3 Tips to Prevent iPhone Overheating & Temperature Warnings

Jul 22, 2014 - 56 Comments

iPhone Temperature warning, needs to cool down

Have you ever seen the Temperature Warning on the iPhone before, saying “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”, appearing seemingly out of nowhere? If you’ve ever left your iPhone outdoors on a hot sunny day for too long, you probably have. And if you haven’t seen that warning, let’s try to keep it that way by heeding some simple advice.

In case you’re thinking “who cares” and wondering why overheating matters, here’s why: Prolonged exposure to excessive temperatures and heat can damage an iPhone and the internal battery (this applies to most electronics and Macs too, by the way). These things are expensive and a major part of many of our digital lives, so we want to keep them in the best shape possible for as long as possible, and avoiding heat is a good way to help an iPhone last.

To be clear, you should never see this temperature warning during any normal iPhone operating situation, it almost always requires some external heat source to cause. If you’re sitting indoors minding your own business and you see that warning, your iPhone may have some other problem and you might want to contact Apple Support to get it looked at.

How to Prevent “iPhone needs to cool down” Warning Message

There are a few simple tips to follow in order to avoid seeing the “iPhone needs to cool down” warning messages:

1: Avoid Direct Sunlight on iPhone

Even on a medium temperature day, leaving an iPhone in direct sunlight can cause the device to quickly overheat, so you’ll want to avoid leaving the device in direct sunlight.

I’ve experienced the Temperature warning simply by leaving my iPhone screen-up on an outdoor table on a fairly moderate 75 degree afternoon, so it can happen even in moderate climates if the conditions and sunlight are right.

For what it’s worth, the black / slate colored iPhone models are particularly vulnerable to overheating in sunlight due to their coloration attracting the sun

2: Don’t Leave iPhone In a Hot Car

The interior of closed cars can get extremely hot – as in cookie baking hot – on sunny and warm summer days, so even if you use your iPhone as a dashboard navigational aid, don’t leave it in the vehicle if you plan on spending some time outside of the car. This includes leaving it on a car seat or in the cupholder while you’re running errands, either bring it with you or put it somewhere that it’s not going to be subjected to sun and the full brunt of a hot day.

3: Avoid Any High Heat Sources

This seems fairly obvious, right? But how many times have you just set your phone down somewhere new without thinking twice about it? I’ve had friends leave their iPhones on closed waffle irons and right in front of heating vents, each received the temperature warning (and an extremely hot-to-the-touch device, that’s really not good). So just be cautious about where you’re setting the iPhone down, and avoid heat sources, particularly if you’re in an unfamiliar place.

Prevent iPhone from Overheating

Too late, I have the Temperature warning saying my iPhone needs to cool down, what should I do?

If you already see the “Temperature – iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it” message, then you need to take a moment to address the issue. Remove it from the heat source right away and try to help cool it down.

There are various ways you can cool down an iPhone, but removing it from direct sunlight or a heat source is a great place to start. To cool it down directly you can try some tricks too, whether that’s placing it on blasting AC vents in a car, putting it in front of an air fan, stuffing it in a refrigerator for 2 minutes, or whatever is reasonably safe and effective, just try to cool the iPhone down to a normal temperature to avoid any damage.

Once it cools down and you can use the iPhone again, follow the aforementioned advice to keep it cool, and avoid situations where it could be operating in an abnormally warming environment.

iPhone temperature warning

Finally, keep in mind that some third party cases can make overheating happen faster, and can even make it worse, by preventing the iPhone from dissipating heat as it’s built to. Thus, if your iPhone is overheating and you have that warning screen, you may want to pull off the case to help it cool down quicker. You can always put it back on when it’s back to normal again.

Do you have any experience with the iPhone “Temperature” warning? Any great ways to avoid or fix it? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Rananan says:

    iPhone needs to c oil down before you can use it, I got to his message repeat and my got heat leg me know the solution.

  2. E Asas says:

    I’m using iPhone 5s and it displays the “needs to cool down message. I’ve turned it off, but switching it on after 2 hours of cooling it hasn’t helped. I also read an article that said I reset the setting and it hasn’t helped either!!! The phone runs for a minute and gives the warning sign again.

  3. Jacob says:

    My new iPhone 8 plus eventually gets hot and goes off, what do I do as it refuses to be switched on still hot

  4. Douglas says:

    My iPad was out in my car 30° ish , my music plays but can’t get my iPad to work or shut off , putting it by a fan rather than heat help ?

  5. Maham says:

    My iPhone 6 is getting really hot than normal when i try to watch any video or sometime it gets hot as soon as i press the home button. Can someone help me please i am so frustrated :(

  6. Joe says:

    Bela. How do you know this?

  7. Brent Jepson says:

    I have the opposite problem. iPhone 6 shuts down in colder temps…say below 15F. Safety issue/pain in the neck when need/want to make phone call, text, take winter pics, etc in cold weather. Have to hold both the “home button and power button” at the same time to get the phone started again after a brief warm up time. Is there a way to override an automatic shut down in cold weather? Thanks. Brent

  8. Beaunka says:

    I left my iphone 6 plus out in the sun for about 15 minutes while in the pool when I took it I saw the temperature warning sign I rushed to cool iit down but then it was fine however after 2 hours I was using it and my screen started to get white with lines I took it off and put it back on and I cant touch anything its white with lines then after I could have used it again but its still not clear what should I do?? Help me

  9. Ajanthan says:

    Hey guys please help me I need your advice j have a my I phone 5 when I charge my mobile it’s getting too hot so please give me a advice what should I do

  10. Dhruv says:

    My phone is heating up while charging n charger too. Sometimes charging is finishing up quickly. Wht shud i do. Plz let me knw.

  11. Brian says:

    Put my iphone in my pocket with the camera still active (inadvertently) in the middle of summer (>35 degrees C). When I got it out a little later had the temperature warning. Just let it cool naturally inside on the desk and all good.

  12. Bon says:

    My iphone 6s case appeared to be burnt on the sides near the power and volume buttons, i was alarmed when i noticed that it turned black as if it was toasted and there where also signs of disfigurement as if it was molten, can some one explaine to me why this happens is it normal or i need to get my phone checked?😔

  13. Zach Jepson says:

    Actually don’t put it in the refrigerator! Doing that may cause condensation leading to even more damage. DONT PUT IT IN THE REFRIGERATOR!!

  14. Kiri says:

    I just set up my brand new iPhone and I’ve only had it for two days and I’ve already had to charge it 3 times as it over heats and it uses battery way too fast

  15. Jake Awake says:

    My phone got warm after 5 mins. It’s going back to the shop. I’m not paying all this money.

    I’m done.

  16. Sabih says:

    My phone i6
    Same problem and I’ll try all but stil same error and camera dose not working last 4days please help me ahoo I fix this cool down error

  17. beemou says:

    is that possible if the phone get over cold?

  18. Janarthan says:

    10 minutes after use iphone giving a warning over temperature and then on off and again same thing happen so what is solution of this thank you.

  19. apex says:

    I got this warning last evening, immediately turned it off, but switching it on after an hour later after cooling did not help either!!! The phone runs for a minute and gives the warning sign again. I have been trying to turn it off and on since last 24 hours only to the process get repeated. What am I to do??

  20. sarchie gonzales says:

    grab a srew, open the device, remove battery ,leave device for a momment and the put it back your battery and let the charger turn on your device. and you can use your device again! :)

    • apex says:

      I got this warning last evening, immediately turned it off, but switching it on after an hour later after cooling did not help either!!! The phone runs for a minute and gives the warning sign again. I have been trying to turn it off and on since last 24 hours only to see the process get repeated. What am I to do??

  21. Jesse says:

    Dropped my iphone4s into the lake..got it dry(I think) turns on n works for about 5 mins then the temp deal what do I do?

  22. Tanmoy says:

    I use FaceTime video call frequently.Is it problem for iPhone 4s?because suddenly one day in the screen displayed overheating problem.

  23. Kali sawyer says:

    My iPhone 5c over heats when Im on Skype, oovoo or playing a game y does it do that’s for I need answers

  24. sammy says:

    my phone just warns temperature too high then it shuts down…what do i do

  25. Dacosta says:

    my iPhone hot and got the temperature msg and I left to cool down and as I switch on and still got hot. want to knw using wrong charger can cause that?

  26. Mano says:

    I don’t knw Whts the problem my iPhone 5 is heating so badly even when not in use and I’m unable to even hold it for a min and even my sound is been reduced …
    Was it a right choice to buy such an expensive mobile

  27. Optimal says:

    What about freezing ? Subzero temps could lead to the same situation.. Optimal Case is due to handle these issues on selected Apple smartphone models.

  28. Bee says:

    Hi guys

    Can someone help me? I was in the sun today and went inside to put my baby to sleep not for long though, and came back outside and my phone was off, I presume the warning note came on and then it obviously just turned off on its own and now several hours later it won’t turn back on or charge nothing. please help.

    • Carolene says:

      Same thing just happened to me, did you get it figured out, mine dead as a door ail!

      • Jordan says:

        i was taking a nap and had my phone under the pillow. it must have shown the over heating message and it turned off. Will not tun back on even though it is cooled down. please someone help me.

        • tarisha says:

          this happened to me too ! and 2 nights ago. i woke up in the middle of the night to check the time and its was under my pillow and so i left it to cool down and for 24 hours because it got really hot again within 5 mins of using it and now i cant use it for long. im charging it for the first time and its boiling.

          anyone find answers ?

  29. Hunter says:

    I’ve had my iPhone 5 up to 106.7 and never got a to hot warning.

  30. Aaron says:

    I experienced this today but the phone was ice cold..?? was in phone holder ?? After I finshed clearing snow..

  31. Nikki says:

    Its 8* out and my husband left his Iphone 5 in his truck for an hour and he got this message twice. Im calling Apple, his is still under warranty

  32. Jerry says:

    I was emptying the hopper after I was done salting last night and it was 7° with a -10° windchill and got that message. Couldn’t use the flashlight to see how empty the hopper was. Good thing the shop had an old fashioned flashlight.

  33. Tom says:

    I left mine in the car at 5 degrees for 90 minutes. Said it was too hot and needed to cool down. What would cause this? Should I be worried?

  34. michael says:

    Out walking today–it was 20 degrees F. Both my wife and got this warning on our iPhones (a 5S and 5). Both phones were cold, not hot. My phone was using the GPS (MapmyRun) but hers was not. We have had this happen before.

  35. Bob says:

    Same as Roy! Outside plowing snow on -13C day. Phone in outside pocket of coat, listening to music and got the message that it needed to cool down. Really??

  36. Roy says:

    Standing on a construction site and it is minus 22. I got the temperature warning. Let the phone cool down….can it get any colder

  37. Bob says:

    23 degrees and got overheating msg. Turned off, restarted and no problem.

  38. Kara says:

    So I live in Alaska and have been getting this warning about my phone needing to cool down at 25 degrees. It’s really not too hot and there is no way it is overheating. Anyone else have this issue or ideas on fixing it?

    • Judyr says:

      I was outside walking in 23F for 1 1/2 hours and got that warning that iPhone 5s had to cool down. How is that possible? Phone was exposed to cold air. Did that cause problem?

  39. Zahoor Ahmad says:

    hey guys i am facing this problem while my battery is drain too what should i do any help???

  40. Jen says:

    Just get a thermally protected “Salt Cases” cover. They block the heat with their NASA certified cases. It worked for me…

  41. Bobbi says:

    I suggest immediately pick out your iphone from the place where it’s getting exposed to heat and immediately turn it off and place it in a shaded place , once you feel your iphone has recovered , then turn it on again, it’s going to normally functioning again , please don’t put it in fridge to cool it down , you can end up with a blast

  42. Bela says:


    Do not put in fridge, temperature will drop to fast and can cause micro fracture on the logic board. You want to cool off slowly to avoid such a thing.

    Here is what is OK to do:

    Put it front of fan, let it blow the hot surface air of constantly. This way you will cool the phone off little by little.

    some advice:
    – avoid black cases
    – do not leave it front of the window on direct sunlight

    -if you feel the phone warming up as you use, you can turn off bluetooth and wireless to make it use less power -> less heat generated.

  43. Tim Cock says:

    i’ve experienced this situation yesterday

  44. Biplav says:

    When my phone get hot esp. While using personal hotspot I put my phone beside aircon to make it back to normal tempreture

  45. Mike says:

    My iPhone used to turn off or get very hot in warm sunny weather while using GPS, listening to podcasts, and charging, all while in a suction-cup windshield mount. I started to run the defrost to try to cool it, but that takes away from the rest of the car’s AC. I got a Kenu vent mount instead and although the phone isn’t in my direct line of vision, the AC blows right on it and it stays cool; as a bonus for travel the mount is much smaller.

  46. glenn says:

    Charging the phone generates significant heat. Avoid needing to plug your phone in in the heat. Using the GPS with the phone plugged in to a 2.1 amp adapter in Arizona one summer got me a warning!

  47. guillaume says:

    Hot french summer?

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