How to Print Reminders Lists from a Mac

Sep 3, 2017 - 21 Comments

How to print Reminders lists on the Mac

If you use the Reminders app on the Mac, you may wish to print out a reminders list, maybe it’s a grocery list or a checklist of things you need to do. Curiously, the Reminders app for Mac does not include the ability to print, however. So how do you print a reminders list from a Mac or reminders in iCloud?

This guide will show you how to print reminders lists from a Mac, this is using a workaround method that offers perhaps the simplest way to print out reminders in MacOS. You can use this method to print any reminders list whether it’s on the Mac or whether the reminders are synced to the Mac over iCloud from an iPhone or iPad does not matter.

How to Print Reminders Lists on the Mac

  1. Open Reminders on the Mac and select the reminders list you want to print out
  2. Select your Reminders list to print

  3. Click just to the right of an item in the Reminders list so that the reminder is selected (usually indicated by turning slightly grey)
  4. Click to select the reminder

  5. Now go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Select All” (or you can hit Command+A) to select all reminders in the list
  6. Select all reminders

  7. Go back to the “Edit” menu and choose “Copy”
  8. Copy all reminders selected

  9. Now open the app called TextEdit in Mac OS (or you can open Pages app or another text editor if you’d prefer) and create a new blank document
  10. TextEdit icon

  11. Pull down the ‘Edit’ Menu and choose “Paste” to paste the reminders list into the open blank text document
  12. Paste the reminders list into TextEdit

  13. Modify the formatting of the reminders list if desired
  14. Pasted reminders list ready to print

  15. Now to the “File” menu and choose “Print” as usual from TextEdit, Pages, or your word processor of choice
  16. Choose to Print the reminders list

That’s it, the reminders list will now print, or you can choose to print as a PDF if desired.

Printing a reminders list on the Mac

This is helpful for obvious reasons, whether it’s to print out a grocery list, a general to-do list (remember you can add to Reminders with Siri for locations, what you’re looking at on screen, and much more), a task list or items list, or so much more.

Once the reminders are printed out you can always delete them from the Mac, but note if they’re synced via iCloud then you will find they’ll also be removed from an iPhone or iPad too – and vice versa of course, if you delete all reminders lists on an iPhone or iPad using iCloud to sync them then those corresponding reminders will also be lost from the Mac.

And yes, in case you were wondering, at the moment in order to print a reminders list on the Mac, you must copy the reminders list and then paste it into another app that supports printing. Why the Reminders app in Mac OS and Mac OS X does not support printing is a bit of a mystery, but perhaps future versions of the reminders application for Mac will gain the printing ability without using copy and paste.

Can you print Reminders lists from the iPhone or iPad?

Currently there is no way to print reminders lists from the iOS Reminders app either.

Thus if you want to print a reminder from an iPhone or iPad, you may want to just search for it in iOS, share it with yourself or a Mac user, then use the directions above to print the reminders list from the Mac. Perhaps a future version of Reminders for iOS will also gain the printing feature.

Know of another trick to print out reminders from Mac OS or iOS? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Linda says:

    This no longer works…….You can select all, press copy….but when you try to paste, nothing happens any longer. Any other ideas?

  2. Adriano says:

    Wunderlist is a non-solution. Microsoft bought it and if you didn’t have an account already, your force to get the new Microsoft App To Do. As far as I can tell there is no way to import Reminders tasks.

    Screen shots are OK but you have no text information just an image.

  3. Jeff says:

    Great post. Thank you for the information. One question, hope you can answer. What about the notes sometimes attached to the reminders; do you know of a work-around to print those?

    • Jeff says:

      I just figured out a workaround that might work in other calendaring and reminder systems. Bill David’s comment above triggered the idea.

      I opened Fantastical (I remembered that it not only integrates with iCal but also with Reminders); Went to “View” in the toolbar and selected “Reminders”, voila! All my reminders color-coded and sorted appropriately. Right-Click, copy, paste into my text editor Scrivener.

      Hope this helps someone else!

    • Paul says:

      this doesn’t work anymore. At least not on my iMac upgraded tp Catalina. You can select all and request copy but no matter where you want to paste, textedit, notes, pages you will not get a paste possibility- it is always greyed out.

      The only way I found was to make and save a screen shot, open the screen shot and print the image.

  4. Paul Clay says:

    Quicker and easier to simple press cmd/shift/4 and get a screen grab and print it!

  5. Mike McGraw says:

    I’m unable to select an item in any list by “clicking just to the right of the item.” Each list item has an empty circle on its left side that can be selected, but that does not allow a “Select All” action to select all items in the list. It really just allows me to Edit that item.

    Cannot find any way to select and copy any list item let alone all items! (iPhone 6+)

  6. Chip says:

    FYI here’s the complicated way I’ve done it. I have a $7/year subscription to Anylist, which (a) provides with subscriptions a Mac app that auto-syncs and (b) optionally copies over list items from Reminders.

    So I import a Reminders folder into Anylist (first creating an identically-named file in that app) and once it transfers I can print it either from the iOS or Mac app.

    Yes, a kludge, but an automated one!

    • Mark says:

      AnyList is the App Apple should have created. I have used it for years. I get that Reminders is a simple list creating App but I think there is such thing as too simple. I am a diehard Apple guy but occasionally I just shake my head at Apple and say “I just don’t get it”. Reminders (and notes) has huge potential but its just not useful enough for me yet. IMHO Apple has always been superior in hardware and lacked in software. With that said, I hate hate hate (did I mention hate) Microsoft Office and love love love (did I mention love) Pages, Numbers and Keynote. They are the superior office suite – and you don’t have to pay :)

  7. Bernard says:

    Why not just select and then use Control P to print selection?

  8. Louis Castaing says:

    For a company with the slogan: “It just works,” sometimes it doesn’t. How difficult would it be for an Apple engineer to allow printing directly from the Reminders app? It’s really ridiculous that that facility isn’t there.

    Another example: when you copy a URL and paste it to an email or text document, you usually have to go through a couple of more steps to make it a clickable link. Windows has made pasted links clickable automatically forever.

    And, why can’t you just delete a file from Finder by highlighting it and clicking the delete key? Why do you have to go to a dropdown menu and find and click Trash to delete files? Even if you inadvertently deleted a file you wanted to keep, it could still be in the Trash folder as it is now.

    • Mistach says:

      Good questions.

      But you can delete files from Finder with Command+Delete keystroke combination, it will send the selected file(s) to the Trash on the Mac.

      • Louis Castaing says:

        I guess the next question is: why you need to use two keystrokes when one should be enough? Does clicking just the Delete key do something else in Finder? If the file goes to Trash accidentally by clicking only the Delete, it can easily be recovered if it was deleted by mistake.

  9. Bill david says:

    Get free Wunderlist and forget it, and you can printbalso

  10. Ken says:

    You can take a screen shot of Reminders, save it to Desktop (or any other place), and then open and print it.

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