
    Connect to PC. let it back up
    Restore the other iphone’s backup on your phone.
    This worked for me

  44. Brian says:

    NONE of this has worked. I did just about every tweak on here and I’ve gotten it down from 5.6 GB to 5.4 GB. Any new ideas?

    • Fadi says:

      I have the same problem, I’m using an iPhone 3G. Mine went from 2.4G to 2.3G but only after using iCleaner from Cydia.
      I found this one on youtube try it Brian, it might work for you.
      It was a dead end for me.

  45. Julio Fabra says:

    your suggestion has wiped out 2,000 plus songs from my Itunes and Ipod.
    Thank you very much.
    You have no idea how much this has hurt.

  46. Chad says:

    I have 2.5 out of an available 6.43 used up by other. I cant back up because i get an error message, and i have no back up files. nothing i try works :(

  47. Meghan says:

    My iPhone 4 has 6.33 GB of space on it(but it’s supposed to be 8GB). The ‘other’ space is taking up 2.4GB. My iPhone is now full and I can’t put anything else on it. The tricks given haven’t worked. What should I do?

  48. Patrick says:

    Thanks! Checked and unchecked ‘open iTunes…’ option under iTunes advanced options and went from 35g ‘other’ to .8g… No thanks to apple..

  49. Rathe says:

    The only thing i did was was right click on my ipod picked transfer to itunes and allowed whatever so it wouldn’t delete my apps and whatnot and it went from 1.32gb down to .83gb so that helped an I’m happier lol

  50. piyush says:

    if u download your apps using installous, follow the follow the steps below.
    1: transfer purchases from idevice to itunes.
    2: download and open ifile or use iexplorer/ ifunbox.
    3: go to /var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads
    4: delete everything
    5: say thanks if it worked

  51. Adam says:

    My ‘Other’ on iPhone 4 Jailbroken iOS 5.1.1 was 3.7GB, I synced a couple of songs and it went down to 0.78GB, weird!

  52. Alice says:

    It takes 2.1GB the “other” tab on my itunes. I have an iphone 4 with the software 6.0. Non of those tricks helped me. Is there anything else to do?

  53. Chaz says:

    I have 8.2 GB of “other” and this didn’t work for me. What should i do?

  54. Angel says:

    I tried everything said here, except restoring. The only change was 0.82g – 0.75g. My ipod is only 6.39gb (Supposed to be 8g though…) and the yellow bar just takes up too much space. Is this really all that there is to do? ..

  55. Sam says:

    Try this everyone: Settings>General>Reset>Erase all settings.
    Do this while Itunes is open and the ipod is connected. After Ipod comes back up, Setup as new ipod and then Automatically Sync Ipod. My “Other” went from 2.1gb down to 0.26gb.

  56. Crystal says:

    Worked extremely well. My iPad was at 12GB other and shrunk to 1.15 GB other. Thanks so much for such an easy tip!

  57. Marko says:

    60GB iPod Touch. Had only 1.5GB free and installed iOS 6.0. Then tried to sync. Got >50GB over capacity due to huge “Other” in memory. Unchecking all Music and other stuff, except Apps still left it over capacity and wouldn’t let me sync to take stuff off.
    Tried lots of the options here. None worked till I did what Darko suggested above (29-jul-2012). That worked but it wouldn’t work with the most recent backup which was made while trying to sort out this proble. had to go back to much earlier backup and lost alot of settings.
    Eventualy got it sorted but still irked I lost those settings. It took ages to get to this point (3-4h).
    Apple need to store more than the most recent backup (last 3?) and have choice to delete any of them when doing a new backup, so you can keep at least one from some time ago.
    Thanks, Darko! Saved my day (& night by the time I got this fixed!)

  58. Josh says:

    When upgrading to IOS6 my other went from .70 to 3.3 GB. After unchecking and rechecking it went back to .70 GB

  59. Josh says:

    Unchecking “Open iTunes when iPod is connected” and then rechecking it worked for me on my iPod touch

  60. Cory says:

    My Other was 3.6GB. I did all these tricks, including removing all the apps (which was a mistake since I lost a ton of data doing a sync after removing the apps). I still have 3.5GB of Other on my phone. Using the Mac application PhoneView, I was able to find 2GB of photos in Disk/Photos/Sync. I’m not sure what that folder is for. In addition, I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and check out my old text messages. It turns out that the many, many, MANY text messages to my girlfriend (and photos (no, not dirty ones), videos, docs, etc that were attached) could be the culprit. Yes, each photo you send and receive through text messages is stored on the phone. Over the past couple years, they add up to about 670MB. So that’s 2.7 of the 3.5GB, which after that’s removed from the phone, totals .8GB which is totally within spec. Yay! Now to remember and fill in all the missing data from my passwords app. :/

  61. megan says:

    i have 1.56 GB on mine and i did the check n uncheck and it only took off like .2 GB.. :/ idk whatelse to do

  62. Luis F (ZHIKI) says:

    For those of you that nothing else has worked.

    I bet your iDevice is JB.
    Solution using ifile or iexplorer or winscp Browse to private/var/log and delete the sylog file.

    You can download the toggle from Cydia and disable the creation of the syslog file.

    This file keeps getting bigger and bigger every time your device crashes.

  63. Mike says:

    Icloud was the culprit for me. Nothing worked until I deleted Icloud account. Other went from 10g to 1.2g.

    • Kat says:

      I updated to IOS6 and my OTHER jumped up to over 2 (more than my apps).
      I tried all the suggestions –
      * checking and unchecking the “open itunes when this phone is connected”
      * backing up and doing a restore
      * deleting texts
      * deleting biggest emails
      * syncing and resyncing

      What finally worked was completely deleting my new Icloud account. THANKS MIKE! :)
      Thought it was supposed to be helpful. Nope – just took up space. My suggestion – keep backing up to your computer, then doing time machine to an external drive.

  64. steve says:

    the check, uncheck did not work for me and all i did whilst the ipad was plugged into itunes was to turn off the ipad and then back on again.

    my OTHER went from 9gigs to .9gigs… very happy.. now i can finally sync all these damn songs and vids for the inlaws.

  65. amr says:

    i had vlc installed in my ipod touch .when i upgraded to V5 os .that app got removed and all its data went in others cat agory.

    i dont knw how to remove as VLC is now not avaliable .The obove trick dosent work for me .i have 3+ gb data in others .
    Plz help

  66. moe says:

    I tried ken’s method; my others went down to 1.58gb and went up again. ;(

  67. Jamie says:

    After following all kinds of tips above with nothing working I resigned my self to a full reset.
    I wish I would have read Darko’s tip. I did have itunes all setup with all my music, apps and books. After doing the first two step’s of Darko’s advide, 1. a full reset, 2. set my phone as a new iPhone but I instead manually set up my phone as new. : ( Try Darko’s advice first, hopefully you won’t have to go through all the work I had to do.
    I had 13 gb of other, it’s now .52 as I am resync’ing.

    This is on a 4S. Amazing that Apple doesn’t recognize an issue or help for this…Do they just ignore and pretend the parts of IOS that is screwy don’t exist?? My iPad “3” has problems playing downloaded movies from iTunes. My understanding was that Apple products worked better than PC’s related products. At least MS admits it’s faults and helps you figure out the issues! Sorry for the rant, just had to get it out!

    • Ray says:

      also go to your email and delete all trash and sent items, you will find every deleted email stored in there which will take up lots of space esp if there are attachments such as photos

    • Michael says:

      I have iPad3, nothing of the above worked. I am sick and tireddd of Apple. Never again~!

  68. Darko says:

    I had worked over problem and solved it to my satisfaction – listening to no one from forums and performing my logic:
    step 1. Backup phone (with Sync, have ‘Backup to this computer’ CHECKED)
    step 2. Restore iPhone and when done ‘Set as New iPhone’ (DO NOT choose to backup from last backup)
    step 3. Once iPhone is ready and working, reconnect to iTunes and only then choose to Restore from backup from step 1., and restore your device once again (all old data will appear, but iTunes will show SHRANK Other capacity (mine shrank from 3 Gb to .65 Gb)).
    Hope this helps.

    • moe says:

      tried, didn’t work either.

    • Craig says:

      Darko’s plan worked… after spending a day working on other ones that didn’t. 4.1GB down to .9GB. Thanks Darko. Wished this was posted earlier up the list.

    • Anita says:

      That worked amazingly well after I spent way too much time on trying other fixes. The only issue I have now is that I cannot sync with iTunes on my PC. I need to get my music from there.

    • Marieke from the Netherlands says:

      Thank you, Darko, I tried so many things they recommended on the internet including the complete list above. Your solution works! Finally. It reduced the “other” on my iPhone 4 from 1,7 GB to 722 MB! That is a success!

    • Gena says:

      I love you!

  69. William says:

    im gonna stop posting comments because now it isnt working again.

  70. William says:

    Nvm…it worked ty

  71. William says:

    I have 2gb of other taking up space on my 8gb ipod meaning it takes up 1/3 of the space

  72. baz says:

    thank you sooo much! worked instantly and was clear


  73. Berndog says:

    I have tried both the above solutions without luck. Also went to the Apple store where they did a hard restore. It seemed to clear it in the store but went returned when I restored at home. Went back and the last Apple “Genius” told me to restore and start again as a new phone but I don’t want to lost my messages. I have 15.3GB of Other on my 32GB 4S and it’s killing me.

  74. jan0223 says:

    i did everything but it hasnt change on my ipad 3. please help me to get rid of th “others that taking up my space in my ipad3. thank you!

  75. Damien says:

    After trying all of the above, I found updating iTunes the fix as it was iTunes telling me it was full not the iPhone, gosh I so should have worked that one out sooner.

  76. Aaron says:

    Restore worked for me, and only took 5 mins.

  77. Si says:

    Same problem as everyone. Only thing that worked for me was to delete the backups of my iPhone and iPod in edit/preferences and it freed up a lot of hard disk space. Think Apple has come up with the flaw to make money from iCloud!!!!!!!!! What do you think?

  78. The Tattoo Kiid says:

    icleaner works flawlessly for me. Got rid of a lil over 11gb. Phone (4) runs smoothly.

  79. Rick says:

    Amazing! This worked for me, went from nearly 2Gb to 0.47! Ta!

  80. Scott says:

    After doing a system restore on my 4S (16GB model), other shrank by 3 GB. Of course, it was jailbroken at one point, so there may have been some legacy files from that.

  81. frans says:

    awesome thanks why is apple not giving info????

  82. Nat says:

    I have >15GB of other!! Can’t get rid of it!
    “Open iTunes when this iPad (iPhone) is connected” is unchecked (and always was) Help!!!! please!!

  83. alan says:

    did a hard reset and my ipad2 and my “other” went from 12.5 gb in other to .68gb

  84. Gabby says:

    Oh my god, it worked amazingly! <3 Thank you.

  85. Rebecca says:

    Thank you very much for this tip! My “Other” usage shrank from 1.41 GB to 0.56 GB after installing this software update! I wish I’d tried this before resorting to DiskAid and other crazy methods that I read online…

  86. David says:

    On iPhone 4, my other was over 2GB. I was on version 5.0.1. When I allowed the phone to update to the latest version 5.1 (which it had been asking to do ever since it came out a few weeks ago), the other dropped down to 1.25GB. So my problem was that the phone had downloaded about 1GB of data it for its update that it stored in “other” until I allowed it to update.

  87. studotwho says:

    Wow -this actually worked. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to work this out for days. Was restoring my iPhone 4S 64GB to a backup and copying everything back, taking a very long time, but that was the Apple solution, and the one I’d read that worked every time.

    These steps fixed the issue immediately.
    – un-ticked “Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected”,
    – un-ticked “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi”

    I might turn Wi-Fi syncing back on though, that’s handy.

    Thanks for the simple solution that the Apple website wasn’t able to provide!

  88. Marc W. Abel says:

    My resolution was with the device only: Settings … General … Usage …, and I was able to account for the “other” space. An app was using it.

  89. rice says:

    i did according to Ken’s method but it still did not work for me. my others was still 8.8GB. help?

  90. Goh says:

    Hey everyone, IF non of the above works for you, you can try this (provided your device is jailbroken) Try deleting the stuffs you downloaded from Installous, not the app itself, but the app under Installous/downloads/downloaded…these downloaded files takes up those ‘others’ space…try it and see if it works for you, it reduced mine by quite abit so hope it works for you guys!! cheers!

  91. martin says:

    goto setting,general,music on iphone4 edit then – to data on music then sync to itunes let it run for a fue 10 sec then stop . others went from6.4 to 0.95

  92. Alexander Akopian says:

    The “Other” stuff, that no info anywhere to be found, still remains as a mystery. However, the data size changes from time to time for no reason, depending on what you were doing. One of the most common issues i have encountered with it, was whenever i delete a move from the phone without syncing with the iTunes, then i see a sudden increase of data size in the “Other” folder. after browsing around for a long time, i came to realize, that when i deleted the video from iPhone before i connected to the iTunes, then connected to the iTunes, the system did not recognize or register the actual date size of the iPhone. so what it does, after you connect the phone to the iTunes, it actually doubles the size of the video that you’ve removed, and it stores in the “Other” folder sort of as caching in that folder. So the system kind of gets confused, and doesn’t know what’s the right thing to do. Deleted it or store it in the Other folder, so then it decides, well, instead of deleting the file and feeling sorry afterwards, why don’t we just store/cashe both files in the “Other” folder and let the user figure it out the hard way how to deal with it. as a result, the system end up cashing both files in the Other folder. One file from iPhone and one from iTunes. this is the result of the “stressed confusion”. Now how to get rid of the unwanted files that were paired in the cash, simply disconnect the iPhone from iTunes and “Power Off” the phone, then power the phone on, then restart the iTunes by closing it completely then relaunching it again. Then connect the phone to the iTunes and check the “Other” properties, you’ll see the size has been reduced down to 0.6GB, which believed to be the iOS partition.

  93. Ryan says:

    iPhone4 – I had to do option two (repeated below) to get “Other” to shrink from over 7GB to 0.73GB. Very happy camper right now! Thanks for the fix!

    —– Repeat of steps that worked for me —–
    “Try it out, let us know if this works for you.

    “Other” Still Huge? Try This
    If the above trick didn’t work, Ken left a helpful tip in the comments which is working for some users:

    •Uncheck things you want to sync, excluding apps
    •Apply changes
    •Re-enable the items you want to sync
    •Apply changes again
    That should force everything to recalculate as well.”

  94. R Wade says:

    I spent hours, many hours doing each of the suggestions, starting with the uncheck options and eventually restore… NOTHING WORKED.

    I have 13.2 GB in my other.

    There is nothing that could be in there labeled wrong, as was mentioned might be a problem. I am really hoping that somebody has a actual fix for this because I am disgusted with Apple more each time I speak to them and I have 3 Apple computers as well as the iPhone. I really can’t think about replacing them all right now. Yikes. …Help. Somebody? lol …Please?

  95. Kelvin says:

    Not working. In fact, it has made it worse. From 2.5GB to 3.2 GB after doing these tips !! :-(

  96. TurokMakto says:

    uncheck it doesn’t work for me..:-(…any tips please

  97. DB says:

    Ken’s method worked for me as well (from 9.5G of “other” down to .58G) but I have no idea why!

    Never thought I would have to say that my Apple iPhone is getting to be far too much like a Microsoft product. Not good.

  98. Journojulz says:

    yes – uncheck FTW!

  99. Keegan says:

    Mine has 15 GB’s of other too. I have no idea how to get it to go away.

  100. Audra says:

    “Other” on my phone is taking up 15 GB. Have tried all the above (even wiping the phone and restoring) but no luck. I had an issue a few months ago with all my texts deleting but they are still searchable on the phone. I am wondering if that error is what is taking up all that space? It was approximately 1 years worth of texts/mms. I don’t think that could be 15 GB worth, but who knows?

    Anyone? Anyone?

  101. kate says:

    “other” is taking up 6.7 GB on my iphone. i dont know why or what it is.

  102. Mike says:

    None of these have worked for my iPh4-16GB. Still excessive 4GB ‘other’ after installing version 5 mobile upgrade….grrr.

  103. scott says:

    That fixed me. Thanks!!

  104. Glenn M. says:

    Wow. What an amazing thing. Every time I tried one of these tips, my “Other” increased bit by bit. Started at 0.88GB and went to 0.91GB

    I finally decided to use Ken’s method.

    My “Other” went from 0.91GB to 3.2GB.

    Thanks for nothing!

    Should have known better than to follow these tips. Live and learn.

    • Glenn M. says:

      Edited to add:

      The correct way to do this is to restore the device. See the Apple Help Forums for the entire correct method.

  105. Richard says:

    Ken – your method worked!! everyone else’s didn’t

  106. Nick Imaskyver says:

    It’s a simple fix really- as per Ken above – deselect music to effectively unsync – once this has completed – other files reduce back to normal and you can resync music.

    Looks like the OTHER is a backup of unsynced tracks.

    Thank god for FORUMS

  107. Joel says:

    Yeah its the music that has been getting confused… The music doubled up on mine and became 10 gig of ‘Other’ afterwards claiming it was over capacity, so did 5 of my friends. I fixed all of there phones with this technique, but deselecting Sync Music, and re-syncing… it seems that this is the problem. Hope this helps.. :)

    Sorry for reposting, it got all jumbled the first time

  108. Joel says:

    Yeah its the music that has been getting confused… The music doubled up on mine and became 10 gig of ‘Other’ afterwards claiming it was over capacity, so did 5 of my friends. I fixed all of it, but deselecting Sync Music, and re-syncing… it seems that this is the problem. Hope this helps :)

  109. Peegee says:

    Ken’s method worked for me also!!!!

    thanks guys!

    using iPhone4

  110. John C. says:

    The fix here did not work on my iPad 2. Ran “restore” from within iTunes and that fixed it.

  111. […] iTunes “Other” Capacity Taking Up Tons of Space? Here’s a Fix for iPhone & iP… iTunes “Other” Capacity Taking Up Tons of Space? Source: […]

    • nthSNOW says:

      my iPhone is only 16gb, yet it tells me I have 13.7gb photos, 0.03gb apps, 0.34 other and 13.7 gb free.

      What’s going on? Help!

  112. Marina says:

    My capacity showed as 28.36 or so, and after I upgraded to iOS5, I had 27-some GB of “other”!! I could hardly put any songs on. I found this site and the uncheck and check Open iTunes when connected, but my option was grayed out, like others. So I unchecked and checked the remaining four options. That got my “other” down to hardly anything.

    If anyone else has this problem, uncheck and re-check all those that you can and see if it helps! Good luck..

  113. carl says:

    @Ken. Your method worked for me…. Thanks :)

  114. Ken says:

    Tried another method and it worked. Uncheck the things you want to sync (except apps). Apply changes. Re-enable the items you want synced. Apply changes. “Other” is recalculated and for me, it went down from 11.3 GB to just over 1.

    • Janet says:

      As wierd as this sounds, I unchecked everything I had checked except the apps. Applied the changes — it synced. Then I rechecked everything I had checked before — it resynced and my Other went from 1.59GB to .99GB This is wierder then MS. ( I had done all other suggestions with no change)

    • Lisa says:

      @Ken – your method worked for me and I’m on iOS 9.1 public beta. I unchecked the areas one by one and it turned out it was the music that cleared out the ‘other’ category. Re-checked everything and it worked great. Went from 13.6 to 2.4 GB

  115. Ken says:

    I’m so frustrated. None of these suggestions worked for me. It still says I have over 11GB of “other” and I can’t get rid of it.

  116. hironaka says:

    My fix was to connect my iPad to iTunes and then turn off the iPad. I turned it back on while still connected to iTunes and my ‘other’ went from 4.1 GB to .4 GB. Restore takes too long

    • William says:

      i tried what you said but my other went from 6.4 gb to 6.3 gb

    • alan says:

      I too did a hard shut down by holding the power button and the round button on the screen. Behold, my iPad2 recalculated and my other went from 12.5gb to .68 thank you

      • Tony says:

        Yep – worked for me also on IPad 2. Went from 8.9 GB to 0.79GB


      • Matt says:

        This trick worked really well. I tried everything else, including the turning the power off and although these tricks did work, it was only by .1 GB. By doing a force restart with the phone connected mine dropped from 1.69 to .93

        Thanks for the help

  117. Lukeyg79 says:

    My easy fix was to uncheck the auto sync for photos and music. Then sync iPhone with PC. Then re-check these two options and load back on all photos and music. Now ‘other’ is very small.

  118. _dRamAtiK_ says:

    Didn’ t change anything for me, iphone4 16go. And 2 go of “others” since ios5 (0 before ios5) i ve lost 2 go of free space since ios5, i had 4 go free space before that, what can i do??


  119. Tonda says:

    I have my iPad 2 plugged in, and my other space is .58 GB. But when I toggle the Open iTunes when this iPad is connected on and off, my free space goes from 2.2 GBs (with it unchecked) to 5.9 GBs (with it checked) of Free space. Now my iPad 2 itself tells me that I have 2.2 GBs of free space. Something fishy seems to be happening. Any ideas from those above?

  120. Blake says:

    It worked for me. It took a couple tries. I was freaking out it showed over 8GB. I had to remove a bunch of audio just to sync.


  121. David says:

    Didn’t work for me on my iphone 4S.

    • Robert says:

      My didn’t work for my iPhone 4S either… :( and I deleted my email, safari and my contacts got deleted!!! and still have 9GB left!

  122. Rick says:

    It was greyed out on my ipod touch also…

  123. irifu says:

    Worked for me on an iPod touch, not just iPad and iPhones!

  124. CRT says:

    It is grayed out on my iPad2/iPhone 4.

    • corky says:

      mine is grayed out too…

    • lasttimetomakestarscollide says:

      open itunes. edit>preferences>devices>uncheck “prevent ipods, iphones, and ipad from syncing automatically”>ok

      that makes the “open itunes when device is connected” available. but i still had the over capacity problem as well.

      • Janet says:

        I watched my Other (1.59GB) while syncing. It went up and down while syncing and ended with the same as when I started. I checked and unchecked. Should I be checking then closing out itunes and then opening and rechecking. I did not close itunes after unchecking.

  125. Greg says:

    iPhone 4 – 0.90GB …. Fix didn’t change it either, although I’ve never really paid attention to this, since I don’T consider .9GB a lot (still have 14.2GB free space).

  126. Brian says:

    ^That’s exactly what the amount I have.

  127. Darian says:

    Have 0.71GB of other. This fix didn’t change it.

  128. Brian says:

    I had over 2gb of “other” when I first updated to iOS5, and got it down to .7gb after a couple restores. Just tried the above fix and didn’t get any change in my “other” capacity. Does anyone else have some tips or thoughts?

  129. […] can fix the iTunes “Other” huge space issue by simply unchecking and re-checking “Open iTunes when this device is connected” from […]

    • Hector says:

      “Other” data occupies 1.57gigs in my unblocked and jailbroken iPhone 3GS with T-mobile for carrier. Any suggestions as to how to resolve the issue without having to restore it? Thanks

      • Serena says:

        I have the same problem im trying so hard to figure out ways to stop others bar from growing.

        • Lucy says:

          What i did was i went through and deleted all the album artwork. yes it is a hassle but it worked! the way i did it quickly was right click the song then go to get info then click the tab labeled artwork and pressed delete and if you press next at the bottom left of the screen you can quickly delete all the artwork.

          • Erin says:

            I deleted every song’s artwork and it didn’t affect my “other.” :(

          • Ray says:

            If you go to settings, then go to safari and clear the cookies history, cache history it will help free up some space;
            delete some text messages esp any data files will help free up space

      • Jayden says:

        if your Device is Jailbroken, try deleting the iFile trash located at: /var/mobile/library/iFile/Trash

    • Marty says:


      Thank you!!

    • Judy says:

      Yay, this worked a treat, thank you!! Went from 3.7 gig to 0.8 gig!! Awesome.

    • gregulater says:

      none of this worked…(restore, checking the open itunes box, selecting different things to sync) nothing is working!!! “other” is taking up four out of 8 gb this is killing me.

      Iphone4 w/ 5.1.1

    • JP says:

      to solve the issue!! THIS WORKED!!
      Connect ur Ipad or Iphone to itunes to ur computer!! then off the device and on it again!! mine from 3.2gb dropped to 0.52gb!! :)))

    • mario says:

      here’s one that has worked for me connect iphone let it do its normal thing!! go to summery scroll down as is turn phone off!(DO NOT REMOVE PHONE FROM CORD) device will disappear from itunes wait a min or two turn phone back on and problem solved….. this worked for me hope it helps you guys out

      • EVINE says:

        ya this solved the big problem thanx buddy!! :)

      • dave says:


        your solution is the only one that worked. it should be moved to the top.

        thanks for the info and help.

      • Sean says:

        Nothing is working for me! To be clear: You said
        “go to summary scroll down as in turn phone off”

        Does that mean go to summary “Then” turn phone off?

        If so whats the “scroll down” part mean?

        I’ll try anything I’m sick of not having space on my phone!

      • Kevin Killion says:

        SUCCESS!!! I agree, I searched everywhere and tried several things, this is the only advice that worked!

        This occurs when the problem is not REAL material, but garbage stuck in Other within the perview of iTunes on the computer, and there is nothing wrong with what’s presently on the iPhone itself.

        Reading around, it appears this is what’s happening: There are some incredibly LONG delays in the sync in certain cases, but especially with larger capacity devices. The message is “Waiting for [whatever] to complete”. Since it can go for an hour or longer, it’s not unreasonable for the user the force quit iTunes and try again. But that apparently corrupts the process, and leaves debris in “Other”. In my case, I wound up with 47.38 gigs in “Other”. As a result, iTunes is unable to sync what you really want to your iPhone because it thinks there isn’t enough room because of that huge “Other” material. To avoid this situation in the first place, the conclusion is to go on a bike ride, have lunch, or go to bed and return to this in the morning, and the “Waiting” message should eventually be gone.

        But if the corruption has occurred, and a giat “Other” is the result, then the solution given by mario above WORKS. Yay-yay!!!

        • Kevin says:

          This is totally what has happened to me. 54GB of other!!!!! I did eject the iPod after waiting an hour for it to “preparing sync”. But I still can’t get rid of it!! Please help!

    • brook says:

      nothing is working… HELPP

    • TechieWife says:

      My husband I and both had iPhone 4’s. His was all but disabled. I backed it up and discovered about 25 GB (of 32) in the “Other” section. His iPhone memory was almost completely used up. I figured that was causing all the problems he had been having with it.

      So – long story short: I installed iBackupBot on my iMac. then I used it to view the files that were on his phone. I went through the Apps one at a time to see how much Data each had associated with it. He had VLC on it at the time. When I checked THAT app – Voila! Every single “indecent video” that he had ever watched was stored within the App. Nice. There were about 4000 of them. I deleted the App, which in turn cleared up the “Other” section of his iPhone.
      I also deleted him.

    • Jan says:

      I tried the first method, but the option:
      “Open iTunes when this iPad is connected” is greyed out.
      What did I miss?

      • Marieke from the Netherlands says:

        Same problem here, Jan. Your posting is from a long time ago, but for everyone reading along: look for Darko’s post. After trying a number of solutions including all of the above, his method actually worked.

    • silpa says:

      First step worked for me.

    • david says:

      trying using an apple charging cord instead of the generic ones, i got 4 gb back when i used the other connection

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