Apple Event Set for September 7, iPhone 7 Likely to Debut

Aug 29, 2016 - 9 Comments

Apple September 7 2016 event

Apple will be hosting a media event on September 7, according to invitations sent to select members of the press and a notification posted to The event will be held at 10:00 am PST in San Francisco, California, and the event keynote will live streamed through the web.

It is widely assumed the upcoming next generation iPhone will be the primary focus of the event, perhaps labeled as “iPhone 7” though some rumors suggest it will be called “iPhone 6 SE” or some other naming variation. Additionally, rumors speculate that Apple Watch 2 will debut at the event.

iPhone 7 Likely

The next iPhone, colloquially known as iPhone 7, is likely to include notably faster processor capabilities, a new and enhanced camera, the removal of the headphone jack, and possibly an offering of up to 256GB of storage space. All longstanding rumors have demonstrated the next iPhone 7 will probably look much like the existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, though gossip and photos from Chinese sources have suggested a possible inclusion of a darker near-black color option to the lineup. A dark “space black” iPhone enclosure or mockup device is shown in the picture below:

iPhone 7 black rumor shown from a China knockoff unit

The September 7 event webpage and press invite demonstrate an image with a common photographic technique known as “bokeh”, perhaps hinting the primary focus of the next iPhone will be the devices camera. An unconfirmed rumor has hinted that a new iPhone camera may offer manual controls for aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. iPhone users can currently achieve a bokeh photo effect with iPhone camera by intentionally locking the focus on a close-up object and then panning the camera to a wider and more distant view.

Apple Watch 2? Updated Macs? iOS 10 & macOS Sierra Release Dates?

Aside from iPhone, there is speculation the next generation Apple Watch will also debut at the event. Rumors and common sense assume the Apple Watch 2 will include GPS and perhaps boast better battery life, along with a few other feature refinements.

Most of the Mac hardware line is also due for an update, but it’s unclear if the September 7 event will also include any updates or revisions to Mac hardware. There has been longstanding speculation that a redesigned next-generation MacBook Pro will be unveiled sometime this year, though obviously nothing has panned out yet. Separately, Bloomberg is reporting that updated Macs could be announced sometime in October, but they are unlikely to make an appearance at the September 7 event.

Additionally, it is very likely the September 7 event will include a precise availability release date for final public versions of macOS Sierra and iOS 10, which as of now are loosely set for a “fall” release.

Enthusiasts who wish to watch the September 7 2016 keynote can mark the event on their calendars with a .cal invite available on here.

Apple September 2016 Event Wallpapers

Many Apple fans enjoy wallpapers centered around the Apple Event invitations and imagery, so we have included a few wallpapers for the Apple September 2016 event below, sized for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. Click on any of the thumbnails below to launch a full sized version for your device.

Mac widescreen 2800×1900:

iPad 1908 × 2800:

iPhone 1430 × 2321:

Generic widescreen:



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  1. Hamza Sheikh says:

    I heard iPhone 7 is the least product coming out at the event. According to Bloomberg, and Independent, there is going to Macbook Pro and macOS Sierra launch as well?

  2. Craig says:

    My iPhone works fine, but Mac hardware is outdated.

    I just want a new MacBook Pro, new Mac Mini and a new Retina Cinema Display. Is that too much to ask?

  3. Sam Stein Brown says:

    I have less interest in iPhone 7 than maybe any iPhone that Apple has ever been rumored to release. I think it’s a mistake for Apple to use the same tired design for 3 years in a row, the design itself is bulbous, bulky, and excessively large, even with the big screens it has a lot of wasted unnecessary space which makes the phones much larger than they should be. The average consumer wants a new looking phone when they get a new phone. Obviously every iPhone will be faster, better camera, that is incremental update release cycle par excellence. Removal of the headphone jack is a big mistake, I use it all the time. It will be very annoying to not have a headphone jack. What is the advantage to removing the headphone jack? There is none. That’s just, like, my opinion, man.

    I have huge interest in a new MacBook Pro. If they don’t Nerf the next MacBook Pro I will buy one immediately, but based on the leak we saw months ago with four micro-USB ports I am concerned that Apple is taking MacBook “Pro” in the wrong direction. I worry that Apple has lost interest in Mac in the quest for shareholder happiness.

    I would be mildly interested in Apple Watch 2 if it was redesigned to look more attractive, and if it had cellular abilities so I can wear it without my iPhone on a jog.

    iOS 10 will be released on September 9 would be my guess. I have used the beta for months, it is mostly a teen messenger update and other than making my iPhone slower than it used to be it is one of those updates that you could skip and not notice.

    macOS Sierra seems to be released for the sake of renaming. It is heavily reliant on iCloud for any of the new features, and I don’t have a lot of faith in iCloud.

    • McMacZilla says:

      I just want a working desintegrator ray in iOS 10.

    • Steven says:

      The average consumer wants just a functioning iOS. The average consumer installs a handful of apps over iOS’ default. The sales are backing my first statement, a statistic backs the second.

      • The Piedmont Piper says:

        Unfortunately the average consumer is also always out of storage space on the woefully inadequately sized iPhone. No matter the size, everyone I know is always out of storage space. It’s so bad and ubiquitous that Google spoofed it in a commercial. iCloud Photos is not a solution nor is it reliable, it has deleted photos from peoples libraries and this has happened so often that even smart tech people have experienced it, who wants to risk that?

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