Quick Fix iPhone Stuck in “Headphones” Mode & Speakers Not Working

May 22, 2013 - 490 Comments

Ever had your iPhone get stuck in Headphone mode? The symptoms are fairly obvious; you go to change the volume level and the little volume indicator says “ringer (headphones)” like shown below, and no audio our sound works through the normal speaker output.

iPhone speaker stuck on Headphones mode

Some people interpret this as their iPhone speakers suddenly not working or that something is broken, but that is actually pretty rare, and you can usually fix the issue really quickly with nothing but a q-tip and a set of headphones or earbuds (yes, you read that right, you will use a pair of headphones to get the iPhone out of Headphone mode). I ran into this today and here’s how I fixed it in about a minute.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

  • Remove any case or enclosure the iPhone may be in
  • Use compressed air (or your mouth) to blow directly into the headphone jack, this may help to dislodge dust or pocket lint stuck in the port
  • Get a Q-Tip or toothpick and swab around inside the port to dislodge any remaining particles
  • The iPhone headphone jack as highlighted

  • Connect the set of headphones, make sure there is a complete connection and be sure that audio transmits through them, then firmly pull out the headphones – audio should work as usual
  • Connect & disconnect the headphones a few more times if nothing happens the first time

The iPhone should be good to go now. Toggling the volume up/down buttons should just show “Ringer” as it’s supposed to like the screenshot shows below, and audio will play out of the iPhone speakers as usual.

iPhone speaker working again, out of headphone mode

Why does this happen? It could be a number of things, perhaps it’s just a weird software quirk where the iPhone doesn’t recognize that headphones have been disconnected from the jack – that seems to be exacerbated by some protective cases that cause obstruction to the audio jack, thus why you should remove the case before trying any of this. It could even be something physical stuck in there like a piece of lint, thus the usage of blowing air in there and swabbing around with the q-tip. Thankfully, it’s easy to fix in the vast majority of encounters, though there are some cases where Headphone mode gets stuck on after an iPhone has had water contact (which is probably why earlier iPhone models has water sensors in the headphone jack) but if an iPhone is properly handled after water contact you can usually save it from damage or any quirks like that.

Having helped a reader resolve this problem a few weeks back, and then running into it myself, I figured it was worth a write up. So if you find your iPhone speakers suddenly aren’t working and the “(headphones)” message is stuck on despite nothing attached to the phone, try the steps outlined above before calling Apple Support, it will probably work for you too.


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  1. Lolo says:

    I’m probably the 1000000 person to try your advice and it worked! I used a q-tip in the headphone and charger holes. Some black stuff came out. Then I took a hair dryer and blew it for like 3 minutes (cool air). My phone was switched off the whole time. When I put it on, it worked!

    God bless you for helping us and saving us cash from getting it professionally fixed!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I used vacuum cleaner for my iPhone

  3. Mike says:

    Worked like a charm, thank you!

  4. Tom says:

    So many thanks for this. Today my iPhone fell into the toilet… Although I was quick to rescue it, the mentioned problem occurred. After blowing out with massive air pressure it works again. Great and thanks again!

  5. Shawn says:

    Awesome – cleaned it with a earbud and inserted the headphone jack about ten times – and it worked again!

    Thanks man!!

  6. Israr Ahmed says:

    Oh that’s great thank you so much, after cleaning headphones port , my mobile is now working .

  7. Sam says:

    So my problem is that I haven’t used my headphone jack in 2 weeks becuase I bought wireless earphones.. my earphones are turned off and charging and my phone still says my earphones are connected…

  8. Maria says:

    I tried the Qtip 7 times. It finally worked. Thank you so much!!

  9. Tauqeer says:

    Thanks a lot it works really thank you very much

  10. Arc says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! it worked!
    it is just like cleaning the port.

  11. Shweta Singh says:

    Thank you so much! This was really helpful and my iPhone is working now :)

  12. Trisy says:

    Omg it worked thanks a million πŸ˜‰

  13. Steve says:

    Thank you so much! Compressed air and insert/removal of headphones did it!!!

  14. Viancs says:

    Amazing! It totally worked for my iPhone. (Swabbing a q-tip twice and blowing the headphone jack)😁 Thanks a lot! ☺️

  15. Viancs says:

    Amazing! It totally worked for my iPhone. Thanks a lot! ☺️

  16. Rita says:

    This didn’t work for me but what did work was going to settings, sound and altering the ringer volume from there. It played the ringtone from the speakers and then all my sounds were played from the speaker :)

  17. Gr says:

    You are a genius, I tried website after website . One blow and bam it worked

  18. Digvijay Singh Jamwal says:

    Hahahaha…I was thinking it was not going to work again..I tried blowing air…plugging unplugging ear phones but it never worked..!!!

    Then I was pissed off and was about to put it on rice bag as I was suspecting due to moisture it happened but then I read as said above to clean the earphone slot…took a earbud removed cotton from one end and cleaned the earphone slot..something blackish dust or dirt was their which came off with it.. and headphone error was gone bf it prompted as ringer again. Thanks a ton for the such a helpful post….YES IT WORKS πŸ˜‚

  19. Janette says:

    Perfect, thanks :)

  20. Kelly says:

    Thank you so so so much !!!!!! Unplugging the headphones in and out a couple of times then restarting it did the trick !!!!!!

  21. May says:

    Tried everthing above, my phone came off headphone mode when I left it on airplane mode for a spell.

  22. Ginardi says:

    OMFG THANKS A LOT!!! It’s work for me! I love you mateπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

  23. Ramona says:

    Thanks so much this worked on my iPhone 6s perfectly. Turns out I had a piece of lint stuck in there and I got it out using a toothpick. 😊Thank you for the write up.

  24. Ro says:

    Thanks a lot! This helped me A LOT!!!

  25. Jeet says:

    It worked immediately… I was under so much of stress and then I searched on the net and in a second, the problem was solved. There was a tiny piece of lint that came out along with the thin wooden stick I inserted in the phone jack.

    Thank so so much for relieving me from that stress…

  26. liz says:

    thank you soooo much! This has been really helpful to me! Can’t even express how much this helped. I really thought something was wrong with my phone!

  27. Daner Miziry says:

    It helped alot thanks for some
    That think ita not working mine had like black gray cotton in it and was very difficult to get out i used about 10m on it and the second it got out it worked like normal πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€πŸ‘

  28. Caro says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you! Thanks for sharing this, it worked :)

  29. cassandra says:

    a hair grip worked for me

  30. Jake says:

    Perfect! Really appreciate this. I was nervous.

  31. Chloe says:

    This worked straight away thank you!!!!

  32. Tracy says:

    Thx so much, the tooth pick/qtip worked :)

  33. Francis says:

    Tnx a lot! It works on my iPhone 5s

  34. Sofia says:

    Take a safety pin and a little bit of a q-tip and you can remove any debris in the jack!

  35. Amira says:

    This is the second tie it’s stuck in headphones mode. The first time, I dropped it in my soup. I just put it in the refridgerator for twenty seconds. This time, I dropped in the toilet and put it in again. Didn’t work so I’m trying the qtip

  36. Aaron says:

    Persistence is key… took me almost a half hour of blasting 125psi of air into the jack and mic hole, but it worked

  37. Sagar says:

    My iPhone will play music and videos with headphones mode but not without?

  38. Erika says:

    OMG. These tricks worked for me! At first, i was starting to lose hope. I tried the qtip and blowing of air many times and it didn’t work at first. But when I pressed the volume button again, it is not on headphones mode anymore. Thank you for the tip! ☺️

  39. Pam says:

    It worked immediately!! Thank you for the great post!! πŸ‘πŸ»

  40. RyN says:

    I’ve tried many times nothings happen..
    Thanks to u holly ur tips really worked for me..

    ‘Just one of the tiny speaker holes was clogged, used a safety pin to unclog it, and it worked immediately’

  41. ky says:

    I tried using hairdryer to blow into my speakers and audio jack, nope. didn’t work. I got a paper clip, straightened it, got a small cotton wool and wrapped a really really thin layer around the paper clip, sticked it into the audio jack and rotated in circular motion. worked immediately, seriously I was so scared πŸ˜‚

  42. Coco says:

    Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 THANK YOU NOW I CAN WATCH MY VIDEOS

  43. Rahul says:

    The q-tip idea worked fantastically. Thank you so much !!

  44. Yeyoung says:

    It doesn’t work

  45. Lynn says:

    Unfortunately none of the above fixes worked for me but what finally did is when someone within my contact list called me. I missed the call by a split second and before calling them back I decided to toggle the volume again and it was now on Ringer!! I had tried calling myself from my phone and from Skype, and had also received two calls from blocked numbers that didn’t fix the problem. As soon as a friend called me, BAM, fixed after HOURS of trying the solutions above. So if all else fails, maybe get someone you know to call you and see if that helps.

  46. Sonal priya says:

    Its really working…nice step thanx for this

  47. Sonal priya says:

    Its really working…thanx

  48. Meg3898 says:

    Thankyou so much this was amazing worked first time thankyou

  49. AMBM says:

    It really works! It worked for me. I was crying the whole time then it i tried this and it worked. Thanks to you!

  50. Ehssa Iles says:

    Thank you so much! After cleaning it with q-tip i have to re-start it to work!!!! thumbs up!

  51. Mudit says:

    Too good.. thanks a lot.. your solution worked for me! cheers

  52. shubhi batra says:

    it just started working..thanx a tonn..i was in great pain since evening..:)

  53. Rachel says:

    GUYS!!! I’ve had this problem for over an hour and I frantically tried everything before I factory reset it. Even the weird quirkier fixes. After I had backed my phone up to factory reset it, I took my sim card out to check the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) which was fine by the way. Put it back in and it’s gone back to normal!!

  54. John says:

    If all that doesn’t work start playing a song and right next to the volume control click it then toggle headphones and then it will be fixed altogether

  55. Dancing says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this – the Apple website was useless! I had a drink spillage that I thought had not entered any orifices but when I used the q-tip solution there was definitely liquid in it. Had to try a few times and it finally worked when I used a toothpick and a cloth (perhaps because the toothpick goes a bit further down). It’s working fine now! Thanks again!

  56. Caibre says:

    I tried the q-tip and it worked flawlessly! Thank you so much!

  57. Khushbu says:

    Thank you so much. You saved me quite a bit of heart ache.

  58. Mandy says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It didn’t work the first time I plugged/unplugged but I did it about 5 more times and it finally switched over!

  59. Vanessa says:

    Thank you!!!!!! This worked. My kids messed with my iphone 6 and I was worried and then I tried your suggestion and it worked!!!! YES.

  60. Tapan says:

    Really thanks lots i was suffering from the day after seeing ur advise change volume multiple time its work finally thank u very much πŸ˜‡

  61. Jass says:

    If no trick works just switch of your iphone over night and in morning when u switch on it will come to ringer mode . This works for me :)

  62. MamaK says:

    Worked for me.
    Compressed air in a can and a QTip.
    Thanks much!!!

  63. Soha says:

    AFTER TRYING EVERYTHING FOR 2 HOURS, the blow dryer trick finally worked! THANK YOU GUYSSS!

  64. Tbone says:

    Did all three cleaning methods blew in the jack and also cleaned microphone hole next to it. Inserted headphones and pulled out FIRMLY and it worked! Thanks!

  65. lucifer says:

    U r Damn Brilliant!!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

  66. Summer says:

    After swabbing with a q-tip (per recommendation from another website), I was frustrated that my phone was still stuck in headphone mode.

    I gave blowing into the headphone jack a try, swabbed again… Nothing! Inserted some headphones, firmly pulled out…and BAM! Good as new. I am so relieved.

    (This was on an iPhone 6s)

  67. Sg says:

    Thanks a ton…worked for me.πŸ‘πŸ»

  68. Matty says:

    Tried everything but nothing worked till I tried the toothpick trick, thanks a lot! Really helped

  69. Liza says:

    Cool, thanks anundantly , u saved me

  70. Rebecca says:

    BAM! It’s working now.

  71. Libby says:

    Try this. My phone was super stuck, but I mucked around with the bluetooth setting and it worked after absolutely nothing else did, blowing into it, cleaning it, taking off the cover. It had been in rain today and so I thought I was sunk! But no. I asked God to fix it, did my Rosary and bingo! Thank you Mother Mary!

  72. Aman says:

    Really hats off to you bro ..
    Its really working fine now

  73. Ali Khraisat says:

    Thank you very much!! Worked for me

  74. Des says:

    Just a few drops of rain were the culprits. Hairdryer, and the cotton wool bud did the job after about five minutes of perseverance. Thank you

  75. Donna says:

    omg you just saved my phone!!!It fell into the toilet (clean!) and I instantly grabbed it out and wrapped it in a ton of toilet paper to get the water off of it as quickly as possible. My speaker was working then stopped and went into headphone mode. I tried the above methods with no success but figuring I had nothing to lose if I kept trying I did the following:
    twisted toilet paper into a thin rope that would fit in the jack. Blew into the jack. Put the headphones in and out a bunch of times. Found a pipe cleaner decoration my kids had made me and twisted that around in there a bazziliion times. Kept my phone in an upwards position so that if there was any liquid remaining, it would fall out, not in. I think when I go home I will place it in a bag of rice just to be careful for a few hours. OMG, if this really is fixed, you are the best!!! Thank you!!

    • Paul says:

      If your iPhone fell in water, be sure you let it dry completely while turned off before attempting to use it again. Set it in a bag of rice for 48 hours to 72 hours, or put it in a bag with a bunch of silica gel packets for 48 hours. It usually saves the iPhone, but be sure it is completely dried before it is turned on again or plugged in, electronics and water don’t mix. Good luck!

  76. Dave says:

    Haha thanks man it probably works :)

  77. khaty says:

    thanks a lot. i just clean it with q-tip and it works right away after that. im so gratefull. tq!!

  78. Sara says:

    It worked
    Thank you very much

  79. Jeanie says:

    Blow dryer for a few minutes worked (coldest setting).

  80. Nicholle says:

    OMGGGG thank you haha. I did the q-tip then blew in the holes and sucked them then boom. Worked. Seriously thank u. Nothing else worked and j just got this phone yesterday haha.

  81. Rami says:

    After i lost hope i tried what you said n its worked well thank u dude from the bottom of my heart

  82. Julie says:

    Holy cow! Thank you so much I tried the Q-tip didn’t work even though it looked like it had something in it that was dirty but I tried putting the little wire into the Littles speaker button is next to the headphone jack and it immediately worked!what a relief after spending hours trying to figure the freaking thing out, thank you again πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  83. Natt says:

    Thanks for the help. But mine doesn’t work :( look like I got to take to the shop. Wish this help me like it help other 😭😭😘😘

  84. Isadoll says:

    Can’t believe this worked used q tip with a bit pulled off! Thank you so much x

  85. Susan says:

    I tried EVERYTHING to get my phone out of headset mode. (BTW, I had not gotten my phone wet…it just went into headset mode on it’s own) I tried the Q-tip….no luck. I tried resetting….no luck. I took the cover off my phone and took a toothpick and really scraped the inside of the headphone jack and voila!…back to speaker mode! Thank you!

  86. Maddy says:

    I dropped my brand new iPhone 6S in the toilet two nights ago and I was absolutely devastated. Everything worked as normal until yesterday morning. When I tried the speaker it was completely dead, yet everything else worked. I was so gutted, I’ve literally had this phone for only 2 weeks when I got it as a gift for my birthday. I noticed last night it was saying ‘headphones’ even though there were none in… So I came onto this website and did all of the above! Sucking the headphone & charger ports, blowing down them, using an earbud, tissue, I took the case off to no avail. Anyway, I woke up this morning and the volume key now says ‘ringer’ and everything works as normal! Thanks so much to everyone who posted their ideas! & if it doesn’t work the first time, don’t give up! I literally tried about 15 times each! Thanks guys! :-)

  87. Shekar says:

    It worked for me.
    Just cleaned it with pin, it immediately worked. Thanks for the advice.

  88. Royal farmer says:

    Thnks bro.. It’s working in 15 sec… Thnks again ..

  89. Robin says:

    I tried all the tricks that were itemized above and what worked for me was calling myself. Took it out of headphone mode instantly. Thanks NurseC. Great idea!

  90. Alps says:

    Thanks this worked!!

  91. Sweh says:

    Dude. What’s your name. I’ll be naming my next child after you

  92. Hum says:

    worked like a rolex!!

  93. Abhishek says:

    Thanks, saved me a lot of heartache :)

  94. Jean says:

    Wow. Big thank you

  95. Big Will says:

    Boo yah did the trick and saved my phones life.. I was gonna ole yeller down but snap new life.

  96. Owen says:

    Thank you so much worked flawlessly!πŸ‘

  97. O Mill says:

    Thanks a lot, even worked the first time I took the headphones out.

  98. Lysa says:

    Thank you. Worked for me! Save me from going to a repair shop. :)

  99. Kelsey says:

    My sound doesn’t work when the headphone are not in but it will do the ringer I do not know why it won’t work and this didn’t help

  100. Fasih Malik says:

    Hahaha i tried that more than 20 times i was worried that i would damage my headphones jack but i put steel pin in jack and put it to the end some big dust patch which was stick inside came out and it start working thankyou guys for the support

  101. Fasih Malik says:

    Hahaha i tried that more than 20 times i was worried that i would damage my headphones jack but i put steel pin in jack and put it to the end some big dust patch which was stick inside came out and it start working thankyou !!!

  102. Patty says:

    Yay. Thank you. Saved me a trip to the Apple store and several hundred dollars. I was locked in headphone mode. Sound was restored after blowing into the microphone and small hole next to it and plugging the head phone sets in and out several times. 3rd time was a charm. :)

  103. Hilary says:

    My I phone was locked in headphone mode after I dropped it in water. I tried all the above to no avail and cut open two bags of boil in a bag rice…put that in a large zip lock bag and waited 3 hours. Wallah…my sound was restored. I’m a happy camper😊

  104. Bobby says:

    Works great !! Thank you !!

  105. Nancy says:

    Worked in an instant! Thank you very much for the tip!!

  106. Abinav Thakuri says:

    Awesome! This worked for me! Cheers!

  107. Kathrine says:

    Thank you so much. I have been trying to get it to work all day!!!!!!!!!😘😍😘😍😘❀️❀️❀️

  108. Suhas says:

    Awesome solution … Thanks a ton .. πŸ‘

  109. badri says:

    It works for me!!! after few tried. Never give up! that the key.

  110. bita says:

    i’ve tried this tip.but it doesn’t works :/
    pleaseee help me :(

  111. Brittney says:

    So it worked but now headphones wont work and only my speaker will. I would rather have had it the other way around. Damn you! Thanks tho.

  112. Fonz7 says:

    thank you a lot
    u r the 1

  113. sh says:


  114. Syed abrar says:

    I had to try hard but in the end it worked
    Thanks a lot

  115. Nota says:

    Dec 28, 2015-Thank you for the QTip tip! Worked like a charm! My iPhone 6 was stuck in “headphone” mode after I connected it to my car audio system via the headphone jack. I tried putting in/pulling out headphones multiple times with no luck, tried rebooting by turning phone on and off-nothing. I pulled off some cotton from a Qtip and inserted and pulled it out once and VOILA! Back to Normal! THANK YOU!!!

  116. Snipe33 says:

    Thanks! Your advice worked.

  117. Val from tampa florida says:

    No it kept saying headphones everytime i tried to put the volume up, ((my phone wasn’t on mute)) so i just pushed the airplane button and it went to airplane mode and then i tried the volume button and then it said ringer instead of ‘ headphones ‘

    • Pam says:

      Perfect I understand, that is a great solution, glad you got your iPhone sound working again when it was stuck in the headphone mode!

  118. Val from tampa florida says:

    None of this worked for me i tried everything all i did was push the airplane mode and then turned it off and i pushed the volume button and it said ringer it works fine now

    • Pam says:

      Yes if your iPhone is on mute it will not make sounds and the speakers won’t work to make sound because the volume is low, that’s sort of obvious. This is for being stuck in headphone mode it is different.

  119. Chris says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this easy & quick fix! Saved me a trip to the Genius Bar, excellent article!!!

  120. Regina says:

    Thanks! I tried everything that was suggested on other websites but this was the only thing that worked! Thanks again!!

  121. Regina says:

    Thanks! I tried everything that was suggested on other websites but this was the only thing that worked! Thanks again!

  122. Jason says:

    Huge thanks! Bounced around the apple forums and other sites before finding the answer here. Used a twisted corner of a paper towel and couldn’t believe how much gunk I got out to get it working.

  123. angela says:

    OMG THANK YOU, THANK YOU! worked like a charm. Had to clean it with a q tip 3 x but it fixed the problem.

  124. Airyn says:

    Thanks so much! This worked like a charm. I think it happened because my phone got damp. All is well now. :)

  125. Mike says:

    Still does not work so frustrated with this phone

  126. Cathy Neri says:

    Awesome. I did wipe off a super tiny amount of water from the jack after following your instructions. I remember it could be from when I refilled my water tumbler this morning. Thank you!

  127. Mohamed says:

    Dude thanks so much!!❀️

  128. Nicole says:

    it worked thanks so much !!

  129. Mrs. Matti says:

    The cut off q-tip worked immediately! Thanks for saving me a trip or call to Apple 😊

  130. Simi says:

    Worked like magic! Thanks!

  131. Martha says:

    Omg, I don’t know why I never thought about using a q tip but it’s a brilliant idea!! I dropped my phone in the toilet ): and it was saying headphones were in but after I did this it went back to normal. thank you ! C:

  132. JP says:

    Thanks – worked – saved the day

  133. Pranay says:

    Thanks man.. it worked… :)

  134. shau says:

    Thank u it worked i just fixed my phone thank thank u

  135. Jason says:

    Thanks, I removed some of the cotton from a qtip and then it slid right in the headphone jack. I spun it and it came out dirty. I work as a chef so even with a case the phone is exposed to a lot of flour and other debris. Blah blah.. bottom line the stripped down qtip fully cleaned the headphone jack and the thing is working like a champ now.

  136. Kim Loane says:

    Thank you. Blowing and poking didn’t work for me but sucking did. Ye Ha. Saved a trip to the Apple Store who would have sorted out my new iPhone’s problem perfectly as they have over the years.

  137. Mavika says:

    Worked thrice for me. Q tip/cotton usually does the trick, you want to pull cotton from the top of the q tip and rotate it inside the audio jack. This will probably need to be done multiple times and quite forcefully, at that. Requires a lot of patience. Use a blow dryer and repeat above as last resort. Good luck!

  138. Amisha Agarwal says:

    I dropped by iPhone 6 in a puddle of water this morning, it did not break but the sound is on headphones mode, I fixed it but then it just all of a sudden went back to headphones mode.

  139. Maya says:

    Thank you very much. At last it worked on my phone after tried q-tip, sucking, blowing, plug and unplug sooo many times…thanks for the tips😊

  140. Audrie says:

    Thank you so much.
    This tip worked like magic

  141. Ellen Hickey says:

    What helped me was realizing I accidentally still had my Bluetooth from my car, in my purse. All the sounds were going to the Bluetooth. duh…

  142. RENNERS says:

    i spent days w/no to low sound on apps what. the cleaning was not it, the headphones in and out was not it. restoring it was not it.

    what finally worked was max volume level down in:

    Settings>music>Volume limit

    don’t i feel like a donkey?

  143. Ross says:

    It worked perfectly on my iphone4. Thanks very much.

  144. Shay says:

    Thanks so much you really saved my life you are truly amazing :-)
    My phone got wet unfortunately 😑 and The q-tip trick helped and I kept unplugging the headphones.

  145. Dymitr says:

    Unbelievable, after all the unsuccessful tricks, it worked for me. Qtip cleaning did not help as the jack was clean, what really helped was pressing the tiny button inside the jack, for my it was the 2nd from the outside. Extremely happy.

  146. Craig says:

    Great stuff.. Thank you .. It worked like a charm – Oct 10, 2015

  147. swaroop says:

    lifesaver ty mahn

  148. Rissa says:

    My iPhone 6+ was stucked in headphone mode, I tried q tip,blowing it, plug and unplug the headphone but nothing works. Can please anyone help me to fix it?

  149. Ishan says:

    Thankyou very much whoever has posted this information. It has helped me.

  150. Patrick says:

    Thanks so much.
    A toothpick loosened
    and removed lint.
    And presto
    – back in business

  151. widi says:

    thanks sir! tooth stick worked for my phone too :D

  152. jake says:

    thx dude it worked

  153. Stefan says:

    Thanks a lot. It worked for me with a tooth stick. You’re awesome.

  154. Nouran says:

    Thana sooo much

  155. Bless you! says:

    Thank you so much! God bless your soul! πŸ˜­πŸ’›

  156. Ihusaan says:

    It don’t work

  157. Betsy says:

    Thank you so much. Easy and working. I’m happy.

  158. Joshua says:

    Thank you so much bro It worked πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒGod bless

  159. Lynette says:

    I was getting pretty frustrated because nothing was working for me. I grabbed a tooth pick and started cleaning the holes, which is the mic I think, and I also rubbed the tooth pick around in the headphone jack and next thing you know my sound came back!!! Hopefully what I did helped someone because it’s so frustrating not being able to fix it!!!!!

  160. VIKK-E says:

    Thanks buddy

  161. laina says:

    worked for me! thank you

  162. Aaron says:

    I was convinced my speaker was fried. Had the ringtone error when adjusting volume after dropping in toilet last night. Was left in rice 5 hours and still had the ringtone error. After putting cu tip in headphone jack speaker worked immediately

  163. Tom says:

    Thanks! Worked like a charm!

  164. Vonn says:

    Finally….it took about a half hour or longer doing combos of all things listed in the comments and finally I have sound and HAPPY! Stick with it is what I found.

  165. Karen says:

    *ringer. Auto correct strikes again!

  166. Karen says:

    It worked! Yay!

  167. Karen says:

    Genius! Had to do it a few times, but now finger is working! Thank u so much!

  168. Kitty says:

    Brilliant. I used a cotton tip and inserted into the earphone hole & pulled out, worked straight away.

  169. Gustiana says:

    Thank u i used the hair dryer and that worked thank u i thoght i lost my iPhone 5

  170. Marla says:

    Yay!!!! It worked! Thanks so much

  171. Bikash bastola says:

    Thank you so much !! Finally Q-tip worked.

  172. Ariana says:

    This didn’t work at all and this happened before and it worked but now it’s not working thanks for nothing ig

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    Thx u so much I can’t believe it actually worked

  174. laura says:

    Aaaah thanks a million! Worked a treat for me 😁

  175. Hubert says:

    You helped thanks a toothpick did the trick for me.

  176. Missy Adkins says:

    Thank you so much!! I was so upset. The qtip worked. Now tell me how to take care of water damage if I ever have it or how to follow you PLEASE!

  177. Rg says:

    Totally worked . Just needed the Q-Tip.. Thank you!!!!

  178. Billyelvis says:

    Just did the ‘ que tip ‘ in UK the ear bud….cut the cotton end of and wiggled it around for 10-15 secs and brilliant back to ringer….thank you, thank you very much….πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  179. Phillip Mccarthy says:

    Thank you. Had a little pocket lent in there

  180. Noufal says:

    My iPhone 5s still note working speaker what working only headset mood please help me

  181. Daisy says:

    It worked..!!
    Thank you vry much..
    Im so happy that it worked.. ^_^

  182. Leslaydown says:

    On God, you jus saved my life lol I thought my iPhone was over with

  183. nancy thayer says:

    Wow! soooo good! I used a Q-tip without much cotton.

  184. Yhel says:

    Thanks:) nice

  185. Siddharth says:

    Thanks a lot man ….my case had blocked the audio jack ….its because of this my iphone was not able to recognize that headphone is removed
    Great help

  186. Patty says:

    Omfg thank you so much I almost sides this morning

  187. Max says:

    Thank you so so so much. Really. THANK YOU!!

  188. abby says:

    Thank you! Couple of breaths and a toothpick worked for me today!

  189. Alma B says:

    Omg! I got my sound back!!
    Thank you, thank you so much for posting!!
    Have an awesome day!!

  190. Gabby says:

    The Q-tip worked straight away for me! Thank you soooo much!!!

  191. Mike says:

    Had to get a little iffy with it but it worked. Thanks

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  198. TY says:

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  199. Ej says:

    I think my phone broke but thnx for trying!

  200. Zahra says:

    I dropped my I phone 4 whistle headphones were still in and I have tried the q tip resting it nothing is working

  201. Dan says:

    I had to rough up, really, really rough up the first little tiny button inside the headphone jack multiple times with a Q-tip that was made of plastic with the cotton swab portion torn off. But then it worked, thank you.

  202. Sriram Sridaran says:

    Awesome! I dropped my iPhone 6 in water today. I used a piece of cotton to clean the headphone socket and my speaker/ volume works properly again. Saved me the money!

  203. Abbas says:

    It stuck in iphone 6
    Come on buddy give me some better idea

  204. Abbas says:

    I did all the thing which you told bt it still not working…..
    Tell us something good idea

  205. mohammad says:

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  206. Joe says:

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  208. Po says:

    Yay this worked! Thank you so much. Great advice

  209. Winner says:

    it took a while but after taking the ends off the cue tip or try a lollipop stick and put inside and blow hard it finally worked!! πŸ˜€πŸ‘ thank you x

  210. kalpesh says:

    my iPhone 4 automatic hand phone mode

  211. Alison says:

    Worked for me as well! Just arrived at a resort and my son spilled his juice on my iPad. Saved my holiday and my relationship with my son, as I was in a bad mood!

  212. Erika says:

    I had the same problem today! Used a q tip. No luck. Cut it in half, wiggled the stick part, then it worked again like new. Thanks.

  213. Zyah shorter says:

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  214. David a says:

    Q tip worked great. Thank you so much. Gotta love it

  215. Daniel Jorda says:

    Worked like a charm! Dumb Apple store asked me to come in as a walk-in since they were out of appointments for the day. I did and they told me walk-ins were also full. Short of wanting to kick them for lying, I set an appointment for 6 days later, their next available and left. Now it works, thanks to your help! Very appreciated!

  216. Lisa says:

    This worked perfectly! That you so much! I was freaking out!!!!

  217. Dina says:

    Canned air! That worked when nothing else would. My husband inserted the straw until it clicked in the headphone jack and squeezed the button on the can for a few seconds and suddenly he had volume control.

  218. Steve says:

    This worked thank you

  219. Nate says:

    Dude… Freakin awesom! Had this problem tonight. Tried the Q-Tip and it worked perfect. I couldn”t believe all the crap that came out if it. Thanks much

  220. Sriram says:

    Tried all of the things mentioned. Still of no avail. Even tried shutting down and starting again. So when I do that and the first time I unlock screen, I can hear the sound and then it’s back to the same mode.

  221. lpshi says:

    Thank you very much,it work for me

  222. Emily says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!!! Thanks to the Q-tip!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  223. Aravind says:

    Worked like a charm – had to do it 3 or 4 times, but it worked!
    Thanks a ton.

  224. Tay says:

    The q-tip works for me. Tqvm

  225. Angi says:

    Its easy all you need to do is turn it off (power off) and turn it on again and it returns back to normal

  226. You da man. Thanks very much.

    My advice is to do a little more poking around with the toothpick than you feel comfortable with. My dust was buried deep.

  227. Rafael says:

    Thank you so much❀️❀️❀️

  228. Amber says:

    Had to do it a few times but it worked, thank you.

  229. Prince says:

    Worked first time. Found some lint stuck at the back. Toothpick worked like a charm.

  230. adam says:

    it didnt work in stead of ringer it says headphones still wat do i do

  231. Jithender says:

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  232. Steve says:

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  233. Not Saying says:

    It doesn’t work got water in it!!!!😩😑

  234. Erica says:

    Qtip works wonders!!! Yey!! I’ve got my sound back!! Thanks alot for the tips and help!!

  235. Steve says:

    Wow thank you very much was very helpful I used a q tip hade to cut a piece off in order to make it fit and out came a chunk of lint immediately afterwards my ringer was functioning very helpfull

  236. Nicole says:

    This just happened to me, and I was very distressed. Tried the inserting and removing tactic, nothing. Tried cleaning the port, nothing. Finally, I resorted to the good ‘ole hard restart (home button+power button simaltaneously). Worked. If nothing works, try that. Seems like this tactic fixes a lot of iphone issues.

  237. Maisie says:

    I’ve tried this and literally I didn’t drop it or anything and it still doesn’t work 😒

    • Angi says:

      I think its okay all you need to do is turn it off (power off) and the. Turn it on and everything is back to normal

  238. Dan says:

    My iPhone was also stuck in Headphone mode. Carefully & gently cleaning out the headphone jack with a toothpick solved my problem. I needed to dislodge dust/lint that was packed in the jack. I had a similar problem with the Lightning jack awhile ago, and the toothpick did the trick there, too.

    I suspect both problems were caused by dust/lint getting into them from my pockets, where I always carry the iPhone. I’m thinking my next protective case needs something to cover those jacks, too.

  239. Sara says:

    THANK YOU!!!! My 2 year old dropped my new iPhone 6+ in the (luckily clean) toilet and I didn’t know what to do when the sound stopped working! I did your trick and it worked!!!!!

  240. Ashley says:

    Just did the q-tip trick on my husbands iPhone 6 plus worked! Thanks!!!!!

  241. Katia says:

    Thank you so much. It worked for me.

  242. Nick says:

    I can’t believe this works… Thanks a lot! I thought I got my audio jack stuck in my phone…AGAIN.

  243. lia says:

    Worked for me! I put the qtip inside the jack -pulled it out and it was ok again

  244. Marci says:

    This worked! U have to push in and pull out hard with the headphones FYI for those not getting it to work :)

  245. David says:

    THANKS! It worked.

  246. Hugo says:

    I LOVE YOU. Worked Flawlessly!

  247. Syed says:

    I swear to god it worked. A little dirty grey cotton came out and then put the ear plug and pulled it. It worked!!! Thanks man

  248. Miyu Takumi says:

    This didn’t work for me when I tried and tried and tried again. So I turned off my phone and worked on it then. When I turned it back on I put in my headphones and then took them out. Now my phone is functioning fine! Thank you!

  249. Wan Duggy says:

    Didn’t work the first time, tried it again and it was all cool. U the real MVP. Lol

  250. Bruce Wayne says:

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  251. peter says:

    hair dryer worked perfect.

  252. Steve C. says:

    Awesome, Thank you, just fixed my phone. I was shoveling today with phone in side pocket in pants unprotected, must have caused it to get stuck in headphone mode.
    Thanks for info.!!

  253. Sahiba says:

    It’s still not working what should I do :(!!!!!

  254. Thanks a lot!!!!! This helped me a lot. Thought I had to send it to Apple or throw it across the room.

  255. I went sledding today and my phone got some snow in it and shut down, when it restarted none of my sound was working and was stuck in “headphone mode”. I tried the qtip and the headphones trick but it didn’t work. HOWEVER, sucking on the headphone jack straight for 30 seconds worked. 😊 thanks!

  256. Gee says:

    Big thank you!!!!!

  257. TazGina says:


  258. Jerry says:

    Before you do anything physical to the iPhone, you should always try re-booting. It worked for me and, whilst I’m perfectly happy to use physical means where necessary, it’s always the first port of call for most sudden glitches.

  259. Manthan says:

    Great. worked in a second.

  260. Andi says:

    I used a cocktail stick wrapped around a piece of kitchen roll and just wiped around the inside of the jack, worked straight away.

  261. kiiera says:

    I don’t know how this worked, but it did! thank you so much!

  262. Michael says:

    Thnx mcf u helped me from a trip to the apple store and buying a new phone hands up to uπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  263. bryant says:

    thank you so mush I never thought audio will work but know it does

  264. Lau says:

    None of the above worked but had a “waxvac” as seen on TV device that actually sucked out a tiny piece of debris and now it works!!

  265. Katie says:

    Thanks so much!!! I’ve looked everywhere and this was the only thing that would work

  266. Gabe says:

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Thank you so much!!! My toddler dropped my new phone in the dogs water bowl I thought everything was fine till I wanted to watch a video and the volume didn’t work, tried everything from q-tip to paper clip nothing worked till I saw this post! Thank you so much!!!!:)

  267. Kristina says:

    Thank you! I fell on ice with my iPhone 5 in my pocket and it switched to headphones mode. Tried headphones many times, no good. Pulled most of the cotton off a Qtip, stuck it in the headphone jack and wiggled it around several times, and it works!

  268. Mccoy says:

    It worked. Thanks so much! Life saver really!….

  269. Phil says:

    I had this problem, there was no dirt in the jack and it was’nt wet, what fixed it for me was really simple I removed an app I had installed called Equalizer+ then plugged in the charger and the speaker worked again. Lol weird :)

  270. Dana says:


  271. Rick says:

    This problem is due to a dodgy ringtone I had this problem when I changed my ringtone to a purchased one I tried everything to rectify and got it working by retracing what I did with my phone thought it was a game I downloaded so deleted it restarted iPhone then remembered unchanged ringtone an hour earlier when it happened so I CHANGED RINGTONE BACK TO A FACTORY SETTING RINGTONE AND IT WORKED SO OBVIOUSLY IF YOU RESET YOUR PHPNE IT WOULD CORRECT THIS BUT NO NEED TO DO THAT JUST GO INTO SETTINGS THEN SOUNDS AND CHANGE RINGTONE TO DEFAULT OPENING RINGTONE NOT A PURCHASED ONE THEN TRY PRESSING YOUR VOLUME KEYS OR PLAYING MUSIC AND THIS SHOULD NOW BE FIXED

  272. Lucan says:

    Worked for me I used a metal hair grip :)))

  273. tina g says:

    Tried the hints and tips without success, but went one step further, blasted the hole with a hot hairdryer, and worked straight away. Cheers buddy!

  274. Axl says:

    Thanks dude!

  275. Leslie says:

    Thanks so much! I froze my phone in the freezer then took all the dirt out with a toothpick☺️

  276. Elle says:

    It worked after a while. Thanks

  277. Ashfaq says:

    I tried plugging unplugging.. I tried blowing.. I tried restarting the phone.. Nothing really worked but this did… Thanks alot.. I was going mad…!!

  278. Ss says:

    It worked. Thanks a lot

  279. Bryce says:

    Man thanks! This really worked, took me a few try’s tho.

  280. MSK says:

    My sister ran into this problem some time ago and we didn’t know how fix it except keeping restarting the phone.

    Here is the best solution ever to fix it. Thanks a lot.

  281. Shabana says:

    Thank you so much
    I went to the apple shop and they were going to charge me £240 to replace phone. And this page helped me fix my phone for free 😊

  282. Roman says:

    This worked great. At first it did not, but it was just because the q tip would not go in all the way. I had to take most of the cotton off, but it was fine and worked after that. Thank you.

  283. jeff says:

    use a vacuum cleaner hold your phone then have some one hold the end of the pointed attachment then place your headphone hole over the vacuum while you hold your phone works good

  284. SnowBound says:

    Compressed air worked like a charm. Phone took a bath in the toilet about a week ago but silaca gel sorted that out :)

    Today the poor phone got dropped in the snow, nice white puffy stuff. I first tried to do the headphone removal trick but no luck. A puff of compressed air and water literally squirted out the headphone port and the sound / speaker came back to life.

    You can also test to see if the speaker is really hosed by going into your ringtones under settings and trying to play a few, in my case the speaker worked so I knew it was not hosed – I think the phone will ring even when a pair of headphones are inserted into the phone. Thanks OS X daily.

  285. Heather says:

    One try with this method and it worked! Thank you.

  286. McKayla says:

    This worked but I had to suck on the headphone jack. I did the q-tip thing and it didn’t work so I tried sucking on the jack instead f blowing and it works but you have to suck kinda hard. (Mine was water)

  287. Jihan says:

    Thank you so much. Just tried this and it absolutely worked. It took me about 3 tries but the result was absolutely worth it 😊

  288. Muhammed says:

    Thanks alot

  289. Peter says:

    Tried all that but it still didn’t work so I deleted the last app I had installed two day before that was working ok at the time but had an update and now my phone is working ok ( YouTube player)

  290. Danny says:

    Thank you!

  291. Onniel says:

    Thank u so much it work

  292. Dylan says:

    Worked great after a couple pokes with a q-tip. Thanks!!

  293. R says:

    Thank you! Thank you! 1) blow 2) Sticking a q-tip and taking a bit of the cotton off so Q-Tip goes in.

  294. Key says:

    thanks, it worked for me :) try using a toothpick to make sure the little balls on the sides are not sticking. also wipe the dust out from around them, use a flashlight to look down in there!

  295. Christian says:

    It worked for like 2 minutes, now it all chuck up again, and won’t be fixed. Didn’t even used headphones in the first place..

  296. Missy says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much. The Qtip did the trick!

  297. Worked like a charm! Thanks!!

  298. Sebastian says:

    It worked!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

  299. John says:

    It took me several tries, but if finally worked. Thanks!

  300. nurofeg says:

    It really works. I thought my phone was broken but it was wet and this trick with headphones turned my phone into ringer mode again. Thanks.

  301. Aman says:

    Take an earbud and put it inside the jack and take it out, repeat it few times and then check if your phone is out of headphone mode or not. It has solved my problem.

  302. Sneh says:

    Thanks.It worked.πŸ‘

  303. capt8ball says:

    another fix that worked for me and this will sound strange but place the iphone next to the air vent of a laptop and then run a very powerful graphics program. the heat that comes off the laptops heat vent will heat up the iphone and thus dry out the moisture. you can place a q-tip in the headphone jack to speed the process but this will take a good 20 to 30 minutes because u need to substancaly heat the iphone to where the back of the phone is giving off heat. hope this helps


  304. ShareBear❀️21 says:

    For me personally, none of the above options worked for me. Neither did anything else I tried. I was so sad I didn’t want to get my iPod fixed because I literally just bought it. I tried rebooting IT but nothing. I finally tried putting it in dfu mode while locked and waited about 5 -10minutes. When I turned it back on everything was back to normal. I was soooooooo HAPPY. I thought to share it to people who are having the same problem to help them. Good Luck πŸ˜‰

  305. Debra says:

    Can of ultra duster worked great!! Thanks for the info!

  306. Jay says:

    Great, this worked for me first try, I thought something in my phone was broken. I was all mad and frustrated about to go to Apple Store πŸ˜ƒ thanks man.

  307. C money says:

    Totally worked, first time something simple actually works with an Iphone.
    Cheers for putting this up!

  308. arton says:

    thank u it work for me :D

  309. Alaa says:

    Your tips worked for me, thank you so much! :)

  310. Zoe says:

    This worked great!!! I’m so happy!!! πŸ˜„ Thank you so much for your help!

  311. Becca says:

    I dropped my phone on the sink and I thought it was done for but it looked fine so I wanted to listen to music and that happend but after 50-60 attempts it finnaly worked so THANK YOU my parents would have killed me if they found out

  312. Steve says:

    Thanks heaps it worked exactly how you said it would. Have you got tonight’s lottery numbers ? πŸ˜‚

  313. Henry says:

    The Q-tip worked like a charm on my iphone6, I had the same problem with my old 4S and it fixed that one too.

  314. Phil says:

    Had to get some of the cotton off to get it to fit in the jack. Used two q-tips, pretty dirty in there. Then I blew with pursed lips at an angle where it whistled slightly. I was skeptical but it worked! Thanks for the tips.

  315. Luis says:

    It worked for me. Cool

  316. Julz says:

    Fixed it in less than 30secs with just duster :) thank you!

  317. Tracey says:

    Thank you!! Tried blowing and using a paint brush plus the headphones in and out, that didn’t work. then found your article , used a q-tip and firmly pushed headphone plug in and yanked it out. WORKED! I had gotten the phone wet! Thank you!

  318. Kalee says:

    Thank you(: mine works again

  319. Mike says:

    Thank you, for the sanity saving fix.

  320. stephanie says:

    None of those worked and then I remembered I had run in a huge downpour. I used bits of twisted up paper towel and twisted these in the jack – came out wet and hey presto problem solved!

  321. RC Fisher says:

    It worked for me.

  322. Julia says:

    Worked like magic ! Thanks so much for giving the solution …

  323. Amanda says:

    Thank you!!!!!!! It worked πŸ™

  324. Debbie says:

    Oh thanx a lot!! It has worked for me yet I hadn’t switched off the phone when it fell in the water!! Very happy indeed!!!πŸ˜œπŸ’ƒ

  325. Madison says:

    Got some water in my headphone jack, soaked in rice for a few hours, but I’m having to work. If I put rice only in the headphone jack, what are the chances it will soak enough and begin working again? Also, I saw a post about using compressed air to clear out the headphone jack. Will this be beneficial towards water damage or harm it further?

  326. Des says:

    Thank you!!!!! You just saved me from buying my third phone this year. My cat spilled coffee on my phone and this tip worked!

  327. lauren says:

    Thank you SO much!

  328. DangerDan says:

    Thank you, this worked for me too :)

  329. Tobias says:

    It worked, many thanks

  330. Brian says:

    Work for me, I roll toilet tissue the size of a Q-tip..

  331. Peter says:

    Surprised that such a simple thing as blowing into the headphone jack could actually fix the problem, but it did! Thanks for the advice!

  332. Wong says:

    Amazing! Stuck on headphone mode after dropping it into the wc (lucky oredi flushed!). Local dealer (PJ, Malaysia) unable to help. Wanted to buy a new phone, but luckily they were out of stock. Went home, checked your site, voila it works!!!

  333. Hayden says:

    Thx helped me a lot✌️

  334. bharat godhwani says:

    iT WORKED !!! thanks a lot 😊

  335. Ricardo says:

    Cut both sides of a qtip and insert it in the ear phone jack and blow air

  336. Suzster says:

    Didn’t work till I used the qtip. Took me a few tries but I got it :)

  337. Domi says:

    Used canned air to blow out headphone port & it works perfectly again. So thankful! So easy & no trip to Verizon/Apple store! πŸ˜ƒ

  338. Annie says:

    It worked!!!! Im so happy! thank you!!!

  339. Liz says:

    It worked for me too! Took a few tries, but great solution. Thank you so much for the clear instructions and visuals. :)

  340. peeder says:

    I had something different, where the ear speaker (for normal phone use) just got “stuck” off in iOS 8.0.2 software, even though the software didn’t think the headphones were in the jack. Speakerphone worked fine. Powercycling didn’t help, but oddly, using Voice memo did solve the problem. It’s as if the audio driver got corrupted and the Phone app couldn’t fix it.

  341. Kory says:

    Thanks a lot thought I broke something there for a minute.

  342. Chris says:

    Brilliant tip saved a trip to Apple store did not work at first but repeated it as instructed spot on now Thanks :-)

  343. Andy says:

    Caught in a downpour yesterday, tornado actually, yes in blighty. Phone went into headphone only mode. Wrapped it in a babies nappy overnight which has done the trick

  344. Felicia says:

    Thanks so much. This worked for me…………

  345. Db1129 says:

    Also turning your phone off and then back on works, it just worked for me

  346. Jenni says:

    Holy cow. The qtip and sucking on the port for 30 min WORKED. Thank you so much!!!!!

  347. John Rissler says:

    Clarification: It was on the iPod Touch device itself that the in line controls quit working – not the EarPods.

  348. John Rissler says:

    As expected, it didn’t work for me.

    My iPod Touch headphone jack started giving me trouble soon after I purchased it with weird behaviour. Now it seems to be permanently stuck in some partial headphone mode. The volume adjustment shows headphones (with no headphones attached), but there is no sound out of either the speakers or the headphones when they are attached.

    Also, the inline EarPod controls stopped working soon after purchase. I think my Touch should have been painted yellow!

  349. John Rissler says:

    As expected, it didn’t work for me.

    My iPod Touch headphone jack started giving me trouble soon after I purchased it with weird behaviour. Now it seems to be permanently stuck in some partial headphone mode. The volume adjustment shows headphones (with no headphones attached), but there is no sound out of either the speakers or out of the headphones either when they are attached.

    Also, the inline EarPod controls stopped working soon after purchase. I think my Touch should have been painted yellow!

  350. Callum says:

    This has been the third technique I’ve used to try to solve this problem but it is still not changing anything, thanks anyway.

  351. Dani says:

    Thanks!!!!! It worked for me as well

  352. keeley says:

    It didn’t work at first and got really fustrating but I finally did it! cut the q-tip it definitely works!

  353. Bec says:

    Thank you so much. I was flipping out!!! This worked like a charm

  354. laura says:

    thank you so much!! it worked like a charm, all the other tutorials said to plug and unplug the earphones several times which didnt work AT ALL, i did that almost 30 times before finding yours. it worked instantly!! thanks a lot!! :))))

  355. Fionat says:

    Just did again n worked thank u so much I thought my phone was cactus. Will have to remember this for future. Thanks again mate

  356. Fiona says:

    I just tried this n didn’t work

  357. Afr0den says:

    Qtip trick works. Gotta pull off a little of the cotton to make it fit. Thank you.

  358. Spirited says:

    Used shop vacuum on head phone jack for 10 seconds, then pushed the volume button. Worked great.

  359. Deanna says:

    It worked. Its magical. Thank god. And you too, i’m really scared if my father know this thing and have to take my phone to apple centre. Thank you so much!!!!

  360. Barry says:

    I tried everything on every site I could find to no avail. Finally trimmed a cotton swap down to fit the hole, sprayed contact cleaner into the hole, stuck the cotton swap in and twirled it around a little, pulled it out, and “success”!

  361. Kyle hackett says:

    Thanks a lot removed some cotton from the q-tip cleaned the jack out then blew into it plugged the headphones in then firmly removed them worked straight away thanks again

  362. Amber says:

    Thank you so much this is amazing dropped the very top of my iPhone on water couldn’t hear anything but now I can ☺️

  363. Terry says:

    Cotton bud done the trick
    Great tip

  364. Shariq says:

    Thanks it really works i was worried to have reseted my fn but got this tip and it worked thnks

  365. shan says:

    Omggg thanks I had to take off the Qtip part and use the stick and it worked my phone was stuck in headset mode for 3 days

  366. Zie Yoora says:

    Sounds silly but still it didn’t work! I tried like a dozen times but ended up in the same situation~ i cant use the speaker mode when I’m playing a song from apps but the ringtone works fine~ Help please… :'(

  367. babak says:

    very usefull
    Thank you.

  368. Pradipta says:

    This solution worked for me. Thank u….

  369. BC says:

    None of the following (blowing, sucking, hairdryer, qtip) worked for me, but I was certain that it was a headphone jack hardware issue (I opened up phone and disconnected each connection one at a time–only when headphone jack was disconnected did sound/mode return to normal). Thereafter, I used a bike air pump with ball inflation needle, inserted the ball needle into headphone jack and pumped for 1 minute (making sure to move the needle around within the jack). Success, finally!!!

  370. Julia Waters says:

    Thank you! Thought my speaker was damaged from a little water that got on it when I dropped it brushing my teeth, but it was just stuck in headphone mode from the impact.

    I just pulled a bit of cotton off the Q-tip to make it fit and using this alone worked for me! :)

  371. Joshua says:

    It worke for me!!!!!!!!!! After one hour I turned on my iPhone and their was sound now xD

  372. Holly says:

    Worked on my daughter’s phone! Thanks a lot!

  373. SR says:

    THANK YOU! I was literally crying until I stuck a q-tip, a napkin, and my headphones in like 80 times in a row. This literally saved my life.

  374. Renze says:

    Thanks a lot!! It worked!!

  375. Judy says:

    Thanks so much! Totally worked for

  376. Dan says:

    Thanks for this. I looked at the apple support forums and nothing worked for me. This worked first time, was comprehensive and I appreciated the screenshots. Good work thank you

  377. Roz says:

    It worked for me and all I did was put the q-tip thanks I was about to throw my iPhone across the room

  378. Stuge says:

    What worked for me , was to go to reset, and reset just
    settings :)

  379. Danae says:

    Thank you so much! My IPhone was stuck in “headphones” mode, and I took off my phone case and it just worked! I don’t even know how a case could do that!

  380. Tabii says:

    I have tried every solution mentioned on internet, plugged in and out headphones for hundreds of time, q-tips, earbuds etc but what worked for me was dead simple and awkward, “pluging in the charging cable” helped me out πŸ˜€

    • gaijinwife says:

      Thank you!

      Finally, I was about ready to throw the damn thing out the bloody window. Plugged in my charger and it went back to ‘Ringer’ straight away. Phoned myself to check :)

  381. Dolly says:

    Worked a treat!! Thank you!! One hard tug of the headphone jack post cotton bud cleansing at job done!!!

  382. Waleed says:

    If qtip doesn’t work take a piece of toilet paper and role it so it fits the jack about 1/2 inch to 3/4 then push it down and turn it. This will reach the bottom and with pushing it down it will also clean the sides. This definitely works if the there is dirt in the jack.

  383. Sanjib says:

    I blew into headphone port and it Worked for me.
    Thank you so much

  384. Abu says:

    Thankx aloft :D

  385. Mac says:

    I work on a sweet potato farm and recently I was sitting in the office and I had my phone on the desk here it feel off. The bak of my phone has a few cracks but what has me worried is my sound is stuck in headphone mode. My text tone and music don’t play anymore and I have to talk to people in speaker phone. However I still get my phone call ringtone. I’ve tried everything I have seen to do online. Maybe I’m just not doing it right, I dunno. But does anyone have any suggestions??

  386. Stu says:

    Q tip worked brilliantly. Thanks

  387. Connie says:

    Working for me. Thank you!!!

  388. Vince says:

    Thank you all so much. It worked finally when I cut the end of the Q-tip off. It fell in the water whilst brushing my teeth. You all rock!

  389. Chan Donley says:


  390. Deeo says:

    Thanks a lot.Worked for me:)

  391. John says:

    It worked fine for me.

  392. Kevin says:

    Used the end of a Q-Tip just had to pull the cotton off to get it to fit in. Stuck it in the headphone jack and moving it around pressed the tiny button on the inside of the jack and that seemed to do something. The headphones now work magic.

  393. Bucktard says:

    Worked on the first try! Thanks! Also, amazing how many people really seemed to take it personally that it didn’t work for them.

  394. Sidni says:

    Omg Ur the best thanks so much

  395. LB says:

    You’re seriously my favourite person right now. I got caught in a torrential rain storm with my iPhone and thought maybe it had killed the speakers for good. But the qtip worked!

  396. Felix says:

    It worked! Tks a lot.

  397. aditya says:

    thank you it worked for me.

  398. Leah says:

    Thank you! I was so worried I’d broken my phone forever, but your fix worked on the first try. Amazing!

  399. Jay says:

    I tried plugging and unplugging my headphones multiple times and after 30-45 attempts it finally worked!!

  400. Iphone5 says:

    Didn’t work!

  401. kay says:

    whao ..this worked for me …thanks so much

  402. rohan says:

    same problem with me….. i cleaned the jack port with nail polish remover and then blown it with hair dryer…… and wollaaah… it worked. !!!!
    no need to restore or switch it on n off!!!!

  403. midhun says:


  404. Dahej says:

    Lol air compresor work for me..thanks

  405. Luis says:

    compressed air!!!!! Got it working in less than 30sec. Thanks!

  406. Gozie says:

    Thank you so much! At first nothing happened but I did it once more and wala! Thanks you!

  407. Derp says:

    Thanks so much I got scared because i didn’t wanna have go update my ipad thank you!

  408. Cassidy says:

    Got juice in my headphone jack, this worked, thanks so much !

  409. P says:

    Spilled wine previous night. Stuck in headphone mode. Used blow dryer and fixed. Thanks!

  410. Jose says:

    I was listening music in the showe when my iphone fell and get a little bi wet and get stuck on headphone mode, still reset and try airplane mode trick without fix it until i try this trick with the q-tip … Thanks a lot

  411. Kevin says:

    I used a rizla riled up n it worked 1st tym I tried everything n it didn’t work 20p pack of rizla the tool for job

  412. AL says:

    I wet my iphone today playing “holi” with friends. It was in my front pocket and my friends dumped a couple of buckets of water on my head. There was also some food grade color that got on my phone and I left it in my damp pocket for over two hours.
    I come home after that and voila realize that the phone was stuck in headphone mode. Plugging/unplugging headphone 10 times didnt work. Finally used the toothpick method to take food color out of the headphone jack (not sure if there was any) and blow dryer on high setting to dry the phone. This finally did the trick!
    Now I have put it in a rice bag to suck more moisture out. Hopefully, the phone will continue to work well going forward
    Thanks for this thread and all the comments

  413. Ellen says:

    Totally worked with the q-tip! Just had to pull most of the cotton off to get it to fit in! Thanks!

  414. Cpetmon says:

    Thank you. Tried the pulling the headphone in and out several times and nothing. Finally tried a Q-tip and pulled it in and out a few times and it worked.

  415. Jpops says:

    I had someone call me and that seemed to reset the ringer. Tried the other tricks to no avail.

    • NurseC says:

      I was reading through the tricks getting frustrated that none were working for me. Read this, reached over and called myself. Fixed! Thanks.

  416. Rob says:

    I had to use the toothpick and then it finally worked. Pulled quite a bit of lint out of the headphone jack. Thanks for the tip!

  417. Kari says:

    It worked! I was about to lose hope, but it worked! Just got to so it a few times and it works! Thank you!

  418. Happy person says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  419. hauntedoath says:

    thankyou so much
    it works like a charm!

  420. Sam says:

    Thank You

    My phone was stuck on headphones after getting an Amber Alert while talking on phone. I have never used headphone jack,nor was was there dirt in it,so I think it was a software glitch. I tried plugging headphones in with case on and it didn’t solve the problem, but did with case off!!!

  421. Eric Cornejo says:

    Yes thank you so Much!!!

  422. Nicki says:

    Thanks so much! Tried everything for my 5s, but the Q-tip stick worked like a charm. Saved me a trip to the Apple store :)

  423. mcf says:

    Cutting off the end of a Q-Tip and sticking it in the headphone jack and moving it around got some gunk out and I pressed the tiny button on the inside of the jack and that seemed to do something. FIXED!

  424. Mugilan says:

    Wow! Great it works….. thanx a lot

  425. L says:

    Dropped hot water on my phone and now it’s stuck on earphones mode. But I can hear the phone calls!

  426. L says:

    Didn’t work >..<

  427. Tommy says:

    I found that if you cut the a tip and use the stick part it work better to clean it out. Just stick it in the jack and wiggle tadaa

    • Chuck says:

      I had the same experience, Tommy! I was able to unlock the “Headphones Only” by sucking on the earphone jack (seriously, found that tip online in an Apple forum), but it would keep reverting to “Headphones.” We’ll see if the “cut Q-tip” technique works, can’t wait to upgrade & get rid of i-Phone 4!

    • Trevor says:

      Thank you so much that worked great!

    • Tom says:

      Thank you for this great tip. I finally fixed my Iphone!!!

  428. Erin says:

    Just tried it on a 2yr old Iphone and it worked! Thanks so much!!

    • Secret Person says:

      Ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahah! TWO year old phone?! Try a 5 year old, first version, iPod touch! So old it might as well be antique! What’s worse is that and me 4year old IPhone 3G are hand-me downs from my uncle and GRANDMA! In that order!

    • Secret Person says:

      No offense to you Erin.

  429. Kobon R says:

    Thank you!

  430. Andrew Green says:

    Wow it worked!
    what a miracle!
    I love the easy ones

    Thank you

  431. Saysha says:

    OMG !!! i loveee you sooo much !!! i dropped my phone in water and it kept saying it was in headphone mode ! i did what you suggested and it worked !!!! thank you soooooo much !!!

    • Judy says:

      I dropped my iPhone 6+ in water this morning and my headphone was stuck on. I used a Q-tip as suggested and now it is fixed! Thanks again.

      • PHAT says:

        this did work for me as well thanks with qtip and toothpick

      • Nance says:

        I am overjoyed to have found this tip…the QTip! A water bottle tipped in my purse, and some water must have invaded my phone. I shaved a QTip down a bit, inserted it into the phone jack, rotated it, and the video of my grandson could be heard again! Thanks for saving me a trip to the Apple Store.

  432. Lynda says:

    Thanks for the great tip!
    It fixed my iPhone.

  433. Michael says:

    Worked for me! I tried plenty of tricks online and this worked fine. I had to be rougher than I thought and had to unplug the headphones about a dozen times before it worked itself out.

    Thanks for posting

  434. Carlos says:

    Thanks you saved me from getting in trouble.

  435. Myrna says:

    It has happened to me twice and this quick fix has worked wonderfully !!

  436. Kirsty says:

    Iv tried the plenty of times plus iv tried other things but nothing… It would work but as soon as I put my charger in it starts acting up, iv cleaned the phone top to bottom and it’s all fully updated… Hmmm need help! It’s driving my mad!!

    • Secret Person says:

      I have that too! I think you just can’t use the sound while it’s plugged in, without headphones.

  437. Rosemarie hunt says:

    I tried both of the options and still hasn’t worked. The volume control on the side of the phone only says headphones it does not show ringer. I just got this phone 3 days ago.

  438. Dan says:

    When nothing else I found on the internet, this did!


    • Kathryn says:

      Thank you so much! The q-tip did the trick. I just had to pull off a bit of the cotton in order to fit it into the headphone jack. Great solution, thanks!

  439. Sayed momi says:

    Wonderful n thank u very very much….
    Your tip works..

  440. Anahera says:

    Kia Ora, I tried this and it worked! Thank you. I did use a 3 band plug so not sure if this was a factor too. Saved me a trip out to the hardware shop to buy compressed air….

  441. Shane says:

    Didn’t work for me at all. Thanks for nothing

  442. Aditi says:

    thanks a LOT :)

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