How to Check Voicemail from Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Jul 26, 2018 - 2 Comments

How to check voicemails from blocked callers on iPhone

As you likely know, you can block phone numbers from calling an iPhone and contacting your iPhone with the Block Contact feature. But did you know that blocked numbers and blocked contacts can still leave you voicemail, and that you can check that voicemail left by blocked callers?

Despite blocking a contact or phone number from being able to reach you, you can still check any voicemails left by those blocked phone numbers on the iPhone, as this tutorial will show you.

To be able to check voicemails left by blocked numbers and blocked contacts, you must have an iPhone with a new enough version of iOS to support contact blocking, and your iPhone must have Visual Voicemail setup and working. The rest is pretty simple and relies on accessing a largely unknown and hidden “Blocked Messages” inbox of voicemails. Yes that is correct, if you block a phone number that number can still leave you voicemails on the iPhone, you just won’t get a notification about them, but you can go through and listen to the blocked callers voicemails left on the phone.

How to Check Blocked Caller Voicemail Messages on iPhone

Here is how you can access and listen to any voicemails left by a blocked caller on an iPhone:

  1. Open the “Phone” app on the iPhone
  2. How to check blocked caller voicemail messages on iPhone

  3. Tap on the “Voicemail” tab in the Phone app
  4. How to check blocked caller voicemail messages on iPhone

  5. Scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the voicemail list and tap on “Blocked Messages” voicemail inbox
  6. How to check blocked caller voicemail messages on iPhone

  7. Here you can access, check, listen to, read the transcript, save, share, and delete any voicemails left by a blocked number to the iPhone
  8. How to see listen to and check blocked voicemail messages on iPhone

In the example screen shots here, spam callers that I have repeatedly blocked have left me 17 voicemail messages (all featuring the exact same robocall scam voicemail message, of course).

Just like you can share voicemails and save voicemails on iPhone, you can also share and save the blocked voicemails left by a blocked caller or blocked number. Or you can simply just read the voicemail transcript of a blocked call too and determine if it’s worth any effort to act further. If you look at the blocked voicemail list and determine it’s junk, you can delete the voicemails the same way you normally would.

This is a little known feature of the blocking capability, and while it may seem pointless, it’s actually potentially very useful for many situations. Maybe you blocked a number not knowing what it was, and you want to find out if they left a voicemail. Maybe you blocked a number and you want to find out if they called you anyway (remember, the iPhone does not notify you if your number is blocked by someone else). Or maybe you blocked a number, and then after listening to a voicemail you realize you want to unblock the caller so they can get through again. There are many different uses for this capability, as surely you can imagine.

Similarly, another largely unknown voicemail box exists in the Phone app of iPhone; the separate Deleted Voicemails box on iPhone, which allows you to access, listen to, restore, and otherwise manage any voicemails you have deleted on the iPhone.

The Visual Voicemail feature on the iPhone is fairly powerful and there are a lot of different uses and tricks for iPhone voicemail, including the ability to record calls on iPhone by using voicemail.


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  1. Tracey says:

    My voice mail is blocked I’m not able to follow the system due to a bleed on my brain 2021so I don’t understand I’ve had a lot of problems with my phone a couple of virus taken back to the store had it checked out was ok for a little bit now I have to keep cleaning phone data is used up my bills are higher but I just pay

  2. Bard says:

    I don’t have a blocked voicemail messages folder which you show in screenshot image number three. I have I OS 13 when I go to Phone and then tap on the voicemail icon in the bottom right nothing happens all I have is a blank white screen with called Voicemail in the middle of it. Why don’t I have a blocked Voicemail folder? I’ve got tons of blocked numbers on this phone and they go straight to voicemail but I don’t wanna hear the voicemail any more.

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