Feeling Nosy? Use Your Nose to Interact with iPhone & Apple Watch

Dec 31, 2015 - 9 Comments

Use the Nose for Apple Watch and iPhone input

Did you know you can use your nose to control the touch screen on iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch? While many iPhone users have discovered the nose trick to unlock their device, open apps, and perform functions in iOS, but who really nose (knows, nose, get it? OK show me the door) how many Apple Watch users do too?

Well, now that you’re aware that nosing your Apple Watch or other iOS device is possible, give it a try, or at least have it in the back of your mind for the next time you’re in such a situation. The nose works to control on screen actions, whether replying to messages, starting and stopping a timer, or just about anything else, and it works surprisingly well, which is particularly helpful when your hands are tied up, busy, or are dirty and soiled. This is largely the basis of a sort of funny Wall Street Journal article (the source of the picture below) which discusses the alternative Hands-Free method of using your own nose to interact with Apple Watch. In fact, the WSJ references a survey where nearly 50% of 10,000 Apple Watch users surveyed say they have interacted with their Watch by using their nose, and another quarter plan to try it. While that number sounds pretty high, it’s not too surprising, as we mentioned the nose method a few winters ago when discussing taking a picture hands-free in cold weather and many others have discovered the nose as a pointing device as well.

Using a nose to interact with Apple Watch
(WSJ image of a guy using his nose to interact with Apple Watch)

Using 3D Touch (once called Force Touch) is a little bit more challenging with your nose since you have to press against the screen particularly hard and may give yourself a sneeze in the process, but indeed the nose-based force click works as well as simple tapping functions.

A stylus, pointing device, toes, fingers, and the nose are not the only options out there. The venerated Wall Street Journal notes that some have discovered using the elbow works as well, though it’s obviously less precise, and our enterprising friend over at MacKungFu found that one can use, uhh, well, some specific other body parts as well, though that’s probably not the best of choices for obvious reasons. I’ve even seen a person use their tongue once, but maybe they were trying to lick ice cream off their iPhone screen, I didn’t ask, because did I really want to know?

Me personally? I use the nose trick sometimes when I have to for both iPhone and Apple Watch, but I think I’ll stick with Hey Siri whenever I can for either device.

Thanks to our friends up North at iPhoneInCanada for the fun find. A bit goofy, but seriously, it works.


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  1. Ali says:

    I tried something else and it works too

  2. Phillip says:

    How to find out who hacked my cell

  3. Wharf Xanadu says:

    Nose works well I have to use it sometimes. A little goofy but it works.

    To the guy saying it doesn’t work …. I don’t know what to say. That’s like saying your car doesn’t start.

  4. UglyStuff says:

    You sir are a fraud (yes, I’m talking to you, the author of this article)!

    I tried to unlock my iPhone 6 using your method, and it doesn’t work!

    I’ve repeatedly pressed the tip of my nose on the Home button, hoping to unlock the screen, and it simply does NOT work…

    Oh, wait…

    PS: Happy New Year to y’all…!

    • Amazing Bro says:

      You can’t be that dense can you? The Home button on iPhone uses Touch ID, it is not touch sensitive.

      Tap an icon on your screen with your nose. It works for everyone, with any piece of skin, unless you have a prosthetic that does not conduct electricity. This is basic physics. That’s how electricity works.

      • UglyStuff says:

        You’re anything BUT “amazing”, bro…

        Of course, I was kidding.

        Are YOU so dense you didn’t catch the joke…?

  5. InTheory says:

    Sadly, my 6s didn’t like my nose. I thought it would come in handy(?) when my hands were wet, but alas, it was not to be. I got errors when trying to register my nose and when I finally did, I couldn’t get it to unlock my phone.

    I’ve heard elbows, toes, nipples and other assorted body parts work, but none are as conveniently accessed as a nose.

    Back to the inconvenience of wiping my hands.

  6. John R says:

    Why not use your buttocks in the same way. Or for that matter, everything else available. I can’t wait for next Xmas till I can get my Apple Buttocks Watch.

    • Tang says:

      Well you could, but for most people the posterior isn’t really an accurate pointing device as it’s usually round and bigger than a nose, finger, or toe. Plus people were bending the iPhone by sitting on it, Americans anyway since many weigh a considerable amount, enough to bend metal! Think about that, think about the force required to bend thick metal.

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