Safari 14 for MacOS Catalina & Mojave Released

Sep 16, 2020 - 18 Comments

Safari for Mac

Apple has released Safari 14.0 for users of MacOS Catalina and MacOS Mojave. Safari 14 is also the version of Safari that comes bundled with macOS Big Sur, though Big Sur has yet to be released and remains in beta development.

Safari 14 includes a redesigned tab bar and a customizable start page, the removal of Adobe Flash support, a Privacy Report feature that focuses on cross-site tracking, along with various other improvements and security enhancements.

Mac users can download Safari 14 for MacOS Mojave and MacOS Catalina by going to the Software Update function on their computer via the  Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update.

Safari 14 for Mac

Even though the update is only for a web browser, it’s still a good idea to backup the Mac before proceeding with the installation for Safari 14.

Safari 14 Release Notes (for Mojave)

Safari 14.0

Safari 14.0 introduces new features, even faster performance, and improved security.

• New tab bar design shows more tabs on screen and displays favicons by default

• Customizable start page allows you to set a background image and add new sections

• Privacy Report shows cross-site trackers that are being blocked by Intelligent Tracking Prevention

• Removes support for Adobe Flash for improved security

Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices.

For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit:

Separately, Apple also released iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14.


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  1. Jim says:

    Dont like it… No Top Sites, reverting back

  2. jazex2 says:

    I suggest waiting on further bug fixes before installing 14.0. I had crashes, screen freezes, spinning beach ball, etc. Reboots seem to help, but really, is this the way we manage applications in the 21st century?

  3. kevin says:

    just upgraded from high sierra to mojave today and got safari 14 after it’s completed.

    didn’t notice any problem. everything seems working ok. but still, it would be great if safari 14 allows uBlock origin extension.

    ka-block is good but it’s not as good as uBo

  4. JIM GILLIAM says:

    After loading Safari 14.0 I can’t load CNN. Its page keeps reloading automatically. I can load Apple News and pull up CNN from within it. Also, can’t load profiles in Match… same issue. However, Our Time loads profiles normally. Definite bug.

    • Elaine Pettit says:

      I have the same issue with pages reloading automatically after installing Safari 14.0. I can no longer open, and to make matters worse, it happens with websites where I’m trying to research how to fix the problem! I will attempt to contact Apple since it seems to be a bug.

  5. Chris Courtney says:

    Apparently Apple deemed the Top Sites not relevant anymore. They are gone, gone, gone.

    Haven’t figured out how to access them.

  6. expobill says:

    I just downloaded safari 14 and 7 trackers are blocked using this site. google(2) amazon, facebook buysellads twitter and exposometingtial all site i avoid and will never use.
    i don’t think this post will last long here, and this new feature is making me realize the internet might not be worth using.
    great for safari-apple bad for who ever needs info.

    • Paul says:

      The “trackers” are cookies from third party advertisers, basically all sites that are advertiser supported require them. Those type of cookies are mostly used for analytics and ad targeting, for example if you were looking on Amazon at shoes you might see an ad for shoes somewhere else, and that is targeted and tracked by those cookies.

      The tracking/cookie data can be interesting information but it’s also confusing for many average users, since it implies something more nefarious than it is, which is basically just ad targeting (ex; making ads relevant to the user) or data analytics (ex; how many visitors went to a particular web page).

      • Vince says:

        That’s not “trackers,” that’s trackers; there is no reason for quotes. And while it may not be nefarious (wicked/criminal), it’s definitely unwanted and absolutely something “average users” should be aware of. What someone does outside of a particular site is none of that site’s business.

        • Paul says:

          I understand your point, and I’m personally a big advocate for privacy. More knowledge is better.

          From the standpoint of a site that is advertiser supported (like this one), ads are what allows sites like this to be free. The site itself has no access to any of the detailed tracking info, but we can see anonymized general data about what pages are popular, what countries people visit from, if they’re using an iPhone, Mac, or a Windows PC, etc.

          • expobill says:

            what ever these unwanted things are, we can see them “trying” to gather info on our web browsing easier now.

            from sept 17th on i am not going to respect a website that has 7 companies i will never use and despise infiltrate my web browsing experience. that was the point of my message.

            I knew these parasites tried to tracked me, but i would find out after weekly while checking or when i deleted cookies and never gave that much thought, now we know that instant.

          • honeycomb says:

            If you’re concerned about it, an easy resolution is to modify your Safari/browser settings to not accept off-site cookies, and to disable cross-site tracking. If you’re still concerned about it, installing a cookie blocker extension goes further.

            Disabling cookies entirely is also possible, but it can have unintended effects though with many websites that require logins, like banking, finance, online shopping, email, etc, since the cookie is how the login information is saved for that site. So you have to login to everything constantly if you do that, sort of like browsing in Private Mode.

            Or you can just browse the web in Private mode or Incognito, where no cookies are stored anyway. Same issue as disabling cookies too though.

            One of the biggest trackers is social media, like Facebook, so if you want privacy don’t use any social networks.

          • expobill says:

            the point is sept 16 we could not see sho was “tracking” us
            sept 17 we can see who is TRYING to track us
            the site we goto are letting these site like FB, TW AMZN GGL try to track us

            why would i visit this sites?
            that is the realization i encountered.

          • Paul says:

            Sites can’t control that stuff unfortunately, except by not having ads and not using those analytics services.

            For users who are particularly bothered by this (which they’ll encounter all over the web), they can use tracking blockers like Ghostery, or adjust their Safari settings.


            The downside to things like Ghostery is that sometimes it breaks websites, and it also deprives the site of revenue, which for free ad-supported sites is a major problem.

  7. James says:

    ok. Where has my top sites start page gone?

  8. Camelia says:

    Which is the version and build number of Safari 14 for Mojave?

  9. ChuckR says:

    Installed Safari 14 on 2016 MBPro, Mojave. When it doesn’t crash, which has now been the usual case on launch, it also switches GFX from the integrated Intel GFX to the Radion discreet GFX, something it only would do for certain video content. Of course this sucks battery and generates significant heat. Need to revert back or hope they read my “Send Report to Apple” logs.

    • ChuckR says:

      Another bit of weirdness- When Safari 14 decides not to crash (like right now), I now suddenly get a “application Safari suddenly quit” notifications, with the usual Ignore/Send to Apple/Relaunch. Except that, Safari, staring me in the face, had not quit. It’s still engaging the Radeon GFX. I keep clicking “Send report to Apple” hoping I’ll annoy them into a solution :(

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