Apple Runs “Test the Impossible” Mac Commercial [Video]

Aug 1, 2019 - 6 Comments

Test the Impossible Mac advertisement for TV

Apple is running a new television commercial for the Mac, featuring various people using Mac laptops in a variety of settings for music, programming, art, design, and more. The video is airing on television and online now, and has also been embedded below for easy viewing.

The advertisement is called “Test the Impossible” and is part of the “Behind the Mac” ad campaign Apple occasionally runs for the Macintosh line.

Narration to the commercial is as follows:

“You have no idea what you’re doing.

This is great.

People who know what they’re doing know the rules and know what is possible and what is impossible.

You do not.

The rules on what is possible and what is impossible in the arts were made by people who had not tested the bounds of the possible by going beyond them.

And you can.”

The video advertisement is embedded below for easy viewing:

The blurb accompanying the video on YouTube says the following:

“From podcasts to programming, photography to fashion design, college students around the world are doing more than ever outside the classroom.

See how the next generation is pursuing their creative passions and testing the impossible behind the Mac.”

Test the Impossible Mac commercial

Interestingly, many of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers shown in the advertisement are older hardware, as indicated by them have glowing rear Apple logos (Apple stopped selling MacBook Pro with glowing Apple logos after 2015). Additionally, the Mac laptops are shown using direct connections of accessories, without the need for dongles or adapters, another indication that some of the MacBooks shown are prior generation models from back when MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops had various ports rather than USB-C only (the MacBook Pro went USB-C only in 2016, and the MacBook Air in 2018). Perhaps those details of the commercial are aiming to emphasize the longevity of older Mac computers, or perhaps whoever filmed the commercial determined that glowing Apple logos and a lack of cable dongles for accessories were more visually appealing for a television commercial. In any case, these are subtle queues perhaps picked up by only the nerdiest of us Mac fans, but older Macs are indeed still fantastic, and longevity of the hardware is usually a selling point for both new and existing users to the Mac platform.

Test the Impossible Mac ad

Enjoy the commercial!


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  1. Dianna Rudd says:

    who is the celebrity voice? Pete Townsend?

  2. Derek Greaves says:

    ‘these are subtle queues perhaps picked up by only the nerdiest of us Mac fans’

    nope. subtle CUES.

  3. Daniel Wells says:

    Its kind of funny, but I noticed no one seemed to be doing much of anything out of the ordinary. It looked like an old netbook could have done the same.

    Apple must have spent too much money on a celebrity voice-over and not enough on beefing up hardware to be creative at any real pace.

  4. david watts says:

    How incredibly and horrifically presumptuous

  5. Samuel Jacob says:

    Apple always have great TV commercials, creative in a funny and simple way of expression. Thats what makes Apple stands out of the crowd. Thanks for the share.

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