Mac Setups: The Desk of a Startup CEO

Aug 18, 2012 - 15 Comments

Startup CEO very clean and bright Mac setup

This ultra-clean and bright workstation is the Mac desk setup of the CEO of an (anonymous) internet startup. The Apple gear that gets the job done includes the following:

  • MacBook Pro 13″- Mid 2011 – 2.7GHz i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD, OS X 10.8
  • iMac 27″ – Mid 2011 – 2.5 GHz i5, 12GB RAM, 500GB HD, OS X 10.8
  • iPhone 4S – 16GB, iOS 5.1.1 (Jailbroken)
  • iPad 1 – 64GB, iOS 5.1.1 (Jailbroken)
  • Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse
  • Brookstone Clock – Time, Temp, Moon Phase, World Time

The gorgeous space wallpapers are from NASA’s Hubble site, they were resized to the desktop and you can grab the one shown on the MacBook Pro here, and the one shown on the iMac is this galaxy shot.

Any workstation that is flush with natural lighting and looks towards a window is a big plus in my book, it’s usually the best soft lighting source and tends to keep glare to a minimum, plus it makes it easy to give your eyes a rest throughout the day. Try arranging your desk that way, you’ll probably agree.

Do you have a sweet Mac setup you want featured? Send us a good picture or few, a list of hardware shown, and a short description of what the gear is used for to


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Posted by: William Pearson in Mac Setups


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  1. Henry says:

    Jailbroken? CEO with Jailbroken devices? lol

  2. vdiv says:

    Q: Why are the iOS devices jailbroken and why do we need to know that?

  3. Jason says:

    Nice gear. But that desk is insanely small. It looks like a very cramped, uncomfortable place to work.

  4. Bryan says:

    What is the dock you are using for the MacBook Pro? Would love to know! Thanks.

  5. Tom says:

    Very cool!!! May I suggest a trackpad? I love mine and hardly ever use my mouse…

    Great thread & Site!!!!!

  6. Justin says:

    What are the stands for your MacBook and iPad?

  7. Jim says:

    Does the wireless keyboard serve both the iMac and the MacBook Pro?
    Just curious to understand how each piece of hardware is used in the setup.

    • Derek says:

      You can use Teleport or Synergy to do that, I use the same keyboard and mouse on all my Macs with that way. Both are free too!

      • Sulla says:

        Actually I use ShareMouse – awesome programme :) – even works across Windows/Mac – and allows for drag and dropping files between screens :)

      • Sam says:

        So to answer your q’s:

        1) I use ShareMouse to control both iMac and MBP – awesome app – its free, check it out here

        2) Stands: the iPad is a Griffin A-Frame. The MBP is on an anonymous stand that I “borrowed” from my wife’s consulting firm :) really unfortunate but it has no markings/names/brand or anything….some searching and it looks a lot like this

        3) Trackpad – yeah I have one and used it for a while – I keep on changing things around a bit – for now the mouse works great :)

        4) Desk size: perhaps it is small – but it suits me just fine – I find the bigger the desk the more mess and crap I put on it – this keeps me disciplined and neat – you cant see in the photo but on the right is a 4×4 box shelf that keeps everything organised so that the desk is free – But maybe one day I’ll expand it.

        5) Jailbreak – I dunno why you need to know that – just thought I’d put it in there :) I like the jailbreak – lets me mess around with things – its not for everyone though for sure. But a) I’m on the geeky side and like to mess with things and b) am a power user of both and the stock functionality is a bit lacking for my needs, and the jailbreak solves that so…

  8. disarray says:

    Seriously uptight arrangement.

  9. Sam says:

    Thanks guys – appreciate the great feedback :)

    To answer your q’s

    1) the startup is a video startup serving emerging markets

    2) yes, but I bought the MBP before the iMac so..other way round I would agree with you, the MBA would be easier to carry :)

  10. siku says:

    Yes, Gorgeous is the word :)

  11. Zidane says:

    Gorgeous, I would be curious to know the company?

    Having an iMac I’d have personally gone with a MacBook Air for maximum portability instead of the Pro, but to each their own.

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