How to Stop iOS App Rating & Review Popups on iPhone and iPad

Mar 29, 2017 - 67 Comments

How to stop app review rating pop-ups on iOS

Are you tired of iPhone and iPad apps nagging you to rate and review their apps with pop-ups? The most annoying in-app rating and review pop-ups usually arrive in third party apps and say something along the lines of “review our app” and offer a few options of reviewing the app now, reviewing the app later, or attempting to stop reviewing the app completely which seems to just postpone the review pop-up slightly longer but never entirely. The pop-ups take over the entire iOS experience and must be acted on to dismiss, fun! Be annoyed no more, fortunately you can now disable these review and rating pop-ups in iOS completely.

The ability to disable app review and app rating pop-up alerts in iOS requires iOS 10.3 or later to be installed on the iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have this feature it’s likely because you are not on the latest version of iOS available.

Disable App Review & App Rating Requests in iOS

Turning this toggle off will prevent apps from bugging you to review or rate the app:

  1. Open the “Settings” app in iOS and go to “iTunes & App Stores” settings
  2. Locate the “In-App Ratings & Reviews” toggle and flip to the OFF position
  3. Turn off in-app review and rating requests in iOS to stop the pop-ups

  4. Exit out of Settings

With this setting disabled, you should stop seeing any of the app review requests popping up on your iPhone or iPad.

If you decide you miss those app-rating pop ups, you can easily go back to Settings to re-enable this feature by toggling “In-App Ratings & Reviews” back to the ON position again.

Something for users to keep in mind: app ratings and app reviews can help developers as well as contribute to an apps success, so if you do like (or hate) an app you should take the time to rate and review it. Reviewing and rating apps can be done through the App Store in iOS or iTunes on the Mac.

I know a lot of developers like these pop-ups because it may get some users to review their apps who otherwise wouldn’t, but my personal opinion is these type of pop-ups are annoying and should be disabled by default. Instead, Apple should offer an easier way to see, edit, and review apps via the App Store app.

Update: This feature was only available to beta users, it seems to not be available in current versions of iOS 10.3 – let us know in the comments if you experience something different.


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  1. Iosem says:

    This is an interesting article. Very knowledgeable thank your sharing.

  2. Michael W Heinz says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I hate those stupid pop-ups!

  3. Galend says:

    I am running iOS 11.0.3 (no bata), the “In-App Rating and Review” is a valid toggle in the “iTunes & App Store” setting.

  4. John says:

    I have 10.3.2 and it’s definitely not there. Hmmm. Did Putin’s dudes remove it?

  5. Lynnie says:

    I have iOS 10.3.1 on my iPhone 6s and it does not show that item at all

  6. Dale says:

    I’m running the newest Beta softare (iOS 10.3.2). It’s also not there.

  7. Jim Roberts says:

    Not on my 10.3 either. Don’t do beta testing. Maybe it’ll be in 10.4 final???

    • Jim Roberts says:

      Wish this was in final because whether you’ve rated an app before or not, doesn’t affect the popup, most times even if rating from the pop up in the app.

  8. CaptainBart says:

    iPhone 7 + running 10.3 not

  9. Marcos says:

    iPhone 7Plus, iOS last version and there is no such thing in it

  10. Bert Chadick says:

    I’ve updated an iPhone 6+, an iPad Air and an iPad Pro all upgraded to the last iOS. No toggle. Disabling app rating requests would be nice, if it existed.

  11. Ric Steinberger says:

    Apparently Apple no longer wants this to be an option for most (or all) of their mobile device users, so they’ve removed it. The net result: We’re going to be stuck with these annoyances because ultimately, Apple feels they contribute to its bottom line. This is the kind of behavior I associate with cable companies and timeshare resellers.

  12. Pol says:

    It is not on my 10.3

  13. Oakland CA – not here either.

    Looks like article needs update

  14. Gabe Howard says:

    Nobody reads the article I guess? It says pretty clearly in the article this is a beta feature. Nobody bothers to read, they just complain. No wonder everyone complains all the time.

    • luis says:

      The part about the betas was not there when the article was first published, it was a later update. Some of those who commented did so before they could read that.

    • Alex says:

      You came a bit late.

      The VERY important thing the article says pretty clearly is Update: This feature was only available to beta users, it seems to not be available in current versions of iOS 10.3.

      Before, the article said that if you don’t have that feature it’s because you didn’t update to 10.3 yet.


    • BuffyzDead says:

      iPhone 7
      >>BETA<< 10.3.2 (14F5065b)

      Option is NOT THERE
      or anywhere in settings, for that matter.

    • BuffyzDead says:

      I read it.
      I am running >>BETA<<
      version 10.3.2 (14F5065b)
      on my iPhone 7
      and the option does Not exist

  15. Sanan Magoi says:

    iPhone 7, new, out of the box, update from 10.2.1 to 10.3 and there is not toggle switch..

  16. Juan says:

    Ah ah! Nada, Zero, nothing iPone 6 IOS 10.3

  17. RM says:

    If an app has this kind of insistent pop up, I delete the app.

  18. ekm says:

    I would love that toggle switch, but it is not on My iPhone 6 with IOS 10.3

  19. Andrew Moult says:

    I’ve just downloaded iOS 10.3 and done all the restarting thing, and no toggle switch, for those annoying app ratings.

  20. Elias Eliadis says:

    iphone 7Plus. The toggle does not exist.

  21. Phred says:

    No toggle in Singapore.

  22. arnnnnnn says:

    Iphone 8s+ running iOS11.1.2 and no nozzle.

  23. Jeckle says:

    9.7 iPad Pro with 10.3; not involved in beta program.

    There’s no toggle for in app rating & reviews.

    Sorely want the option. First I try not to rate an app too soon. Second, the requests come at inconvenient times.

  24. BuffyzDead says:

    iPhone 7
    Beta 10.3.2 (14F5065b)

    Option is NOT THERE
    or anywhere in settings, for that matter.

  25. Steve says:

    This probably wouldn’t apply to to the IOS updates that bug you!!!


    • luis says:

      No it wouldn’t because it’s not the same. iOS updates bug you by telling you to install the update, whereas apps bug you by asking if you want to rate the app, it being already installed and you having already used it at least once.

  26. Colin says:

    iPhone 6 doesn’t have this option.

  27. Jamie says:

    iPhone 6s not there

  28. Dick Porter says:

    iPhone 6S with 10.3, not there.

  29. Mark says:

    I’m in Australia, and the option isn’t on mine either.

    It’s punishing the user for installing the app.

    There are still two alternatives:

    (a) Uninstall the App
    (b) Review the App, and tell everybody how annoying this feature is. Maybe the developers will get the message.

  30. Moany says:

    On iPhone 6S running latest iOS 10.3.2. public beta 1 the toggle is not there.

  31. Ghostchili says:

    DanR is right. Depends on your country / region and your carrier.
    I live in Hong Kong and when I compare the menu in settings with an iPhone (same iOS version) from a friend that lives in mainland China, there’s a lot of differences.

  32. Philip says:

    Not here in the UK iPhone 7 plus and latest 10.3

  33. Tokyoguru says:

    No, it’s not there, what a pity. If it were it would be worth more to the iOS experience than 99% of the gimmicks contained in the average iOS update…

  34. Jeannie says:

    It is not there. I sure wish it was

  35. ChrisM says:

    I’m in Oz, and have yet to update, but after reading this, I may wait a bit.
    looks like Apple deleted this functionality – maybe to appease developers? User choices, gone!

  36. Peter says:

    I’m using the 10.3 public release on iPhone 6S. Not there.

  37. Ron says:

    Not on my iPhone or iPad

  38. JMH says:

    Have latest update on 6s. No toggle.

  39. Ogles of Kansas says:

    I think you need beta version for this feature

  40. GBTN says:

    6S running 10.3. No Ratings & Review toggle on mine either.

  41. ChuckR says:

    5s with 10.3, nope. nada.

  42. DanR says:

    I updated to 10.3 yesterday and I also do not have the toggle. Maybe it’s country specific? I am in Australia. It’s a real shame – I hate those annoying pop ups…

  43. dFores says:

    Just updated to 10.3 because of this article – on a 6s w/ 10.3 and I see no toggle option, here or under the new top-level Apple ID menu.

  44. NickO says:

    5s with 10.3, no toggle.

  45. Paolo says:

    Clean install of 10.3 on iPhone 6 and 7plus, but this switch is missing.

    • DCJ001 says:

      Clean install?

      You erased your iPhones, did a DFU reset, installed iOS 10.3, and restored the apps from a backup?

  46. Kellen says:

    I have the review setting toggle but i am running iOS 10.3 from the beta build, was it not released in public? That would be weird.

  47. PhilipLives says:

    I have done the update to 10.3 and that toggle is not there.

  48. Jules says:

    There is no setting for “In-App Ratings & Reviews” on my iPhone 7 running 10.3. Is this an early April Fool?

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