Behold, the Empty iMac Box Human Hamster Wheel

Aug 3, 2015 - 10 Comments

iMac box hamster wheel

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have 36 empty Retina iMac boxes hanging around waiting to be put to use, why not grab some packaging tape and MacGyver yourself a giant human sized hamster wheel?

OK that’s not a serious suggestion (or is it?), but a couple of school IT department workers did do exactly that, strapping a bunch of iMac boxes together until it made a complete circle. Naturally the next thing to do was to crawl into it and roll around campus, because why not?

This is apparently possible thanks to the iMac box having a slight 10 degree angle, and if you have 36 of them you just built yourself a full circle that a human can jump into and wheel themselves around in, much like a neurotic hamster. Way to go MacGyver! Get it, MacGyver? Mac Gyver?? OK show me the door, I’m done.

Not exactly the most useful thing you’ll find with an Apple accessory – particularly given that some enterprising people have determined you can use iPad chargers as a beer bottle opener, which might as well be quantum fusion with its utility potential – but aside from box collecting what else are you going to do with a whole bunch of iMac boxes? And hey, if it’s worth a laugh or two, sometimes that’s good enough!

Heads up to CultofMac for the hilarious find and for coining the term ‘human iMac hamster wheel’. Now, if anyone has any genius ideas of what you can do with a couple of spare MacBook Pro boxes, do let us know!

Update: apparently this image is from George Fox University and was posted to their twitter feed here with the title “In other news, the latest shipment of iMacs recently arrived at IT.” – LOL! Thanks to Daniel for pointing that out!


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Fun


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  1. tito says:

    Indeed, to buy an iMac a man must in fact be a hamster :-)

  2. Christopher says:

    I don’t mean to be the negative one here, but something came up once I re-read this article a few times and thought about it.

    This article, particularly the title, is a giant piece of clickbait. When I saw the source was CultOfMac, this was understandable, as they’ve gone downhill really fast, IMO.

    I mention this because I love coming here to OS X Daily, where I have always been able to count on reliable, honest news. I just don’t want to see this site go down the same path as CultOfMac.

    If at all possible, please have somebody from OS X Daily reply to this comment so that I know that my voice is being heard.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • Paul says:

      Hey Christopher,

      We like to share lighter things from time to time in our ‘fun’ section and thought this was appropriate for that. Don’t worry, our primary focus is still the same!

      Always appreciate the feedback!

      Paul @osxdaily

  3. Honza says:

    Well, the best thing to do with MacBook Pro boxes is to stack them on both sides of the hamsterwhell….

  4. D Gary Grady says:

    This also works with full iMac boxes, which helps with delivering them to computer labs.

  5. Jules says:

    “Its” utility potential, not “it’s.” I expect journalists to be better at elementary-school English usage than this.

  6. The Donald says:

    That looks like way too much fun. I can imagine the a-ha moment, we had a few of those with various technical detritus elements, that moment of discovery where one knows that they have changed the world, if only for a few seconds and if only in a particular department. Almost makes me wish I was still in IT. Almost.


    President Donald The Donald, writing from 2016

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