How to Post Apple Music Lyrics as Instagram Stories

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How to Post Apple Music Lyrics as Instagram Stories

Being able to share your favorite songs with friends via Instagram stories is great, but this is something Apple Music users didn’t get to experience until recently. However, now that Apple has implemented this feature, they’ve done quite a good job with it.

Spotify has had the ability to share songs as Instagram stories for a while now, but the feature doesn’t do anything special apart from posting the album art and song name along with a Spotify link to it. Apple, on the other hand, has taken this feature up a notch by allowing users to share a part of the song lyrics in their Instagram stories. And, if you’re a subscriber, you can quickly listen to that portion of the song on Apple Music. So, want to try this out yourself?

Posting Lyrics to Instagram Stories with Apple Music

You will need Apple Music, Instagram, and a modern version of iOS/iPadOS to have this ability:

  1. Launch the stock Music app and start playing the song that you’re looking to share. Enter the playback menu and tap on the lyrics icon located right below the volume slider.

    How to Post Apple Music Lyrics as Instagram Stories
  2. Now, you’ll be able to view the live lyrics for the song as it’s being played. Tap on the triple-dot icon to access more options.

    How to Post Apple Music Lyrics as Instagram Stories
  3. Next, select the “Share Lyrics” from the context menu to proceed. You can access this option even if you don’t start playing the song or enter the live lyrics mode. All you need to do is simply tap on the triple-dot icon next to the song name.

    How to Post Apple Music Lyrics as Instagram Stories
  4. You’ll now get access to the lyric selector. You can tap and select a part of the lyrics that you want to share. Once selected, tap on Instagram from the share sheet.

    How to Post Apple Music Lyrics as Instagram Stories
  5. You’ll need to wait a couple of seconds for Apple Music to create the Instagram story. Once done, the Instagram app will be launched on your device.

    How to Post Apple Music Lyrics as Instagram Stories
  6. Now, you’ll have access to the preview of the story you’re about to post. When you’re ready, just tap on “Your Story” at the bottom-left corner of your screen to post it.

    How to Post Apple Music Lyrics as Instagram Stories

There you go. You’ve successfully learned how to share song lyrics from Apple Music as Instagram Stories on your iPhone and iPad.

It’s worth noting that there’s a limit when it comes to how many lines of lyrics you can select though. Apple Music currently allows you to select up to a maximum of 150 characters. For most songs, this means you can select roughly about four to five lines.

When an Apple Music subscriber who views your Instagram story taps on the “Play on Apple Music” option, they’ll automatically skip to the part of the song with the lyrics you shared. This makes it easy to share the best part of your favorite song with your friends and impress them with your music taste.

Similarly, you can share song lyrics with your friends on iMessage too. Unlike Instagram stories, the receiver will be able to listen to the clipped song by simply tapping on your message, even if they’re not subscribed to Apple Music. You can use the steps above to post your Apple Music lyrics as Facebook stories as well. The only difference is that you’ll be selecting Facebook instead of Instagram from the share sheet.

What do you think of this feature? Check it out and let us know!


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