How to View Apple Card Number & Expiration

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How to see your Apple Card number

If you have an Apple Card, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the card itself is very minimalist, and it doesn’t show your credit card number, expiration, security code, or really much of anything at all on the metal card itself.

Instead, if you want to view the Apple Card credit card number, expiration, and security code, you can find that information on your iPhone.

How to Find Apple Card Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, & Security Code

  1. Open the Wallet app on iPhone that is related to the Apple Card
  2. Tap on the Apple Card so that it is selected in Wallet
  3. Tap the card icon ‘123’ at the top of the Wallet app
  4. How to see the Apple Card number and expiration on iPhone

  5. Here you can see your Apple Card credit card number, expiration date, security code / CVV, name on card, and more
  6. How to see the Apple Card number, expiration date, security code on iPhone

And there you go, since the card information is not printed on the card itself, you instead find all Apple Card details in the Wallet app.

While this may be inconvenient in some ways, since most Apple Card users rely on their card for Apple Pay purchases and online purchases that are touchless anyway, they probably don’t care much if the card number is not printed on the card itself, nor is any other information. For users of more traditional credit cards who don’t use Apple Pay or who frequently need to read out their card number for whatever reason, this may be a bit more annoying since it’s clearly not shown on the card itself.

You can find the CVV number of other cards in Apple Wallet in a similar way too, which is useful if you’re looking to make online purchases or a purchase over a phone and want to read the number out to someone.

This works the same with basically every version of iOS that supports Apple Card, so you can easily find this information regardless of the version you’re using.

The Apple Card is convenient, and let’s face it, the metal card itself is pretty cool too. If you don’t have one yet but you’re looking to have an additional credit card and you’re good at managing balances while not loading up on unsustainable debt, you can apply for it directly within the Apple Wallet app.


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