Where is Health App for Mac? Can I View My Health Data on Mac?

Jan 15, 2024 - 2 Comments

Health data and Health app on Mac?

Some Mac users are interested in viewing their Health data, workout data, activity and fitness data, all that is gathered from Apple Watch and iPhone, on their Mac. Recently, Apple added the Health app to iPad, so where is Health app for Mac? This should be easy, right?

One might think so, but not so fast. While there are some potential solutions for viewing Health data on the Mac, you may be surprised to learn they’re not particularly ideal or seamless.

Where is Health app for Mac?

It turns out that currently there is no Health app on the Mac. Thus, viewing your Health data on the Mac is not as straight forward as it is on iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

What are some ways to view Health data on Mac?

One potential solution is to download the Health app for iPhone and iPad (available from the App Store here) and run it on an Apple Silicon Mac, if you can acquire the IPA file for the Health app.

Obtaining the IPA file is theoretically possible by using tools like ipatool available if you have Homebrew on your Mac and are comfortable with the command line. It’s also potentially possible to get the Health app IPA file by using iMazing. Once upon a time, getting direct access to IPA files used to be a matter of using iTunes in MacOS, but Apple removed that capability along with iTunes from modern macOS versions, so you’ll have to rely on one of the other solutions instead.

This is all theoretically possible for Mac users with Apple Silicon, because Apple Silicon Macs can run iPhone and iPad apps natively, and many people do exactly that, particularly for playing games.

This simple fact makes it all the more curious as to why Apple hasn’t yet brought an official Health app to MacOS, since they could just let Mac users run the iPad version easily, but perhaps that will change down the road.

Are there third party Health apps for Mac?

Since there is no official Health app for Mac, and not every user is going to be interested in trying to finagle the iPad Health app to run in MacOS by extracting the IPA file from somewhere else, third party apps offer another possibility.

There are also third party tools and apps for viewing Health data and Health activity and fitness data on your Mac. However, many users find Health data to be particularly private and so not everyone is interested in using third party apps to manage or explore their Health information. One third party app that claims to gather no user data is Health Auto Export, which runs on the Mac, and lets users view their data as well as export their health data as JSON or CSV files.

Will Apple release Health app for Mac?

It seems likely that Apple will eventually release the Health app for MacOS, especially since they brought it over to iPad recently.

The typical rollout for features in the Apple ecosystem is usually something like this; a feature debuts on iOS for iPhone, that feature is then brought to iPad a year or so later as a main feature for iPadOS, and then in another later major system software release it arrives on Mac. Of course things don’t always follow that timeline, and it is always possible that Apple will never release Health app for Mac, too.

Do you have a solution for viewing your Health data, workouts data, activity data, fitness data, and other Health data from Apple Watch and iPhone, on your Mac? Which method do you use? Share your approach to this in the comments!


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  1. Barrie Riddoch says:

    I wear a pulse oximeter at night to help track how I sleep. This device will wake me if my oxygen level gets below a value I have set. I have sleep apnea.
    One thing I would like to see is an app that I can combine all the health data I have from my doctors portal data into one place. I have multiple portals. Does anyone know how to do combine this data?

    • Paul says:

      Health app on iPhone and iPad can import data from other sources, including from many medical providers, though it’s not the most fluid process. You can also manually input just about anything you want into Health app.

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