Protect Your iPhone 5 From Scratches with a Terribly Ugly Half-A**ed Free Solution

Oct 9, 2012 - 9 Comments

Ugliest scratch protection for iPhone 5 ever?

Worried about scratching the back of your beautiful iPhone 5? Don’t want to wait for an official InvisibleShield to be released from ZAGG or the other film protector companies? Maybe you’re just cheap and don’t feel like shelling out the $30 to protect your $200+ iPhone investment?

Well, if you don’t mind having an incredibly ugly jimmy-rigged version, look no further than the plastic film that arrives on the back of new iPhone 5 when it’s fresh out of the box. Just cut off the tabs that cover the glass and make it otherwise easy to remove, and you’re left with a fairly well sealed protective cover over the most vulnerable aluminum. It looks… well, absolutely terrible… but apparently it works, at least until you get a case, find a real scratch shield, or maybe just get over the fact that anything in your pocket 365 days a year will probably end up with some character building scuffs on it.

This post is kind of a joke and kind of not, but if you’re actually worried about scratches it looks like real ZAGG invisibleSHIELDs are available now and can be had for a slight discount from Amazon. Grabbing one of those is probably a much better solution than leaving the plastic on the couch.

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  1. kralnor says:

    I heard if you leave your couch wrapped in plastic, it will stay nice forever too.

  2. John007 says:

    I’m using bestskinever products since 3 years for all my iDevices.

    Cheap and good, I’ve tried Invisibleshield and bodyguardz also, no difference except the price :-)

  3. Dah•veed says:

    BodyGuardz makes a great product, every bit as good as Zagg and for less money. you can get a screen protector, a full body protector or a back and sides protector.

  4. Cleofus DiBombadini says:

    The word is NOT “jimmy-rigged”, it is” jury-rigged”. When in doubt, look it up on

  5. Jay says:

    I just ordered an xtremeguard off ebay for 3 bucks, total came out to 7 bucks to ship to Canada.

    Easy cheap way to protect the back, and I cut up the front screen protector that it came with to cover the sides of the phone, as I have an InvisibleShield HD on the front.

    Full protection, barely noticeable

  6. Jared W says:

    You can get an Armor Suit from Amazon as well. I have that on my iPhone 5 and it’s works great so far.

  7. WTFBBQ says:

    Hahaha that looks awful, and they can’t even cut a straight line. Someone get this man a case STAT.

  8. kaskade says:

    Why not leave it on the front too? The full body GhettoProtector!

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