How to Fix Crashing Apps on iPhone & iPad

Sep 3, 2015 - 206 Comments

Fix app crashes on iPhone and iPad

Though iPhone and iPad apps are generally very stable, sometimes you’ll encounter an application that crashes at random. In iOS, a crashing app usually presents as an app that seems to quit itself immediately, returning back to the Home Screen of the device without user intent. An app crash can happen immediately upon launching the app, crash randomly in the middle of using the app, or sometimes a crash can even be triggered predictably by a particular action that is attempted within the application. Regardless of when the iOS app is crashing, we’re going to review a few solutions that nearly always work to remedy the problem and should get you on your way to a trouble-free app usage experience again.

iOS Apps Crashing? Follow These 5 Tips to Resolve the Issue

We’re listing these tips in order of ease and difficulty, for best results you’ll likely want to try them all.

1: Reboot the Device

OK before anything else, just reboot the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This works so well for resolving many common app crashing issues, and it’s so simple, that you absolutely should try this first.

The best approach for app crashing issues is to try to force reboot the iPhone or iPad by holding down the Power button and Home button until the device flashes the Apple logo. Then let it boot back up and try to use the app again, it should work… if not keep reading on!

2: Quit and Re-Launch the App

Sometimes the simplest solution to a resolve a crashing application in iOS is to quit the app and then relaunch it. The idea behind this is that you’ll clear the app from memory and allow for a clean launch.

  1. Double-click on the Home button to bring up the multitasking screen
  2. Locate the application you wish to quit, then swipe up on the app to quit out of it
  3. Hit the Home button to return to the Home Screen of iOS, then tap the app icon to re-open it again

This works to remedy some basic causes of application crashes, but it’s not perfect. If the app crashes again during usage, or if you’d just prefer to prevent further issues, keep following the next tips.

3: Update the App

Keeping apps updated is often vital to maintaining application stability and the reason is quite simple: developers identify bugs within their apps, fix them, and then push an update to the app. Of course many users will ignore app updates, but if you’re experiencing a problem with a particular app, don’t do that, keep the app updated (it’s good practice anyway).

  1. Open the App Store and go to the “Updates” tab
  2. Install any updates available to the application which is exhibiting crashing problems or bugs
  3. Relaunch the freshly updated app

If the application crashing was caused by a bug that has since been remedied with an app update, this will resolve the problem.

Still having issues with an app crashing? It happens! Move onward, we’re not done yet.

4: Delete the App and Re-Install

Yes, deleting will simultaneously uninstall an app, but you’re going to re-install the same app again immediately. This is usually pretty quick, though some apps which are large can take a little while to download again.

  1. Locate the problematic app on the Home Screen of iOS, then tap and hold on the icon
  2. Tap on the (X) icon when it appears, then confirm you want to delete the app
  3. Now launch the App Store and use the Search function (or visit the Purchases tab) and locate the name of the application you just deleted, then re-download it

Try opening the app again, working fine? Good, it should be.

Another perk to deleting and reinstalling apps is that it dumps app cache at the same time, which will free up some storage capacity, and those caches can sometimes be the cause of the app crashing in the first place. Some apps in particular are really bad with handling caches, a few bad oranges will bloat out cache to be absolutely enormous in size, which, when attempting to load, can lead to an instant crash from memory issues.

The delete and re-download trick has been around for a while as a remedy for a variety of app related issues, and it often still works.

If it’s still having issues, you’ll want to be sure you’re updated to the latest version of iOS…

5: Update iOS to the Latest Version

Updates to iOS often include bug fixes for system software, but some of those bug fixes and refinements also impact third party apps too. Additionally, some apps actually require a new version of iOS for certain features to work, or even for the application to work at all. Updating iOS to the latest version is fairly straight forward and usually without incident, and this combined with installing the latest version of an app is usually the be-all-end-all solution to a problematic app experience. Be sure to back up the iOS device before you update iOS, however.

  1. Back up the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud or iTunes – don’t skip this
  2. Open “Settings” > “General” > and go to “Software Update”
  3. Choose “Download & Install” and let the entire iOS updating process complete

When the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch boots back into the latest version of iOS, and assuming you’ve already followed the steps above and have updated the app, the app that was crashing will almost certainly work without incident at this point.

Updating to a new version of iOS and a new version of the app really works. I had a friend run into this exact scenario recently with Instagram crashing, the app kept crashing repeatedly on them no matter what they did, initially when scrolling through a feed, and then crashing instantly upon launching the app – the only solution was to update iOS to the latest version, which immediately solved the problem.

Did these tricks work to resolve your app crashing problems? Do you have another fix that works for when an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch app crashes at random or crashes at launch? Let us know in the comments what works for you!


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    When I was in my late teens and still poor as dirt I owned a little 12 foot fishing boat with an old, old Johnson 10 horse outboard on it. That $%$# motor used to piss me off so bad because it was so hard to start and to keep it running that I’d beat the #$*^& thing with my boat oar so hard I shattered several wooden oars on that thing.

    Today, a bunch of years later I make the mistake of getting suckered into buying this POS iphone 13 AmateurMinimal as I call it because it sure as hell isn’t worthy of having the words Pro or Max anywhere near it, and being a photographer by profession I gave just a hair under two thousand US dollars for this damned thing with the extra storage, whatever it has in it, one, two, three TB, who knows.
    If I had a boat oar right now I’d apply all my strength toward the application of the oar to this POS iphone.

    I’ve had it almost a year now and I hate it more and more every single day. And to toss salt onto my would, Apple sneaks in what they call an update that seems to just be some sort of termite that is trained to chew through this thing to make the few things that do work quit.

    I’ve stripped it out of the Otterbox defender case I had it in, just to see if maybe I wouldn’t have to hammer the damned thing with my fingers and thumb 6 or 7 times to do things like open settings.

    It’s newest fun trick is when I do something really challenging on it like Google “Walgreens” to find something there, but gosh, that’s SO much to ask of a modern Apple product that it just whips a big old blank white page on me that sometimes has tiny text in the middle that says “error, try again”.

    This it the very last iphone I’ll waste a dime on. As soon as I can find a lake deep enough to throw this damned thing into I’m going to switch to one of those android phone things before this POS causes me to kill over from a stroke or something.

    Sadly, Apple has crashed and burned in recent years, but keeps on promoting their crap every year always as the most amazing piece of technology marvel the people of Earth have ever seen!

    All it ever is now is just the same broken down product they pushed down our throats last year but with a half dozen new totally useless bells and whistles that don’t work either.

    I’m fed up with this two thousand dollar POS.

  2. Logan says:

    Same here!! Ludia doesn’t care about that game. Now I’m a pretty old player and I can say that I’ve seen some glitchy games, but Jurassic world the Game is always crashing and these tips didn’t do shit.

  3. Damian says:

    It worked on my iPad #5 method works for all I think if there are any updates. 15.4 update fixed it. Just go to settings>general>System Updates>Install And Download, and wait for a bit. (about 25 minutes if you have a strong connection) And the update will finish, reboot the Apple device and the app should stop crashing.

  4. Emma says:

    Maybe you can follow below steps to try to your iPad issue to see if your problem be solved~
    1. Clear storage space
    2. Quit certain running apps
    3. Restart iPhone
    4. Update iOS system
    5. Restore iPad via iTunes after backup
    6. Using Joyoshare VidiKit iOS system repair
    7. Go to support
    8. By a new iPad (lol)

    • Anna says:

      Ive been playing jurassic world the game for ages but its always crashing and the developers dont give a shit about it and this doesnt work either so i guess life sucks and i wish i wasn’t alive

  5. None says:

    I tried the first 4 steps and none of them worked. My app is still crashing. But do you know why? Because of the last “solution”.

    • Tony says:

      That’s rude that a whole game ruins your life cuz it shouldn’t it’s just a game girl and it’s no the end if the world and also don’t use that word……..

      Ps: sorry if I’m being mean

    • Tony says:

      I’m so sorry for that I didn’t mean it I was doing it to somebody else 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😊😊😩😩😩

  6. Charlotte says:

    I tried everything and my game still crashes before I can even get to the play button

  7. DragonKing says:

    None of these work I have an iPod Touch (7th generation) and most of my big games that have a lot of space such as Call of Duty, Minecraft, Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage, Garena Free Fire and others idk what to do I’m frustrated and I want to play the games I can’t even play roblox anymore it’s glitched completely

  8. Allen says:

    I have a iPhone 6 and call of duty mobile keeps kicking me off idk what to do I ever like iPhones and now I know why

  9. anika says:

    I have an iphone 11 and snapchat keeps crashing. none if this is working

  10. Linda Ramos says:

    Same but I’m trying to be able to get all my crashing apps to work

  11. Blaze says:

    Me too. Creative destruction Is the app for me I did all the steps and it’s still not working. Please is there any further solution.

  12. Jason says:

    NEVER update the iOS software it just slows the phone down….each time I update the phone slows down by 80%….

  13. Rosemary French says:

    Tried all these and no solution on my iPad. Yahoo News is the app which repeatedly crashes.

  14. Andrew says:

    It didn’t work for me on the 6 either

  15. Chris d says:

    Hi my iPhone 6 Plus is having the same problems. The funny thing is, it’s a freshly installed/flashed phone.ios 12.5 just updated online with the system software update. Pokémon Go, Mobile Legends, and Marvel Contest were also freshly installed and downloaded from apple App Store. Mobile legends and marvel would play for a few minutes then crash but Pokémon Go would only start then crash immediately. I don’t think it’s the games’ or apps download.
    Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix? Thanks in advance. 😊

    • KM says:

      Same with my iPhone Six Plus. Have had to delete and reinstall many apps: google, spotify, facebook, bank, and more. Problems with WhatsApp, reinstalled not ringing even with all notifications on. ???

    • ryan says:

      same in my iphone 6 plus in the middle of game it crash and if i return back its already end of the game I already update my software and quite my ups and its still crashing

  16. Martha Taylor says:

    none of these worked, I want to play among us on my 5s, but whenever I click Local, online or how to play, the game just freezes and crashes. I’ve tried all and none work. Could someone please help :)

  17. kristen jackson says:

    ok so only my downloaded apps are crashing. but the apple apps such as facetime, imessage, weather and more are working just fine! i don’t know what to dooooooooooooooooooo!

    • Vinay says:

      Same problem with me I didn’t expect this from Apple device newly purchase iPad 7th gen but app crashes randomly during my online class some times it crashes with its own preinstalled app like settings what the hell this is going on…

      • I know right!!! says:

        I know same to me it’s Roblox and I tried everything I have this for a few years and I really want to fix this!!! GRR!!! 😡 This never works! Any advice??? I have an iPad and I tried all these tips but they don’t work!!! Sooooooooo annoying!!! I now kinda hate this iPad now!!! I mean years with the same problem!!! GRR! At least I’m not the only one cos’ all my friends don’t have any problems so ye! 😡 If you have any suggestions please reply to my comment! I will be so thankful! 😍 Thank you for the suggestions above but sadly they don’t work… sad…😭😭😭

  18. ALW says:

    None of the above resolved my issues I have had many different games apps on my iPhone 6 after Week or so of use they all crash

  19. Renee says:

    I was having the same problem with all of my apps immediately closing/crashing as soon as I opened them. I tried all of the above ideas, automatically update apps and IOS as available, restarted, cleared browsing history and nothing worked. I checked my iPads memory and there was still plenty left (about half). In my frustration I deleted a heap of apps that I wasn’t using at least 20 & restarted iPad… all now working fine!! Hop this helps someone else.

    • RR says:

      agree. though for me I cant delete the app (Kode) as it contains documents that are valuable to me. Deleting the app is the same as deleting the documents.

  20. keagan says:

    thank u

  21. Michelle says:

    Exact same reason I am here. iPhone 6, crashes during battles, raids, trading, spinning a gym. Next month Niantic is ending support for iPhone 6, so our days with the 6 are numbered anyways.

  22. Joaquin says:

    Hello my plants vs zombies crash and I can’t open the screen it just shows the screen of the battle in pvz2 and after I close it it wont show the password screen it’s just shows pvz2 battle screen can someone help me pls.

  23. supsuo says:

    i have bigger problem i used my money in soul knight to unlock all heroes and the 2.7.2 update makes the game crashhhh

    • OohSorry says:

      I had the same problem with soul knight and that having it crashing. What I did was deleting the app for some time and re-downloading it. Once I did this, soul knight came back up but without any data, so before doing this you should have a local save on soul knight.

  24. Godwin says:

    I have a problem with my xender in my iPad I have try redownloading and rebooting the app but still giving me problems

  25. Terry Shultz says:

    I have tried all 5 of these on all three of the iphone 6 phones we have and every one of them force quit the Pokemon Go app for the kids every time they are in a battle. ALso when trading Pokemon it happens frequently but 2-3 times each for EVERY raid battle. I factory reset and even only installed the Pokeon Go app and no better. I think maybe the iphone 6 does not support the Pokemon Go app anymore. Thoughts?

  26. Cheyenne Anderson says:

    Same for me too

  27. Gabrielle D. says:

    I’ve also tried everything but nothing is working

  28. Belinda says:

    A couple of my most frequently used apps started crashing immediately upon launching this morning.
    I tried deleting them and downloading the lasted version again, didn’t work.
    I tried restarting my phone, didn’t work.
    I tried closing the app from the background, didn’t work.
    I checked my IOS, it’s automatically updated to the latest version.
    I checked my app settings, they’re automatically updated in the background too.
    I don’t know what else to do to fix the issue, none of these worked.

  29. Kalie says:

    I restarted my phone and still don’t have my Covet :(

  30. Levi says:

    Hello sir I would like to tell you that it is ok the problem was that the App Store did not support that game it was a bug on the iPhone 7+ only and it was the only iPhone that could even get the app. If you want a refund for your money go to the Apple store they have given people full refunds just because of that bug.

  31. Barbara S says:

    Nothing here has worked. I recently performed a factory reset on my phone, deleting / reinstalling everything. That’s when all this happened. It happens on my phone cleaner app and on games. This is driving me nuts!

  32. Barbara S says:

    Not none of this has worked. I recently Did a factory reset on my phone and reinstalled everything. That’s when all this happened. It happened on my phone cleaner app and on games and playing. Also I dropped my phone and I don’t know if that had anything to do with it

  33. Syaman5 says:

    I just got this iPhone 7+ almost new and was so happy to receive it because I play a game that has been my all-time favorite game called Darkness Rises so I set up my account and all to even be allowed to download the game and I start playing and 3 minutes into the game it just closed on me, no error message like the app has stopped or nothing. I close the app and say to my self it’s ok its because the app just downloaded and you just need to restart the phone and the game will work just fine (not). The game did the same thing over and over again so I started looking for solutions on google and ran into this page tried all the above steps and the same thing. One of my last devices was a Moto 6+ that did the exact same thing I paid a lot of money for it and did the same thing so I have come to the conclusion that there is no phone like Samsung phones, on a Samsung phone I never ever got kicked from the game and I could play for hours straight with no problem but I thought that because this was a more advanced device with more memory and whatnot that it would be way better. I was so wrong and regret the moment I decided to get this worthless iPhone. What a waste of money. I don’t know why so many people talk so well about iPhones. I will never ever in my life purchase another iPhone again. This is the worst experience ever. For anyone thinking well it might be his internet connection, wrong its defiantly not that its this useless iPhone that I paid over $300 dollars for that I will use to wipe my *** pardon my french but I am so angry right know.

  34. Leonor says:

    I have reset it reset, the network, erased the app, quit the app nothing’s working

  35. Steven Heeley says:

    Hi I’ve done all of the above and the ipad still crashes at random times, 30 seconds in 5 mins in. The only thing I am sure of is after I’ve turned it on it will crash what ever app at some point soon

    • EnderKnightSword says:

      Well whenever you restart some app in Iphone you will instantly being back into the home, instead of android, if you restart an app, you even don’t need to exit the app. It more sucks if you still using a 5 until below Iphone.

  36. No name says:

    WhatsApp business app is a total wack… smh

  37. Michael gubby says:

    Coin master keeps crashing it’s the only app that does it tried everything

    • Olivia Autumn says:

      I’ve tried everything and I’m crying right now because Covet Fashion is my ultimate favourite game and NOTHING is working! 😭

    • Helena Grotte says:

      Tha’ts is the app I am trying to open as well. I just re-started my phone and now it works.

  38. Yusuf khan says:

    Hi there when I am playing war robot my iPad Air is crush while playing game I did everything what is written there re-sat re-install app delete the app and re-install again but still i am facing same problems any one please suggest me what is next thanks

  39. Dave says:

    I’ve tried factory resetting and no matter what I do, I cannot get to the setup process. If I tap English and then United States, it goes back to language and then goes back to the Hello screen and automatically sets the language to Mandarin.

  40. Dave says:

    Same here.

  41. Iris Felix says:

    This help. Had it uninstall and reinstall. Thank you very much.

  42. Noodle says:

    The same thing keep happening to me, but it won’t work no matter what I do. I’m pissed.

  43. Steff says:

    I have did everything you suggested and a factory reset It is still crashing. If I plug it up and reboot it will not crash. I can only us it while plugged if I don’t want it to crash.

  44. Wyatt K. Reeves says:

    Same here, the only app I ever play and it keeps crashing.

  45. Wyatt K. Reeves says:

    I don’t know why my phone is kicking me out of this app, my mother says it’s because I’m using up too much space and I need to back it up, but I’m not sure if that’s the problem because I never got a notification saying I needed to back up my storage. Is it because I have an IPhone 6+? Is my phone just to outdated to run certain apps?

  46. Lawrence< Schreiber says:

    My iPad was failing to open Google pages. This site recommended a hard shut down by pushing the home button and the power button simultaneously. It worked and I’m back in business, thanks.

  47. Hunter says:

    I have a game called jurassic world the game and idid the following and nothing happens

    • koki says:

      u guys are lucky ALL apps crash on my iphone 4 did all, watched video ,nothing and now im stuck with this phone. if you are seeing this steve jobs i want you to know you failed. you failed hard =-I

      • EnderKnightSword says:

        Well now Iphone was actually sucks tho beause of app keep crashing all over with no reason and nothing we can do with it. I was a mobile legends player, and the game always crash with no reason whenever I play arcade mode.

    • Jorge says:

      This is my second game with the same problem…..on my iPad min 2 the first one crashed but could still play after I reopen it then after a while I couldn’t plat this game anymore….this second 1 is starting to do the same thing. My only thing I can think is that it’s over working my iPad and it shuts off….if this is true then you need to upgrade your phone or iPad….they keep adding stuff to the apps and sometimes that is overworking your shit.i like this new game but if it does it again then fuck it play another one tilll I can upgrade my ipad

  48. Kat C says:

    I have done all of these things and the app still crashes. It has been close to 2-3 weeks of the app crashing.

  49. Test says:

    My application got stuck on signing screen. Once it get installed allow location permission prompts and loader appears continuously revolving on the screen nothing happens and loader keeps moving. Pls let me know what is happening it’s a device specific or iOS 13 specific issue.

  50. CJ says:

    I don’t understand. I have the exact same phone as my boyfriend. This is the same game. Crashes for me in the middle of the game and before and after. Random times. His works fine. I swear iPhones suck. My last one actually blew up. Caught fire and everything it was brand new. The newest phone of the year still blew up. Apple you have too many problems. I have an android now and it runs fine. All of my family have switched to android as well. I still have my iphone and I hope this problem gets fixed because if I have one more problem I’m sueing Apple!

  51. Lorna says:

    I tried all 5 steps. Of course none of them worked.

  52. Eliecer says:

    I have same problem and niantic cant help either

  53. Andrea Martin says:

    These steps do not matter. I believe It has to be bugs within the APP itself. This keeps happening to me with the CHAPTERS App and it is getting on my last nerve. I have done every step known to the computer world, and it does not help. Other apps work fine.

    • Julio says:

      For whatever reason my cousin and I have the same app and her iPad is a lot older and slower any crashes almost immediately with any games that are extremely high detailed, but mine doesn’t. But now, I can’t play any sort of high detailed game because it crashes. But my cousin can play all of the games I crash on except extremely high detailed games. I don’t know why, but I know for sure my parents aren’t getting me a new one anytime soon.

  54. Cynthia says:

    My phone crashed and tried to fix it and nothing works at all I lost ever thing

  55. Richard says:

    I know right I’ve tried every thing too and it still doesn’t work

  56. Jadezoogaming says:

    This did not work at all minecraft has no much bugssssss arararararag
    Cry cry cry

  57. Rick basinger says:

    Yeah i have the game sniper arena and im afraid to delete app then reinstall it i mean APPLE says oh yeah just delete and reinstall it that be just dandy if i didnt have $12,000 invested into this dam game its all getting sad everyone it really is its like hey heres a $1,100 phone oh and screw you customers if u have issues nobody gives a shit about customer service anymore

  58. Amalie says:

    Nope not just the older phones, its happening on my IPhone XS max its not even a year old and its a new model

  59. Margaret Beaulieu says:

    None of these fixes worked for my ipad…yet run fine on Samsung phone…no more icrap

    • Joel says:

      Sssaaaammmeee. It’s so annoying. My iPad mini has games that I downloaded, and when I’m about to complete a match or mission, the game crashes and it makes me so mad! Because hen I have to keep restarting just to do it over again. I get exactly ur saying man. I can totally relate.

    • Wolfie says:

      Yes I also Tried Everything and It Doesn’t even Work…Also, I’ve already Have done All these Tips in a Video :P

    • Lori says:

      Same here, sick of all the apple garbage. Going android

  60. Leo says:

    I just think Apple wants you buy a newer pad or phone…thats why it’s crashing making you think the processors can’t keep up…switching to Android..

    • pokefan says:

      Actually your iPad is probably old or broken
      If it is lagging just exchange it for a new one

      • Jay says:

        Yeah, apple head just toss your overpriced gadget and buy a new one..we can’t be bothered with these oldies..we want ALL your money…apple, must mean dirtbag in SOME language…J

  61. Michelle says:

    No. I’ve done all of the above twice and it’s still crashing and closing at random

    • Bernard says:

      I think the issue is that the older phones and tablets dont have the strength to process the apps. as each update happens, the more the phones are required to do.

      system gets bigger and stronger while older phones will start having issues. i think this is how they make you buy the latest version of things.

  62. Lisa says:

    Tried everything on the list and went to erase history and reset. I’ve rebooted 10 times. All apps are crashing. Lagging when typing in safari. Charging not so well and I am up to date on all my apps and the IOS 12.2.1 so I have no idea what to do next. Ive tried everything!

    • Andy says:

      Check how much memory you have got ,low memory will cause crashing.I will not buy Apple ever again they have gone to pieces since Steve Jobs died,the bit what angers me is when they stop giving out updates for iPhone or IPad that’s when the trouble starts because as the new ones come out the App developers update them say a game to that model and so on, so your iPad is left behind although it’s updated but little bits of it can not handle it so it starts to crash,trouble gets worse and worse in the end you give up sell the iPad buy a new one and that my dear friends is exactly what Apple want you to do the greedy so and so’s .

  63. Saira Sheikh says:

    No it does not work what do i do The iPhone broken if it doesn’t work

  64. Tea says:

    Hi, I have an older iPad, about 4-5 years at least, that doesn’t update past 9.3.5. I read up on it, and I don’t think I can do anything to fix the update problem, which is a major issue when it come to the updating part. The program that keeps on crashing is medibang, which is the art program which I use to draw. I tried restarting my iPad and force closing the app, but that doesn’t work at all. I don’t want to delete the app either because all of my artwork, of which I’m in the middle of finishing, would get deleted and I can’t open the app to save it properly to my iPad. That’s the same reason I don’t want to reset as well. Is there any other ways I can try and fix the problem?

  65. Stacey says:

    Tried all of this, bought a new phone, tried it all again, still can’t play Pokémon Go or Harry Potter on my phone. HALP

  66. Shawn Rebelo says:

    Damn, was hoping for a solution on my iPad Mini.
    Guess not :/

    The problem is Apple to be honest. I am using the iPad and apps crash way to much. Hell, that is why I switch to PC from Apple on Desktops back in 2001! Now using the iPad, more now since I plan to use it while traveling, the crashes are a joke! So glad I already own an Android phone and have not ever bought those over priced an iPhone. It is ludicrous.

    Again, it is apple. Need to replace a battery or part? Pftt… plan for fork over too much $$$ when you should be able to do it yourself!

  67. Cathy says:

    Same I did everything mentioned here and nothing works… nothing, the keyboard also has issues and when I am writing it jumps off and starts writing in the middle of another sentence already written

    Bloody rediculous…

  68. Bob says:

    I’ve done all the above numerous times and the app keeps crashing

  69. Lauren says:

    My daughter has ipod touch 6 and Instagram keeps crashing…she has done everything except update IOS as apparently according to apple she cant update the IOS on her ipod??? How can she get Instagram app to work??

  70. Graham Howes says:

    Pages on iPad 4 now crashes and stalls and when it does work is now incompatible with pages on my Mac mini. If you write something on the Mac mini it will open on iPad pages but if you edit it and save it then it won’t open again until you save that file on the Mac mini. You can workRound by exporting the file to pages 09 but useless as I have tried all the above and it is still crashing. I deleted the app and reinstalled and it said it couldn’t install pages as it was incompatible. I googled and found that if I reinstalled it from purchased apps in App Store that it reinstalled but still crashes. Looks like the end of the line for this iPad which works well with all other apps

    • Tron says:

      Is Pages crashing on iPad? Not saving a file is not crashing, that suggests incompatibility however, perhaps due to versions, especially if you have to save to older version. If the Pages versions are very different (one very old, one very new) you will often run into compatibility issues with documents. That should not impact any app crashing on an iPhone or iPad, unless the app is crashing when trying to open a document…

      Generally for best compatibility you want to run macOS and iOS versions that are similar release dates, trying to span broad release versions can lead to incompatibilities in many ways. I have some devices I intentionally keep with older system software for compatibility reasons with certain apps. An ‘upgrade’ is not always an upgrade… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  71. Teaera says:

    Ever since I downloaded my iPhone to iOS 12 my instagram and other apps crash can you help me with this problem!!!

  72. Matt says:

    Nothing worked

  73. C says:

    None of the 5 fixes worked

  74. Kristy says:

    My iPhone 7 keeps kicking me out of Facebook. We have tried all of the steps. It works for a short time and then it kicks me out again. Please help. This is very frustrating.

  75. Michael Staindl says:

    Twitter keeps crashing my ipad 3.
    Had already done all 5 of the above, multiple times, but makes no difference. Can often only get a few tweets read before it locks it up, then takes 5 minutes to reboot. Even tried deleting approx 100 other apps on there.

  76. Katie says:

    This article just sorted out my iPad so thanks! :)

  77. Kolin Murphy says:

    A game I play called Madden 18 on my phone keeps crashing when I go on it. I tried all of these ideas and they didn’t work 🙁

  78. Aubrey says:

    Sooo i’m trying to play fortnite mobile and it’s not working!!!! i’m so mad

  79. Tiffany d says:

    All my games on iPad crash after few mins playing I tried everything u suggested but its still crashing ios ipad2 is what I play on.ty

  80. Somebody secret says:

    I’m going to try completely resetting everything. But none of these strategies have worked. And because my iPod is older there is no more possible updates that will work.

  81. Bodivine says:

    I was hoping to see something more sophisticated for fixing a game crash. I play SimCity Buildit and the city I have is very small, so not a whole lot of graphics, but it keeps crashing. Every item on this list has been tried and it still crashes. I use an iPad 2.

  82. Trevor says:

    Thanks for help. Your advice was invaluable😀

  83. Nicole says:

    Can someone help me? I’ve got apps that crash. I’ve tried all these tips and nothing stops them crashing. Please help.

  84. Andy says:

    This is a very helpful article, thanks for helping me troubleshoot my crashing apps in iOS.

  85. Dlewis says:

    None of this works for me. I’ve done all of this and more. I can’t reload an app when the App Store , iTunes and and any other apple App crashes when I I touch it. Now my music and Facebook apps are crashing. I’ve went through safari and it’s the same thing. I’m out of options. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  86. Ben says:

    I have the latest iPhone 7 Plus, and I’m having a problem with the notes app, I tap on it and it INSTANTLY closes out, I don’t know how to fix it.

  87. wlaoo says:

    the inbuilt memo voice app crashed in IOS6 : using ifile on a jailbroken iphone. Go to var/mobile/library/caches then I deleted the whole folder

  88. Alan Hill says:

    I have an ipad 2 , keeps crashing, slow, unresponsive, it’s the biggest pile of crazy I’ve ever had the misfortune to own ( along with an iPhone 5 ) . I’m going to smash it and the phone as well . I’ve upgraded to a Samsung galaxy s7 that’s superb , I’m also getting a galaxy tab , problem solved.

  89. Gabs says:

    And the doesnt need an update

  90. Gabs says:

    For me is crahing every time I try to make a every time I hold down the button to record it goes black then back to home screen!!!! None of the tips above worked for me either

  91. A Man says:

    I have done all of these and it still doesn’t work

  92. Mario says:

    Tried everything you suggested and still not working.

  93. John yang says:

    Avis app keep crashing when viewing the current reservations

  94. Thisguyneedshelp says:

    I have a couple apps that don’t work and nothing is working

  95. Thisguyneedshelp says:

    I tryed and nothing is working there is no update and I already tried everything else please tell me what to do

  96. DJ says:

    for my situation, these very basic suggestions did not help… many of my apps continually crash – very frustrating
    Apple is getting worse and worse over the years in their systems operations, not better. The system is up to date. The apps are up to date. Apps randomly crash and have to be rebooted.

  97. Helen says:

    iphone 4 app crashes I’ve tried everything you suggested but it still doesn’t work. According to the settings I already have the latest iOS software. What do you suggest?

  98. Julie says:

    None of these have stopped my email from crashing. It has done this since the latest update.

  99. Hollis Hanover says:

    My Pages in iOS kept crashing after I loaded a crapload of documents into the “Pages” file on iCloud. Every time I would select Pages, it would open, try to load all the documents and then crash. I took a bunch of Gigs out of the ‘Pages’ file and put them in iCloud Documents. Worked like a charm. Now I open Pages and the only thing which shows up in “Documents” is a bunch of templates. I can then pluck the document I want from iCloud Documents, work on it, put it back and all is hunky dory.

    Everyone likes a happy ending.

  100. Ulrick says:

    the app that is crashing the ios is the Gmail and QR Code/Barcode app, it keeps immediately crashing or freezes /reboots or brings the iphpne to recovery mode and leaves the phone sometimes bricked as soon as i try to open it :( i have ios 9.3.2. -9.3.4).In my case i do a hard reset and Do NOT INSTALL GMail and QR Scanner……….Tadaaa no freezess problem solved.

  101. Leslie says:

    the app that is crashing is the Notes app, it keeps immediately crashing as soon as i try to open it :( i have ios 9.3.2

  102. Lolis says:

    I have been having this same problem with my ipad mini 2, either the apps crash or they will not open at all, this is really annoying, a few times i have been so frustrated that I just want to slam it to the wall then I remember how much I paid for it, i will never buy any apple product ever again, they come up with new devices all the time and discontinue the “older” ones, I don’t have the money to just keep buying the latest every time, i am perfectly ok with the “older” ones, mine is not discontinued “yet” so I don’t understand why apple just does not care to fix the issue.

  103. Electricity says:

    Kik loads for 7 years and then crashes. All my apps do that actually. Rebooting the phone takes forever, reinstalling an app takes forever, all I wanna do is chat on kik or play blockheads but the phone decides that the app should crash 50 times after loading for 58 billion hours until I give in and reboot my entire phone which takes 10 minutes, tops. Either way, this website sure helped. Thanks.

  104. Julie says:

    Please check your storage first!! My iPad has been crashing upon launching email, Facebook and my favorite game freezes continually. I tried all of the above steps, to no avail. Deleting some unused apps fixed the problem immediately. I feel dumb, but….it was a process to determine the root cause. You’re welcome!!

    • June says:

      I have done everything stated here, including what others comments suggest and yet apps continue to crash over and over again. Every single app on my ipad crashes from time to time, some of them every time I use them. I always have the most current ios and app updates. I never have more than one app running at a time, e.g. I always do the double tap and swipe to remove all apps when I am finished with them. I have had it with Apple and will get an Android tablet next time. I have an android phone and love it. I don’t know how so many people get hooked on that Apple koolaid!!!

    • Sarah says:

      I have gone through all steps suggested . I’ve deleted all my apps on my iPad apart from Netflix and my favourite game is still crashing . My software is uptodate too . Is there another way to fix this recurring issue . ?

  105. Christina says:

    Yeah none of this advice worked

    • Factually Stewart says:

      Actually Christina, this consistently works to fix crashing apps in iOS. In fact, it’s the only way to solve crashing app problems on the iPhone and iPad. The only other option is to ‘restore’ your iPhone and set it up as new, but then you will lose all of your stuff.

      Updating apps, quitting apps, and updating iOS works. It works for me and everyone else on a regular basis, maybe you are doing something wrong. Your next option is to go buy a brand new iPhone, maybe that advice will work for you.

  106. Abbie says:

    The Photos app keeps crashing every single time I open it, and this just happened. I’ve tried rebooting the iPod Touch 5 (5th gen), but it hasn’t seemed to work. :/ I know it can’t be a memory problem because I’ve got 3.6 GB to spare.

  107. Melissa says:

    The closing out open apps by swiping worked thank u

  108. Nkem says:

    Pleaee how about when the app crashing is “app store” or “photos” those can’t possibly be deleted and reinstalled- or could they?

    I have tried all of the steps severally.
    My ipad just has a mind of it’s own. Safari also crashes, and sometimes it ghost- types.

    Could it be that it’s just basically new for change?

    It’s the ipad3- 64gb wifi+ sim

    The annoying part is that i live in Nigeria, and we don’t even have a centre i could take it to

  109. Malin says:

    I have tried all of above points with Instagram – including getting the newest iPhone ….it still crashes …. No idea what to do next!?

  110. Dave says:

    I have one newspaper app (Times Union) that repeated fetus to home screen only when reading the comics or looking at pictures. Have tried all the traditional solutions but haven’t worked.

  111. Shiva says:

    hi i have updated my iphone6 software update to 9.2 today and and once phone switched off due to lack of power then i connect it and when i restart phone then i cant open any app it gives black screen and after few secs its force closing and when i open safari to search abt solution safari too force closing mostly any solution.for my problem pls let me know ty

    • Rae says:

      I am having the same issue since updating to 9.2. Messages crashed when I tried to text a picture. Safari crashes or the keyboard becomes unresponsive. Maps crashed while using for directions. What a nightmare! I have tried rebooting and issues still continue.

  112. Haley says:

    None of this is working I tried all of it!

  113. Chloe says:

    I’ve been having the same problems with Instagram. It gives me around 5 seconds on the login page then the app closes, even if I manage to login and briefly see my homepage, when the app closes it then logs me out. I’ve got an iPhone 6S, it’s updated to iOS 9.1, I’ve tried resetting it and deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing has worked. I think the problems started when I updated the app. Instagram works fine on my old iPhone 4S, but obviously it’s quite inconvenient to have to drag that around with me. I’ve also messaged Instagram and had no reply. I just don’t get why it doesn’t work!
    Please help!

  114. Bill says:

    I have an ipad 2 and ever since I updated to ios 9 every app I have crashes any ideas how to sort this out guys

    • Steve Long says:

      I have an iPad 2 and suffer the same problem as you do Bill. I accept that my iPad is elderly at 4 tears old but Apple have not persuaded me to upgrade and face the same problem when they decide the next version of the iPad is to be made unusable by a software upgrade. I will upgrade, but it won’t be to an Apple device.

      • Dirty Secret says:

        I have an older iPad too, I kept it usable by avoiding software updates. It would be a paperweight if I updated it to the latest junky iOS versions, I saw it happen with friends and colleagues iPads, no thanks! $500 is not the price of a disposable piece of junk.

        Don’t update iOS software! Yes, really. The secret to prolonging the life of Apple products is to never update the system software, which never speeds things up, never improves performance, never helps apps perform better, but always reduces performance and reduces usability. If you buy an iPad or an iPhone, you can update to the “point releases” (like going from iOS 10.0 to iOS 10.1) but never ever update to the full release (like going from iOS 10.0 to iOS 11.0) or you will lose performance.

        That’s my 2 cents, unless you have money to burn and don’t mind tossing out barely old hardware, avoid any and all software updates from Apple.

  115. Scar_let says:

    PLEASE help me! I sell my art on my Instagram account and going on 5 days now, as soon as I click on the app it spits me right back off. I have tried all of these tricks multiple times with no avail! (Except for the factory set..I have pics I can’t lose right now.) I also have a personal acct, but I can’t even stay on the log in screen long enough to type more than 3 letters. I have emailed Instagram for help and have heard NOTHING back. I am so beyond frustrated! I’ve never experienced a problem for this long before! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    • pal says:

      Try to update the Instagram app. You can also try deleting it and re-downloading it. You also may need to update iOS to the newest version available.

      • Spip says:

        Been having the same problem for o er a week now. As soon as I launch the Instagram app n my ipad it crashes. Heve been resetting the ipad, removing and redownloading the app: nothing works. I have ios 9.1 and cannot downgrade it. Have sent two messages to instagram, no reply. On my iphone 6 the app works perfectly well (ios 9.1 as well). This is driving me crazy! Can anybody help?

        • Hami says:

          I’m having the same problem with Instagram! I use it to edit pics for my small business and I’ve done all of those steps except restore to factory settings. I need this app to work asap!!!

  116. Thando says:

    Hi please help a friend of mine we exchange phones he gave me his 4s.ive rest it and now I can’t sign in to iCloud and I think it’s useless to use it without it.please help how can I sign in with my Apple ID

    • GUMBO says:

      Are your iPhone apps crashing? This article helps you fix your apps if they are crashing on iPhone. iCloud and Apple ID do not matter in this case. Maybe reboot your iPhone if your iCloud is crashing, or reset the iPhone and put in your Apple ID, but that won’t help it not crash.

  117. Applications says:

    thanks this is helps a lot

  118. Yeraze says:

    Funny you wouldn’t mention “Reboot the phone”.

    Evernote regularly gets into a state on my phone where I can’t add picture notes, it just crashes back to the home screen. I’ve tried all the steps above, and the only thing that seems to fix it is to reboot the phone, then it’s fine for a few days.

    • Eric says:

      I agree. I would have put this one at step #2, right after restarting the App. Deleting an App often deletes all its *content* as well. If it doesn’t sync to the cloud, then you just lost whatever content might have been associated with that App.

      Rebooting the phone, either by cycling it off then back on, or by a hard restart, can solve a whole range of issues.

    • lol says:

      Actually in the 3rd tip it mentions specifically to reboot the iPhone or iPad afterwards. If you actually read the article, you would see that.

      • Paul says:

        Correct the reboot trick was mentioned as a subset of one of the existing tips, I edited the guide and moved rebooting iOS to the very top of the article since it is quick, easy, and does often work to resolve crashing app issues. Might as well make it obvious! Hopefully those skimming the post will now see it, but if you’re experiencing issues you should absolutely read the article rather than skimming!

        • Bruce Webb says:

          I work Apple Support as a newbie. In training they call this the Three R’s: Restart, Reset, Restore. Restore can be a pain in the ass. Restart is easy, peasy. I like peasy. Also quitting Apps via the Multitasking screen is a miracle worker. (Your Apps don’t quit when you switch via the Home Button). Also deleting e-mail accounts and reinstalling (you mostly won’t lose e-mails, which are saved on the servers). Mostly your phone isn’t broken and you don’t need to get it back to factory settings. But if you do and you have backed up your phone to iTunes or the iCloud it is no big deal.

          In an ideal world your iPhone would work like an Etch-a-Sketch. Just shake it and it goes back to ‘Good as New’. But there are simple ways to ‘shake’ it. Or “Like Paul said”.

  119. KURT HANSON says:

    Apple software engineers found that you couldn’t downgrade back to iOS 8 from the iTunes incompatible back up you made before upgrading to the iOS 9 Beta, but since the Apple webpage informing anyone that they could was already live, they just said, “Oh, well. It’s two-thirty. Let’s call it a day and get a beer at Bob’s, Jo, before the crowds get there.”

    Remember that 1984 Apple Superbowl commercial?

    In more ways than one, Apple is losing that pristine touch and quality of excellence. No lie.


  120. Hugh Briss says:

    Been there, done that many times. All steps. But, sometimes the vendors don’t update their apps to keep up with iOS updates, and then you’re out of luck. Harmony by Logitech was just such a POS app. Took them weeks and beaucoup user complaints to update. Luckily, I had a much earlier version on my iMac iTunes, so I deleted the iOS app from my iPad and somehow managed to get the older version onto my iPad from iTunes–I forget just how I did it. Worked for a while, though not optimally as the older app didn’t offer quite the same feature set.

  121. Dave says:

    You can fix Mail app crashing often by hard rebooting the iPhone or iPad

    Hold down the TOP POWER BUTTON (or side on the new jumbo models) and the HOME BUTTON until you see the  Apple logo appear

    Sometimes you have to delete the account, hard reboot, then re-add the account. If you do that, you will lose any mail stored on the Mail app though.

    • Louis says:

      Thanks. I will try that.

      I use several mail accounts so it will take time (to re build the accounts) but worth it if it fixes the crashing.

      Thanks for the assist.

  122. Louis says:

    Problem is the APPLE MAIL app on IOS 8. I have it on an Apple IPAD and it frequently crashes as you describe. Closing and reopening works, for a while, but it still frequently crashes. Updated to newest IOS version, assuming this would fix. No good. Totally restored tablet but this did not fix it.

    Any ideas on how to get IOS APPLE app for Mail to stop crashing?

    (PS: I have exactly same setup and accounts in iPhone mail app and it never crashes)

  123. Helen says:

    My iCloud has crashed and I’m not sure what to do. If I do what is suggested above will I lose my ‘Pages’ as everything is on that site

  124. Two apps you’d think would be totally stable? Hmm, both from Amazon.

    Kindle — crashes upon opening EVERY time, open again and it’s fine. For months and months, through several updates.

    Audible — spin, spin, spin, no longer works at all, can’t hold books and that “we’ll be back to you in a business day” malarkey? Five days, so far.

    Haven’t done #3 yet however so will.

  125. Robert D. says:

    Funny, my worst App for crashes is Safari.

  126. noah says:

    what if the app that doesn’t work is and you’re already on the most recent version of iOS?

    • Waloe says:

      To fix crashing Mail app, delete the email account and re-add it

      Not convenient but there is usually no other way

      • noah says:

        didn’t work.

        • Paul says:

          What happens with Mail app when it tries to open? Does it crash immediately?

        • Waloe says:

          You may have a different issue, it may be with settings or cache or something else with the iPhone.

          Back it up and restore it.

          Or, reset the iPhone to factory settings which deletes everything off of it, then add the mail account as new. Does it work then? If so, something was wrong with the prior install.

          If the email account is with Gmail or Yahoo, there are different email apps specifically for those email services too. I use Gmail app, it is good.

          • noah says:

            Not Yahoo or Gmail. I believe backup and restore will work and I’m sure resetting the entire phone will. But both are a pain the neck if I’m getting a new phone in a couple of weeks. I may break down and do it anyway.

          • Bruce Webb says:

            You can always try “Reset network settings”. Less severe than a total Reset or Restore.

    • Neil says:

      I would check your mail in another app/browser. I had this issue and it was a rogue email causing the crash.

  127. Capt. Obvious says:

    Buy a new iPhone.

    • noah says:

      That’s my plan (I’m due anyway), but I need to get through the next month or so because I’d rather pay the discounted price for the current iPhone 6 after the iPhone 6s comes out.

      • Waloe says:

        I would recommend buying iPhone 6 off contract in that situation, the iPhone 6S is not looking too exciting so I agree might as well get the discounted 6.

      • Scott says:

        I deleted and then uploaded Instagram through iTunes while plugged into my computer and it worked.

    • Waya says:

      thanks, the swipping thing worked!

    • na says:

      if you can go into setting on the iPhone then tap on the Safari option for me, then turn off safari suggestion and search engine suggestion to see if Safari will work after both of them are turn off.

      bug with apple

    • leticia says:

      well my phone was working fine but my app wont go away and it still on my home screen i try everything and nothing happen the app is still on the screen how can you take it off it wont let me see my home screen ?

    • Lee says:

      Buy a new ANDROID. That’s the last words that an Apple CSR said to me when he could not help me fix a problem (same problem 100s of others had already logged). So I did — buy the Android. Love it. Meanwhile, this apple pos is gonna be used as a Spotify player or a boat anchor.

    • Goldy says:

      I wouldnt bother, IOS has been nothing less than rubbish since V7 they are screwing it up more with every update. Buy and Android phone next. many are now better than apple.

    • noah says:

      Just sync ipad with computer itunes, working much better now

    • Zoe says:

      None worked.

    • Kevin MN says:

      None of this worked for me. Ended up going through all steps, including having Apple wipe my devices (iPad and iPhone), reinstalled iOS, reinstalled Photos app and depopulated all my photos. I did backup my other data, but decided to check it before restoring. The app still crashes. I can edit half a dozen photos or so, then the app hangs and crashes. After rebooting app, I get the error message “Cannot download photo… iCloud is busy. Try again later.”

      Rinse and repeat.

      Totally frustrated and disgusted with Apple right now.

    • Sonja says:

      I have done the above five steps repeatedly and still my apps crash. Am I being forced to purchase another iPad?

      • it can help you! says:

        1.restart iphone 2.reset to factor settings 3.update ios 4.reset,and restore 5.clear space on you iphone 6.update the app 7.delete and reinstall the app. why did ipad is crashing? the problem could arise because of varity of reasons.May be your app has become obsolete and an update or the latest IOS is not compatible with the app.for instance IOS11 does not 32-bitz apps.thus all previosly installed 32-bit apps on you device will stop working after update to IOS11.

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