tvOS 9.0.1 Software Update for New Apple TV Available

Nov 9, 2015 - 10 Comments

Apple TV tvOS software update

Apple has released the first update to the new Apple TV, versioned as tvOS 9.0.1. The update likely focuses on bug fixes, though specific changes aren’t yet known as release notes have not accompanied the download.

Owners of the new Apple TV (4th generation) can download the software update now through the devices Over The Air update mechanism, found by going to the Settings application, choosing “System”, and selecting “Software Update” section. The tvOS update will reboot the Apple TV automatically when the software update has successfully installed.

The New Apple TV 4th generation

It’s unlikely any new features were added to tvOS 9.0.1, and instead are likely on hold for tvOS 9.1 which is currently in beta. For example there continues to be no support for external Bluetooth keyboards, and there is no ability for using the iPhone as a keyboard or remote control with the Remote app, both of which would make entering text and passwords on the new Apple TV considerably easier.


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  1. Norman Robson says:

    Keyboard is a godsend. I love Apple products, but lately the new products seem to be sent out half baked. I have been an Apple fan for many years

  2. Patrick M. says:

    Please tell me this fixes the issues where my TV show and movie descriptions are all missing.

  3. Jonny says:

    Love the new Apple TV. Siri is bomb. Using voice is far better than a keyboard. “Rewind 45 Seconds” “New Movies” “Turn off subtitles” And when you ask for a TV show or Movie it shows you all available options to watch. If you have Netflix or HBO Now it will provide you the option to watch it there instead of paying the iTunes price.

    It’s my go-to device for watching Netflix. The best feature is if you didn’t hear a piece of dialogue in a movie or tv show, you can hold the Siri button on the remote and say “what did they say?” and Siri will rewind the show and briefly turn on subtitles, even translating foreign languages!

    Not sure why everyone is complaining about a keyboard, you don’t need one! Besides initial setup I have never had to type anything, and I love that.

  4. Karen says:

    No mention of all of us with 3rd generation Apple TV who do not intend to get Gen4. Update?

  5. Don Hutchinson says:

    Paring is something one does to a potato, in which case the “i”s have it

  6. Apple Forever says:

    It’s new – it might be an adjustment for existing Apple tv users – you will become buddies with it.
    Change is good – it increases brain function and pathways.
    The first thing I did was to go into settings and make adjustment for the remote, etc.
    I don’t expect or demand that Apple create a product that will require only minimal brain function. Products like that are available – they’re called “fisher price toys” – remember their phone, typewriter, etc.
    Loved paring Apple tv with iPhone to initial set up.
    future possibilities should include – paring iPhone anytime a password is required – anytime!

    • Paul says:

      Agree completely with the ability to use iPhone anytime a password or other onscreen text is required, and as a remote / controller too.

  7. Typical Yuppie says:

    The new Apple TV is very frustrating right now, and a huge bandwidth hog. It’s also basically a conduit for the iTunes Store, so unless you want to overpay for movies from iTunes it is hard to recommend right now. I have an Xbox and it is more useful as a TV entertainment center, and I would say the same about my friends PS4.

    The two big problems with Apple TV;

    – apps maxing out at 200mb means you have to constantly download stuff to play a game or do anything else.

    – can’t use a keyboard, other than the terrible onscreen keyboard – no iPhone to enter text on the screen, no Bluetooth keyboard support

    Those two things alone make the new Apple TV a no-go. Don’t waste your time until Apple issues a software update allowing you to download apps ONCE rather than with the “on-demand resources” or whatever which causes it to re-download EVERY TIME YOU USE THE THING! Maybe tvOS 9.1 will address those things.

    Also, there badly needs to be an Amazon Prime app, which by far the best streaming video and streaming movie service out there. Netflix is ok too if you like the Netflix original shows but the movie catalog on Netflix is poor, so it’s really a TV show service.

    • Shamu says:

      Agreed. I am not buying a new Apple TV until there are some fixes to address those exact issues.

      Right now new Apple TV is a lot like the old Apple TV, it’s another expensive Apple toy. And I have a Playstation 4, so I doubt it would best that device for the couch and living room anyway. Siri? Come on, Siri is unreliable and routinely gives me wrong information, wouldn’t rely on Siri at all.

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