7 Reasons Not to Jailbreak iOS, Courtesy of Apple

Dec 22, 2013 - 33 Comments

It’s only fitting with a new iOS 7 jailbreak being available that we cover the other side of the things; why you should not jailbreak at all. We’ve already mentioned in this jailbreaking guide that most users should not bother using the jailbreak at all, because casual iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners will probably not benefit from the result and may just run into problems. Accordingly, we do not recommend it for most users. That’s just our opinion though, so who better to tell you jailbreaking is a bad idea than Apple itself?

Reasons Not To Jailbreak

It should come as no surprise that Apple has never been a fan of jailbreaking iOS for a variety of reasons. These seven (six plus one = 7) points are directly from Apple’s Support article addressing the subject, emphasizing problems that may be experienced which lead Apple to think jailbreaking is a bad idea, and why you should not jailbreak any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. They are:

Reasons Not to Jailbreak iOS

  1. Security vulnerabilities
  2. Instability of iOS and apps
  3. Shortened battery life
  4. Unreliable voice and data
  5. Disruption of services
  6. Inability to apply future software updates (iOS updates)
  7. Apple may deny service to jailbroken devices

Those interested in the topic should read the entire knowledge base article from Apple, citing their complete reasons for each specific instance of potential problems encountered. We’re repeating their full text below, quoting directly from Apple’s knowledge base article on the matter:

iOS is designed to be reliable and secure from the moment you turn on your device. Built-in security features protect against malware and viruses and help to secure access to personal information and corporate data. Unauthorized modifications to iOS (“jailbreaking”) bypass security features and can cause numerous issues to the hacked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, including:

Security vulnerabilities: Jailbreaking your device eliminates security layers designed to protect your personal information and your iOS device. With this security removed from your iOS device, hackers may steal your personal information, damage your device, attack your network, or introduce malware, spyware or viruses.

Instability: Frequent and unexpected crashes of the device, crashes and freezes of built-in apps and third-party apps, and loss of data.

Shortened battery life: The hacked software has caused an accelerated battery drain that shortens the operation of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on a single battery charge.

Unreliable voice and data: Dropped calls, slow or unreliable data connections, and delayed or inaccurate location data.

Disruption of services: Services such as Visual Voicemail, Weather, and Stocks have been disrupted or no longer work on the device. Additionally, third-party apps that use the Apple Push Notification Service have had difficulty receiving notifications or received notifications that were intended for a different hacked device. Other push-based services such as iCloud and Exchange have experienced problems synchronizing data with their respective servers.

Inability to apply future software updates: Some unauthorized modifications have caused damage to iOS that is not repairable. This can result in the hacked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iOS update is installed.

Apple strongly cautions against installing any software that hacks iOS. It is also important to note that unauthorized modification of iOS is a violation of the iOS end-user software license agreement and because of this, Apple may deny service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that has installed any unauthorized software.

Did you catch the 7th reason? It’s at the very end there (our emphasis added): Apple can deny warranty service coverage or any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch that has an active jailbreak. This is a very important point to make, because if you mess up the process and can’t restore the device yourself, Apple may cite the jailbreak to not provide warranty service, and send you on your way.

It really can’t be emphasized enough; jailbreaking is best for advanced users who understand all possible risks associated with the process. If you’re not sure whether you should jailbreak or not, the safest bet is to not do it because it can cause more problems than some users expect to experience, and may dramatically reduce their devices abilities to provide the stable experience they have become accustomed to. Ultimately it’s your decision, do what is right for you and your individual device needs.


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  1. George says:

    I’m in two mind about whether to install tweakbox because tweakbox has some tweaks which help us to work non jailbreak iPhone like a jailbreak iPhone, what do you think of these tweaks whether you think that I endanger my security or it might leads my iPhone to jailbreak iPhone, I mean my iPhone seems to non jailbreak but in fact it is not

  2. ragav says:

    ya true my iphones battery life is shortened

  3. Ashlle says:

    I totally agree with Paul, ” jail breaking “should be reserved for advanced computer techs,who know exactly what they want and exactly how to fix any problem that may arise,not for the novice computer user, even less for a novice phone user who thinks “it’s cool” to jail break for free music. Read,be aware and informed about any decision.

  4. Haaksik says:

    #3: Bulls**t. But since it’s the fear of every iPhone user, it’s a smart thing from Apple to put it there as discouragement.

  5. Dhogufdh says:

    Thanks for all the info
    Still undecided whether to JB or not

  6. Homer J says:

    Paul Horowitz – well written article, thank you as well for sharing your time and opinion.

  7. Homer J says:

    Ray Junior – Thank you for your time and thoughtful points. As a bench tech that has been employed repairing mac’s since 92 I can verify every point you made about crapple. We call them popeye systems, I am what I am and that’s all I am,… Mac n crap, etc. nice hardware but proprietary in every sense of the word mostly to the detriment of the end user’s flexibility.

    don’t jailbreak = apple speak for don’t remove us from the loop as the sole source for software, repairs and tech support.

  8. Martin says:

    Two reasons to jailbreak that shouldn’t be reasons to jailbreak:
    –Expanded keyboard that includes numbers and symbols on same layer as letters. (one more row, that’s all)
    –Freeing up of icons to allow them anywhere on screen.

    One reason NOT to jailbreak: ITunes Radio won’t work.

    Well played, Apple. Now make some simple changes. Is this really Rocket Science as you’d lead us to believe?

  9. Elijah says:

    ok. Apple is being such a pain. I have jailbroken my devices with no problem or hassle. I have more better experiences with a jailbroken device than a non jailbroken device. Apple should add more features that are given to jailbroken devices than sticking to the locked up piece they sell to the public. That’s why I sold my devices and got android. It has less restrictions and more user based ideas,

  10. The Truth says:

    saying not to jailbreak because of,
    Instability of iOS and apps (They blame app authors) Shortened battery life (They blame apps)
    Unreliable voice and data (They blame Network)
    Disruption of services (who knows who they blame for this)

    is complete and utter bullocks as I have these problems with a un-jailbroken IPhone 5, and I update my phone constantly via itunes

    apple really need to fix up and take response ability then people wont jailbreak

  11. Eddy says:

    Ops, I forgot to say that I was answering to Ray Junior.

  12. Eddy says:

    Really impressive.
    I am with you 100%
    I am coming from Android only for professional reasons, and my new IPad mini lacks the liberty of Android tweaking.
    I will jailbreak sooner than later.
    Thanks a lot for your post.

  13. FRED says:

    Not sure

  14. Ray Junior says:

    Before you read this and assume i’m an android or pc user, just know that my phone is an iPhone 5, my tablet is an iPad mini, all my computers are macs and I have several high level apple certifications because I did high level Apple I.T. for 15+ years. So i’m not some outsider… I’m just a guy that woke up in the last few years .. i feel like neo coming out of the matrix, i digress…

    If you buy apple’s reasons not to jailbreak, I’ve got a really nice tree overseas I want to sell you. It’s pre-watered by the way.. How do you not see that this is a MARKETING piece, not a tech or “customer service” piece?

    And really… you could ONLY think of TWO reasons to jailbreak? Are you on apple’s payroll or something.

    Good Lord… do you apple people even read the garbage apple sells before posting it? Do you even bother to vet this stuff?

    Apparently not, so pardon me while I step all over your blind commitment to a corporate beast that looks to control your every move on YOUR device that YOU paid for, addressing each point in turn:

    1. “Security vulnerabilities:” It is an outright lie to say that jailbreaking a device automatically eliminates security layers. The process of jailbreaking presses through EXISTING vulnerabilities that apple is unaware of – in other words, they use holes in security that exist to get in, not the complete elimination of security as apple implies. Then, once they are in, they MODIFY the users ability to do what they want on their own device. In turn, the user then CHOOSES what they want to install and in turn THOSE items could create security issues (oh God… not .. CHOICE! there, i did it.. I said the “C” word public, DON’T TELL APPLE!). The items that can be introduced (malware, spyware, viruses, etc…) are no more possible than they are on your desktop computer.

    2. “Instability:” This one’s a joke right? Here apple is implying that the the jailbreak software will freeze and crash all the time but their nazi way of doing things eliminates freezes and crashes…? I have downloaded PLENTY of apps from the official app store that freeze or crash my device over the years. Not much different than the jailbreak store (cydia). Actually, there are two things that are very different: 1) cydia has the mobile substrate which watches for crashes and automatically turns off all offending software when it notices crashing or circular reboots on the phone – then alerts you on the screen it has done so 2) There are wonderful apps on the jailbreak store that allow you to close all open apps in one fell swoop (instead of apple’s incredibly stupid and cumbersome one at a time method…). the one I choose is called WeeCloseApps. Many times when a crash of an app happens (from the app store, not the jailbroken store) I can swipe and all apps close, and suddenly the app that was crashing will run. As much as people try to claim that all apps sleep when not in the foreground (and since they supposedly are all “sandboxed”) and , therefore, cannot effectuate a crash , this is simply not true in my real world experience. Would never have known that without jailbreaking

    3. “Shortened battery life:” If apple’s true genius is in its marketing, then this one is the Pièce de rĂ©sistance of it all. This is, bar none, the most disingenuous of them all. yes, it’s quite true that many jail breakers experience shortened battery life – but apple is SPECIFICALLY leaving out the context to avoid getting their collective derrieres’ in a sling. One of the all time great hoaxes perpetrated on iOS users is the “amazing battery life” of apple’s devices. Apple achieves this through some really important hacking of their own: A) they don’t allow most apps to do anything in the background B) they don’t allow more than one app on the screen at once (i.e.: no real user accessible multitasking). This is because , for all Apple’s hype about how amazing the iPhone is, they can’t seem to figure out how to do normal day to day computer stuff on it without it killing your battery in a few hours. Jailbreakers were very quick to install things that they wanted to see on their phone (like running apps in the background and multitasking things) but were immediately faced with how inefficient the iPhone actually is at this as it relates to battery life (because of apple’s bad coding and foresight). It’s not that the iPhone CAN’T handle battery life better when multitasking or backgrounding apps, it’s that apple hasn’t bothered to write efficient code to do so. The problem is so magnanimous that running even ONE app in the background while another is chugging away in the foreground can shorten your battery life by more than 50%. Again, this is NOT a jailbreak problem, it’s an apple coding problem. Year after year apple used this excuse to “illuminate” why jailbreaking would be unattractive, then, almost in the cover of night, they made changes in iOS 7 to address more backgrounding of apps. VOILA! suddenly the battery lasts a bit longer… .and the jailbreak community’s apps also benefit from this longer battery life. Also, the jailbreak community came up with great ways to improve battery life by giving the user control over the problem and introducing more and more apps to help make battery life more efficient for those of us who want to have our youtube videos continue to run in the background (i.e.: so we can hear what’s going on, like a music service would do) or want calculations to continue, or games to continue going so we’re not paused out of them and removed from the play field just to respond to a text message.

    There is the school of thought that apple purposely punished (read: didn’t write more efficient code) ALL iOS users with no backgrounding for the last 7 years simply to continue to perpetrate this hoax of an argument against the jailbreaking community. Call it conspiracy theory if you want but don’t forget apple’s specific comment that it was going “thermonuclear” on google, and would spend its entire cash hoard if necessary, to put them out of business. i.e.: apple would risk their entire fortune (putting the entire iOS community in jeopardy if apple goes out of business) just to exact a vendetta. For all that was good about steve jobs, he was a cry baby elitist jerk that whined too much of the time. Then there’s his personal vendetta against adobe with the removal of flash from the iPhone.. (don’t get me started on his spurious (and that’s being kind) remarks on why flash needed to be left on the iPhone, I can tear those apart as well). so it’s not conspiracy at all to think this was intentional by apple.

    4. “Unreliable voice and data: Dropped calls, slow or unreliable data connections, and delayed or inaccurate location data.” … oh.. you mean like it normally is?

    This one is absurd on its face, and is not even worth the time to address it other than to point out one thing: I’ve been jailbreaking every flavor of iPhone since the first day jailbreaking was available. I’ve spent a LOT of time jailbroken and a LOT of time not jailbroken -there is ZERO difference in the reliability of my devices.

    5. “Disruption of services:” This is simply #4 all over again, continues to be an outright lie, and .. as i stated in my response to #4, after all these years of jailbreaking I’ve never ONCE, at any time, had any of these issues. NOT EVEN ONCE.

    6. “Inability to apply future software updates:” – Do me a favor, go to the apple store and look around for people trying to get service. There’s no one with an iPhone right? 100% of them are having trouble with an iPod or a mac, right? oh wait.. PLENTY of them have iPhones that don’t work, and almost none of them are jailbroken (given the statistics on how many phones are jailbroken). in other words: phones die all the time, and have issues that require exchange of the device without ever being jailbroken. the occurrence of these incidents are no higher on jailbroken devices than they are on non jailbroken devices. If apple wishes to pursue this spurious argument then they should be willing to provide hard stats on it instead of marketing speculation.

    7. “Apple can deny warranty service coverage” – technically true, but not once has it ever happened to me when I went in for service. not ever. I’ve not had many problems with my iPhones and iPads that are jailbroken compared to the amount of time I have used each one. However, there have been a few incidents over the years and when i go in apple services the devices every time. And if it’s that big of a concern I just un-jailbreak and they never know the difference.

    1) This is YOUR compeer, YOU paid for it (and paid a premium!): the iPhone is not a phone with a computer in it (as apple has gotten many to think), it is a COMPUTER with a phone in it. how many of you, when going to the store to buy a computer, would complete the purchase at the register if they said “by the way, this computer can only run software from one online web store and you’ll never be able to install anything the manufacturer says you can’t have. furthermore you will never be able to access your file system or have root access to your computer and will never be able to do anything on it that the manufacturer says you can’t do”. 0% of people would buy this computer, so why do we accept it on a mobile computer that happens to be a phone as well?

    2) Both can coexist: there’s no reason that jailbreaking and non-jailbreaking can’t co-exist directly from apple. Apple can provide the iTunes store for those who want the walled garden and like the “security” apple provides, and allow those of us who want to jail break to do so with their blessing without affecting those who do not want to do it. where did we get the idea that it’s all or nothing … oh yeah, from apple. who wants control of what you can and cannot do on your devices. Apple could provide BOTH, but simply refuse to do so

    3) Competition: Everything you love about each release of iOS has been in the jailbreak community for YEARS, working perfectly and efficiently. I had a good laugh at people applauding, lauding and fawning over “control center” in iOS 7. The jailbreak community has had about 100 different flavors of this exact thing for 3+ years, all working very stable and many looking more beautiful than apple’s version. Competition drove apple to do this when they realized this is one of the main reasons people were jailbreaking. But the control center is not the only thing apple was basically forced to do to keep up … plenty of other things like notification center, swiping up to close apps, camera launch from the lock screen, true/real multitasking (which apple claims but has not delivered on in iOS 7 the way the jailbreak community has.. not even close), and so much more got their start in the jailbreak community years ago. I assure you these things were not “inevitable”. Apple has a penchant to refuse to do what everyone else is doing even if the customers demand it. Apple decides when to give you stuff based on their timetable, not market demand. But the jailbreak community is changing that and forcing apple do what the community wants (even if it’s taking fortnight every time). by competing with apple’s store, non jailbroken users are all the more benefiting from what the jail breakers are doing.

    4) Choice, Flexibility, Control: Do i really even need to explain these? Why is it i cannot choose a new theme for my iPhone? I mean REALLy choose.. not just a background, but an overall icon set. Why can I not move a folder to the bottom of my screen if there are no other folders on the screen? Why can i not set an alternate app as the default for a particular service (i.e.: when i click a link in an email, i want chrome to launch, not safari), and so many more things. I can do all these things, and so much more, with a jailbreak.

    5) Forcing Transparency On Apple: By having a community of people who are jailbreaking, we simultaneously get a series of hackers who , because of root level access, can truly verify what apple is doing in the background on the phone without the knowledge of the users. It was the jailbreak community that discovered the centralized “kill switch” apple has for the iPhone and all iPhone users and FORCED apple’s hand to tell the truth about it. Almost every time you hear of some app developer doing something nefarious on the iPhone the discovery came from the jail breakers (i think even the big Google tracking fiasco was discovered by the JB community) and so on. By having a jailbreak in place we can force apple to be transparent about their activities behind the scenes on your phone.

    6) Access To Things You May Want: there are plenty of things apple rejects for the app store that people really want. having a repository for those things encourages choice and allows the free market to decide what will survive and what will not, instead of a behemoth corporate entity

    7) Ethical Reasons: First read this: “Friday, April 5th was the day Apple decided to pull AppGratis out of the App Store, leaving our 12 million iOS users wondering where one of their favorite apps had gone, my 45 employees wondering if they’d still have a job next week, my partners and investors in shock, and myself with an absolutely crazy situation to deal with, thousands of miles away from our headquarters.”. Do you remember this incident? Probably not since apple likes to bury bad PR under a mountain of snowy white and fluffy good pr. This developer of a legitimate and phenomenally popular app called AppGratis (an app that simply recommended other apps) was suddenly notified that apple had changed their minds and didn’t want his app anymore (mind you: this app had been around since 2008, HELPING apple popularize the app store to begin with). Apple simply woke up one day and arbitrarily decided it was in contrast to their best interest and deleted the app from the store. Forget all the other possible implications he mentioned for a moment (though ll are important), FOURTY FIVE hard working people were about to be jobless for no reason other than apple, in their arrogance, decided they didn’t like his app anymore. This is beyond unethical, it is UNCONSCIONABLE! If the free market decided his app was no good and everyone lost their job because they went out of business, that’s one thing. that’s life. But for apple to arbitrarily force people into the unemployment line for no reason. this is insane. This is only one example among MANY times apple has done this to good people, then swept them under the rug to avoid the bad PR. Jailbreaking does several things to help solve this problem: 1) it makes a big statement to apple that WE should be choosing what lives and dies in the app store, not apple. and 2) it provides a platform for apps like this to go to (if they choose) and continue to be on ios. again.. CHOICE. 3) what i didn’t tell you so far about why apple pulled app gratis were the supposed “violations” of app store policies. there were at least 3 apple named, but this one stood out most to me: “Apps that are not very useful, unique, are simply web sites bundled as Apps, or do not provide any lasting entertainment value may be rejected.”. Who the hell is apple to say what is useful, or unique. This is BEYOND arrogant! By having an alternate app store WE decide what is useful and unique. TWELVE MILLION people decided they liked app gratis.. 12 MILLION! yet apple said it’s no good? who they hell do they think they are? here’s the full story if you’re interested: http://appgratis.com/blog/2013/04/09/appgratis-pulled-from-the-app-store-heres-the-full-story/

    8) Device Control: I now have complete control over my device. And since i’m a tech guy I very much value this. I realize not everyone is going to want to SSH into their device, but I’ll bet many would love to do the screen sharing that I do. By screen sharing I can set my device down on the desk, do a simple screen share with it (right from my mac, just as easily as I can screen share to another computer) and when notices pop up or text messages come up, I can see the iPhone screen on my mac screen and respond with there – using my mac’s keyboard and mouse to control, respond and send messages (or anything else i want to do on the iPhone). For those of us who spend our days on a computer, and also get lots of text messages, this is an incredible time saver and radically more convenient and efficient than picking my device up over and over all day. Then there’s the fact that with the jailbreak apps I can install mouse drivers and use my table like a laptop – life is SO much easier now when i’m out and i’m phenomenally more efficient. again, more device control to the user! The list of additional things you can do on your device goes on and on .. too many to name

    9) Data Control: periodically an iPhone or iPad will not work right and theres no great solution to get it to work properly. apple’s solution in these cases is to simply wipe the device and start fresh again (i.e.: don’t just refresh the device with an update and then restore it. start all over with factory defaults and set everything up from scratch). Other than your contacts, calendars and iTunes info, and the limited items stored by iCloud, ALL your other data is gone. Anything other apps have stored, game records and data, and so much more… gone. This is a very common solution to many problems people have with iPhones. imagine this lazy and inefficient solution on desktop computers.. what if one day your computer wasn’t working properly and the tech guy said “all your data is in tact and everything is basically fine, but what i’m going to do is wipe your computer , reinstall the OS, and then you’ll have none of your prior data.. .ok?”. . besides the obvious ridiculousness of this heavy handed solution, there’s the more intricate details of the horrors this creates for users.. having to choose between a working phone and their data. in plenty of cases the data is readily available and COULD be copied and ported to the restored phone, it WON’T be because apple doesn’t allow it. having a jailbreak provides me with great utilities to keep my data in tact like Data Deposit. Al i have to do is run this app and it puts all the data associated with my apps into my drop box (thereby making it available on all devices by the way). also with apps like iFile i can navigate the folders on the iPhone and do whatever i want (it is MY phone after all, and i paid apple’s exorbitant price for it didn’t i?)

    10) Data/Network Monitoring – How many times have you had that moment where you get the notification that your data plan is almost used up – and you’re only a few days in to your new month. You think “how could this happen!? I haven’t done anything yet”. Your’e CONVINCED your phone company is crooked and has measured data incorrectly – but how will you prove it? There are some data monitoring tools in the app store, but they are very limited and will provide no real evidence of what’s been taking place. alternatively , in the jailbreak store there are some VERY robust apps that provide extremely detailed data monitoring reports that are invaluable in a situation like this (and easy to use) . 2 days ago I got one of these ridiculous notifications and quickly discovered the culprit was a particular music app not doing what it was supposed to do. furthermore, i was able to specifically pinpoint the fact that , inexplicably, the app was using cell data when i was connected to wifi. without these apps I never would have known this. it helped me make the case to the app developer and they credited me an entire month of service.

    the list goes on and on, i could name 10 more things, but I assume you get the point by now…

    I want to point out: This response in no way is to be perceived as stating that everyone should jailbreak. Not at all. The writer of the article was correct when they said that most casual users should never jailbreak. this is totally accurate. The point is to address the disingenuous nature of the writer to begin with .. giving only lip service to jailbreak and not doing in depth analysis on apple’s claims and therefore acting as and extension of apple’s pr machine.

    _Ray Junior
    “the problem is choice” -Neo

    • chris says:

      Man Ray I don’t even care if what u said there was just hot air, that was an incredible example of making a case! Nice work….

    • Miles says:

      I have owned every iPhone and will get the new 6 soon. My I have owned only Mac computers, currently have iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Book. My biggest frustration with my iPhone 5 is how often I have to charge my phone. And if I forget to bring my plugin to charge while on the road, I’m screwed. My only other biggest complaint, is when one of my computer has a problem, apple will charge me more to fix it than the cost of a new computer. As a loyal Apple customer, this angers me the most. For what I have to pay to have an Apple product, I should be able to use the product for as many years as I want to use the product without a hardware failure. They don’t allow for any product to upgrade hardware, except for RAM, and to make me have to purchase a new computer because it’s less expensive than fixing my current computer… it’s like being kicked in the balls. As a baby boomer who is now getting ready to retire, and my income will dramatically be less, I will be unable to purchase a new Apple product as often as I have in the past, and for seniors on fixed incomes, it’s just poor customer service, poor business ethics, poor integrity and lack of any moral compass to continue the practice to charge outrageous fees to fix a product making a customer having to purchase a new product over and over again is the fastest way to loose loyal customers to purchase Microsoft PC’s…

  15. Denus says:

    Reason to do it: Mame!!! (and other emulators)
    I’m finally running Mame with hundred of cool arcade games! The iPad Air is really a monster when it comes to emulation: along with a Bt gamepad, you can’t go wrong…

    Otherwise, I don’t care much about the other possibilities of a jailbreak…

  16. pas says:

    No jailbreak
    No sekseh…meh

  17. vdiv says:

    Let me get this straight since three articles one after the other are not quite delivering the message. OSXDaily does not want owners of their devices to exploit their full capabilities? :)

    Ok then, here is another reason worth mentioning. There are some apps that check if the device is rooted and refuse to run if so.

    • Paul says:

      We think jailbreaking is best reserved for advanced users who understand what they’re doing and why, a novice iPhone user will probably just get frustrated with a jailbreak and the possible side effects.


  18. DiRTDOG says:

    Im tired of Apple and it proprietary way of once you buy an apple product you have to buy more apple products. Case in point the new mac pro, how can you upgrade that or change out faulty components with out having to by their over priced hardware, and with the iPhone 4 to 5 all my gadget needed to be replaced or upgraded because of the thundrebolt connection. I will jailbreak my phone until I can move to android to get access to the features I want on my phone and it will be free.

    • Raven says:

      The Mac Pro just came out. Notice that you are allowed to open it? You can get RAM upgrades for like half the price now from OWC. Other upgrades will come in time after the machine has been open a while, but what exactly are you going to change in that machine? I’s not some off the shelf PC.

      And how is jail-braking your phone going to fix a hardware problem? There’s nothing on Android that’s better. And most of the time the hardware crap.

      There’s LOTS of free stuff for iOS.

  19. Roman says:

    If you are in warranty still you can jailbreak, For example if your iPhone isn’t working properly when you take to the Apple Store they might see the jailbreak’s cydia icon first then after that perverts you from accessing to the valid warranty.

    For this you must completely restore from iTunes before taking to Apple this is the best solution otherwise you may face troubles about warranty.

    Using Jailbreak isn’t much bad but its worth since because you may have more access to its the system files you can tweak them for better performance.

  20. JGG says:

    BS and arrogant. It’s just a piece of hardware running a piece of software. Just because it comes out of the mouths of Apple doesn’t make it so. Many iOS updates included features gratuitously ripped off from developers who, generally frustrated with Apple’s product in hand, sought to enhance it. We call this ‘evolution’.

    Yes, it does compromise some security layers opening up your data to access from others besides Apple and the NSA. So what? It’s a risk that we choose to make for ourselves. And choice, my friends, is what it is all about.

    • Roman says:

      True, But NSA and Apple has only access to your internal data in their Server not iPhone.

      If your phone is jailbroken means the attacker can enter into your iPhone without your authorisation and they will steal your datas.

    • DH says:

      I agree. It is all about the freedom of choice. Nevermind the bollocks …

      Which is what Apple doesn’t like and never have and that’s why they scare you with articles like this.

      Me, personally, I find no real use in JB my phone because I use it for nothing special. On the other hand I don’t have nothing that anyone in the world can use on it to be stolen and I would love never to have udated from old iOS because 7 is ccrap. On top I hate the fact that Apple scannes my music and downloads their own fotos to my artists which are ugly.

      So already a reason to jailbrake …. :)


  21. Buttressed naus says:

    Simply not worth the hassle. I’ll pass!

  22. ingwar says:

    I’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 straight from apple, without jailbraking :-)

  23. Ryan says:

    Reason #8: it’s completely pointless and there is nothing to gain anymore

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