9 Awesome Wave Wallpapers to Decorate Backgrounds Like an Apple Product Shot

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9 awesome wave wallpapers for Apple gear

Apple has long had a love affair with including incredible ocean and wave imagery into their product shots. They’ve been doing it for years, with some stunning wave and surf photography featured prominently on the screens of Macs, whether it’s from the old PowerBook days, to even right now on Apple.com with the iMac, Retina MacBook Pro, and iPad Mini. Clearly there are some people at Apple who love the ocean – who doesn’t? – and there are even a few wave shots tucked away in OS X.

Apple product shot of MacBook Pro Retina with a surfer riding wave

That brings us to this post, where we’re featuring a handful of beautiful high-resolution wave shots that could come right out of Apple product shots. This was inspired by a large amount of reader inquiries about the wave wallpaper used as the background in some recent articles and their respective screenshots of an ocean wave framing Tahiti. Whether you have an interest in ocean sports or not, you should find a wallpaper or two that tickles your desktop or homescreen.

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Crashing wave
Crashing wave wallpaper

Tahiti Wave
Tahiti wave wallpaper

This is the shot used in many recent posts. Click through the link and choose the first “Download” button on the RVCA page to get this awesome picture in a zip file.

Breaking Wave
Breaking wave wallpaper

Teahupoo rainbow & wave
Teahupoo rainbow wallpaper

Big blue wave
Big blue wave wallpaper

Glassy tube wallpaper

Dark blue wave
Waves wallpaper

Curling wave wallpaper

Turtle under the waves water wallpaper

The Great Wave
The great wave off Kanagawa wallpaper

This last one is similar to a wallpaper that has been in OS X for a long time, but it’s still pretty great.

Looking for more awesome wave background pictures? Unsurprisingly, some of the best ocean wallpapers out there come from surf publications, many of which would fit right in to an Apple product shot because they’re often from the very same professional photographers. There are plenty to download at places like SurferMag and tons more at SurferMagazine, though they’ll typically include a subtle watermark on the picture.


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