Mac Setup: The Incredible Custom Office of a Landscape Architect

Sep 28, 2014 - 7 Comments

Landscape Architects Amazing Custom Mac Setup

We feature a wide range of Mac setups here, but this one is particularly stunning and may be one of the most amazing workstations we’ve covered yet. From top-of-the-line Apple hardware, an entire custom designed building and office, to the whopping 65′ x 16′ projection screen (yes, that is measured as FEET, not inches) displaying content from an Apple TV, this workstation absolutely must be seen.

You can click on any picture to see a larger version, and we’ve even got two videos that demonstrate the construction of the building, and another which shows off the enormous projection screen in action. Don’t miss this!

What do you do, and what hardware is part of your great Mac setup?

I’m a Landscaping Architect in Netherlands. This is the primary hardware that I use:

  • 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display, top of the line model with all options
  • Dual 27″ Apple Cinema Displays
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard & Magic Mouse
  • Bose Sound System hidden inside the desk
  • Apple TV with the projection screen
  • 20 meter x 5 meter retractable projection screen (seriously!)

(Click to enlarge)
Landscape Architect Custom Mac Setup

I’m a real Apple fanatic, I could definitely cover my desk with Apple stuff but I prefer to have a clean workstation.

What are some of your most used apps?

The software I use regularly includes Cinema 4D, the complete Adobe package, AutoCAD, and Sketchbook Pro.

Landscape Architects amazing custom Mac setup

Can you tell us a bit about this amazing office?

This is my dream office, my brother and I designed and made the building. Everything is custom designed, including the 3500kg (7700lbs) concrete desk with heating integrated into the surface.

Landscape architects amazing Mac setup

I can manage the entire Domotica automation system of the entire building right from my desk, including a 20 meter wide retractable projection screen.

65 foot by 16 foot presentation screen connected to Apple TV

Every presentation is controlled through Apple TV and AirPlay. There are many solutions available for presentations, but even the most expensive ones don’t compare to the problem-free Apple TV.

From the exterior, the building looks like this:

Stunning Custom Office Building tucked into a hillside, created by a landscape architect

The following two movies give a further overview of the office, including a time-lapse of the building being constructed, and a demonstration of the retractable projection screen and how the domotic system adjust curtains, lighting, and the screen itself.

Video 1: Time Lapse of the Building Construction from Start to Finish

Video 2: Unveiling of 20m x 5m Presentation Screen

(Editor note: WOW! Excuse us while we pick our jaws off the floor!)

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  1. peter dolman says:

    what projector(s) is used in this application?


  2. Leafsley says:

    Your projection screen has wrinkles in it.

  3. Mystic says:

    Wow. Nice.

  4. Shilo Watts says:

    what games can you play on that system?

  5. Denis says:

    Awesome Office & Mac Set_up of course

    I stay scothed on the time lapse Building contruction, realy impressive !

    Congrat’s !

    ( a bit sad for the Trees ;-))

  6. Neil says:

    Wow! Mac setup? Office??? Heck, I would live in that as my HOUSE!

    I love that it has been built into a hillside too. I imagine it’d be costly to build such a thing, but that really would make for an incredible home.

    • Neil says:

      Oh and great Apple gear too, dual 27″ thunderbolts is always a winning combination. I hope that Apple comes out with a Retina Thunderbolt display soon.

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