How to Raise Hand in Zoom on iPhone & iPad

Jan 13, 2023 - Leave a Comment
How to Raise Hand in Zoom on iPhone and iPad

Zoom Meetings are a regular part of many of our lives these days, and if you’re using Zoom from an iPhone, iPad, or Android, you may be wondering how you can raise your hand in Zoom for those devices. We’ll show you how to raise your hand in Zoom for iPad, iPhone, or even Android.

How to Copy & Paste Edits to Photos on Mac

Jan 11, 2023 - 1 Comment
Photos icon

The latest versions of Photos app for Mac supports a handy feature that allows you to copy and paste the edits you make to photos or videos. Copying and pasting photo edits is useful since it allows you to apply the same edits to multiple photos quickly. For example, if you put some effort into … Read More

Second Beta of iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, macOS Ventura 13.2 Available for Testing

Jan 10, 2023 - Leave a Comment
new beta versions of system software

Apple has issued the second beta version of MacOS Ventura 13.2, iOS 16.3, and iPadOS 16.3. The new beta versions are available now for developers, and typically the same build is released soon after for public beta testers. No major new features or changes are expected in iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, or macOS Ventura 13.2, … Read More

How to Raise Hand in Zoom on Mac & Window PC

Jan 10, 2023 - Leave a Comment
How to raise hand in Zoom on Mac or Windows

If you spend time in Zoom Meetings, whether hosting or joining, and you’re using a Mac or Windows PC, and perhaps you’re new to either platform or new to Zoom, you may be wondering how to raise your hand in a virtual meeting, and how to lower your hand. Of course we’re talking about raising … Read More

How to Enable Memory Saver in Google Chrome to Reduce RAM/CPU Usage

Jan 9, 2023 - 10 Comments
Enabling Chrome Memory Saver

Google Chrome is a great web browser, but it is well known for being resource hungry. This has long been an issue, but the latest versions of the Chrome browser offer a reprieve that not only frees up resources in Chrome, but also makes the browser feel faster too when it’s under heavy usage and … Read More

How to Install Windows 11 Without an Internet Connection

Jan 8, 2023 - 2 Comments
Setup Windows 11 ARM

If you have attempted to install Windows 11 lately, whether on a virtual machine like VirtualBox, Parallels, VMWare, UTM, dual boot / Boot Camp setup on a Mac, or even natively on PC hardware, you may have encountered an issue where installation requires an internet connection to be able to complete. This can be range … Read More

How to Fix a Stuck M1 MacBook Pro / Air Key

Jan 6, 2023 - Leave a Comment
How to clean a stuck key on M1 MacBook Pro or M1 MacBook Air

After a long run with the so-called butterfly keys, Apple redesigned the keyboards and key mechanisms on their latest laptops, including M1 MacBook Pro and M1 MacBook Air and newer models. While these keys are much less likely to jam and get stuck compared to the older butterfly keys, it still happens, where you press … Read More

How to Duplicate Photos on iPhone & iPad with iOS 16

Jan 5, 2023 - 3 Comments
How to duplicate photos on iPhone or iPad

Making a duplicate copy of a photo on your iPhone or iPad is easy, but if you’re unfamiliar with the process you may not stumble into it on iOS or iPadOS. You can duplicate either photos or videos on your device through the Photos app. The need to duplicate photos is somewhat obvious; many users … Read More

How to Turn Off Always On Display on the iPhone 14 Pro

Jan 4, 2023 - 1 Comment
Disable the Always On Display on iPhone

The latest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models feature an always on display, that shifts to being dimmed when the iPhone is not in use, but the screen never turns off or goes completely black even when the lock/power button is pressed. If you’d rather the iPhone 14 Pro screen turn off when not … Read More

How to Scroll on Mac Easier by Always Showing Scroll Bars

Jan 3, 2023 - 2 Comments
Always show scroll bars on Mac

Modern versions of MacOS default to hiding scroll bars until the user is actively scrolling. While this helps to add to a minimalist appearance, it can also make navigating apps, webpages, and preferences more challenging since there is no clear indicator that you can scroll, until you attempt to start scrolling. One way to make … Read More

How to Disable AirDrop on iPhone & iPad

Jan 1, 2023 - 1 Comment

Want to turn off AirDrop so you don’t get inbound AirDrop requests on your iPhone or iPad? That’s pretty easy to do once you learn how, but accessing AirDrop is unclear for many users. AirDrop is a very useful feature that allows you to wirelessly transfer photos, contacts, files, and other data between iPhones and … Read More

Fix YouTube “Something Went Wrong, Tap to Retry” Error on iPhone or iPad

Dec 31, 2022 - 1 Comment
Something went wrong YouTube error on iPhone and iPad

Some YouTube users on iPhone and iPad have noticed that videos fail to play at random, instead showing an error message that says “Something went wrong. Tap to retry”. YouTube is apparently aware of the issue, as it is being commonly reported by many iPhone and iPad users on Twitter and throughout social media. If … Read More

You Can Measure a Persons Height with iPhone Camera

Dec 30, 2022 - Leave a Comment
Measure a persons height with iPhone camera

The iPhone camera can measure a persons height, a feature that may be useful for a variety of purposes. Some users may wish to measure someones height from a photo, but with this iPhone trick you don’t need a photo at all, you just simply point the iPhone camera at the person you’d like to … Read More

Fix “Confirm Mac Password” to Keep Using iCloud in System Settings

Dec 29, 2022 - 11 Comments
Confirm Mac Password message in System Settings

Some Mac users have discovered a “Confirm Mac Password” message in System Settings or System Preferences on their Mac, and while it can appear at random, it often shows up soon after installing a system software update. For example, perhaps you recently installed macOS Ventura 13.1 onto a Mac and now you see the “Confirm … Read More

How to Install Homebrew on MacOS Ventura

Dec 28, 2022 - 2 Comments
Homebrew on MacOS Ventura

HomeBrew, the command line package manager, has native support for macOS Ventura 13, so if you have recently updated to macOS Ventura or bought a new Mac with Ventura preinstalled, you’ll probably want to install Homebrew on the Mac running Ventura. Like most command line tools, HomeBrew is intended for advanced users that like to … Read More

How to AirPlay to Sonos & HomePod Simultaneously

Dec 27, 2022 - Leave a Comment
Select AirPlay speakers to play output to including HomePod and Sonos

If you have a multi-device household with different brand of AirPlay speakers, like a combination of Sonos speakers and Apple HomePod or HomePod Mini’s, you may be thinking it would be nice to be able to AirPlay music, podcasts, audiobooks, or other audio to all the speakers, despite them being different brands. Thanks to AirPlay, … Read More

How to Update HomePod from Mac with Home App

Dec 26, 2022 - Leave a Comment
How to Find iPhone with HomePod

HomePod Mini and HomePod are setup to automatically install available software updates for the devices, but if you’re the type of person who likes to expedite system updates when they become available, or if you disabled auto-updates, you may be interested in manually updating the system software on your HomePod Mini.

AirPlay Audio to Sonos & Any Mac Speakers Concurrently

Dec 23, 2022 - 4 Comments
AirPlay select your speaker output including the Mac speakers and Sonos

Did you know you can AirPlay audio output to your Mac speakers and a Sonos or other AirPlay speaker system, concurrently, even if the Mac speakers are not directly AirPlay compatible? Let’s say your Mac has some good shelf speakers connected to it through the audio port, and you also have a Sonos speaker or … Read More

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